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Erica Cambry
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NAME: Erica Cambry
NICKNAME: Miss Money Bags. The Aristocrat. The Rich Bitch. 
DATE OF BIRTH: Jan 25th, 1992
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 140 pounds
BILLED FROM: New York, New York
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve
PICBASE: Amber Heard

TWITTER HANDLE: @erica_cambry
DESIRED SHOW: Adrenaline

Vain. Mean spirited. Haughty. Arrogant. Narcissistic. Intelligent. She walks around with her head held juuust a little bit higher than everyone else's. Even if you're taller, the sharp eyes and unimpressed look thrown your way will make you feel two inches tall, and that's before she lays into you with a verbal assault. When it comes to actually wrestling in the ring or doing anything that involves fighting she is quite cowardly and likes to let her manservant/butler/manager and bodyguard do all the bulk work of it while she takes the glory of the win. 

She's a leggy one, strutting around at 5'8". Her hair is long and blonde and often done up in upscale fashion. Those windows to her soul are a gorgeous smokey bronze, and the smile that complements it should come with a warning sign to prevent people from being blinded by the shine of her whites. Her frame is sleek with a slight athletic tone to it - mostly due to her cross country running and tennis playing - and her breasts are small and humble. Her dress code varies given the situation but rarely will she be caught scantily clad like most of the women of the world, especially in professional wrestling.

She keeps it conservative with her in ring gear, usually sporting a pair of upscale slacks or business suit pants and a dress shirt of some kind. She doesn't wear those drab wrestling boots; instead she wears $10,000 custom made, custom fitted English Loafers. 

WRESTLING STYLE: Cowardly. She will take every low road imaginable to just get the hell out of there and be done with the fight. She will fake injuries to lure her foe in. She will run away and make the opponent chase her around and around and around until they get frustrated or tired and make a mistake. Her wrestling skill set at this time is very mundane. Almost diva like. Will update accordingly as her career progresses. Her manager, Jeeves, pushes a high scale frappe and cappuccino cart to the ring during her entrance and whips her up refreshments while she soaks up the ten count outside from time to time. And yes, if she can, she'll toss the hot beverage in her opponent's eyes if she can get away with it.

  • Bitch Slap
  • Low Blow
  • Eye Rake

  • Mounted Choke - she mounts you, wraps hands around your neck, and simply chokes you.
  • Camel Clutch w/ fishhooks in mouth or eyes
  • Grinds sole of footwear into your face then rakes it hard across, leaving you with nasty sole burn

  • Lou Thesz Press w/ mounted bitch slaps
  • Crossbody
  • Spear - or more like a soft tackle.

  • Only airplanes belong in the air
  • move
  • move

  • She will steal the other person's taunt and do it to them.
  • Mocks injured foe by pretending to be injured in the same way.
  • Pretends like she's going to do a sexy dance or rip open her blouse top but never does, just to piss off the perverted fans.

Blonde Hair Of Courage: With the ref distracted by her manager or bodyguard, she pulls out a small can of her own designer line hair spray named "Blonde Hair Of Courage (because she's blond and courageous, right)" and sprays it in the foe's eyes.

Scaredy Cat Splash: She climbs to the top buckle but takes a long time to do so because she gets scared half way up. She visibly shakes and looks uncomfortable as she finally gets to the top buckle. From there, if the foe hasn't already recovered and tossed her off, she hunches really low so that her knees touch her chest and slowly climbs down onto the second buckle and flies off with a basic flying body splash onto prone opponent. SIDENOTE: during her wimpy climb the crowd likes to chant "SCAREDY CAT" at her which only makes things worse.

Bankrupt: It's Roman Reign's running Superman Punch but she does a Bitch Slap instead of a punch.
Cha Ching: A non flashy rather mundane but effective DDT.

Erica was born into wealth the youngest of three children. Her father was a long standing senator like his father before him and his father before that. Her father retired and took up hold as CEO of Cambry Corporations alongside his wife, Erica's mother, who co holds the position.

While Erica's siblings branched into ownership of their family's regions across the world, she was content with just being spoiled, and spoiled she most certainly was. The inevitable happened. She fell in love. However it didn't last long, and the gentleman left her not for another woman but for the love of professional wrestling. With her heart crushed and torn and shred to pieces, she vowed to tear away his love from him someday -- professional wrestling.

Spurred by her hatred of the sport, she doubled down and used her tremendous wealth from her allowance to go from city to city paying off city councils, mayors, governors, and land/venue owners to ban professional wrestling from holding events in their regions. It worked. Promotions were pushed out. She took it even further by buying out wrestling promotions then firing all of the wrestlers and non wrestler workers.

One day she met her match though. Someone in the higher ups from 4 Corners Wrestling caught on to her shenanigans and played just as dirty, and managed to put the squeeze on Erica's daddy, whom in turn put the squeeze on Erica. Livid over what she'd done using the wealth, he decided as punishment she would have to earn her allowance by becoming a professional wrestler and competing in 4 Corners Wrestling. He made her a side deal: if she won the world title within one calendar year he'd let her rescind her contract with 4CW and things would go back to the way they were before. If she doesn't achieve it, well then she is stuck getting pummeled on the mats for all eternity.

Shit is about to get real.

  • N/A (#x)
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"Bittersweet Symphony" by the Verve plays and Erica comes out to a wave of jeers. Flanked to her left and right is her bodyguard, Malik, and her butler/manager, Jeeves whom is pushing a fancy mobile frappe and cappuccino machine for when Erica calls time out in the match and requires a beverage. They make their way to the ring, with Erica ordering Malik to rip up some signs of the fans she doesn't like. 

POWERS: "Hailing from Nonya Business, New York, standing 5'8" and weighing none of your ignorant business, Erica Cambry."

When they make it to the ring, Jeeves whips out a fresh cup of frappe and she delicately sips it before taking a huge nervous sigh and enters the ring.

AGE: Wouldn't you like to know? :)
PREFERRED METHOD OF CONTACT: PM here or twitter @Erica_cambry