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Erica Cambry Sig Request
« on: December 29, 2017, 05:40:06 AM »
Okay guys and gals, I suck at banners/signatures and a titan tron video, so I'm throwing myself at your mercy. I'm requesting a banner and (if possible) a tron for Erica Cambry. Nudes for best one lol.

Specs for banner/signature:

Colors: Something girly like pink or light blue and maybe some glitter.

Theme: Perhaps the skyline of NY in the background or something that really drives home her wealthy, aristocratic upbringing and lifestyle. A mansion could also work, or a lavish hotel suite, etc.

Main text: Erica Cambry

Sub Text: Killing Wrestling One Day At A Time (if that's too much then scrap the sub text and just use main text).

Size: Whatever works for you and easiest for you to create it with.

Pic Base: Amber Heard. Preferably in attire that shows off her wealth but that's not a deal breaker or anything.

Now, Titan Tron Request:

Character Name: Erica Cambry
Picbase Name: Amber Heard
Theme song: "Bittersweet Symphony" by the Verve
Color scheme: Creative control, have fun with it. :)
Any video theme ideas?: Her pic base is not a wrestler, nor is the character Erica Cambry a wrestler really, though she's been thrust into wrestling against her will, so she has to. So it really can just be her doing whatever, without need of it being tied to anything combat related, however if you do find vids or clips of her working out in a gym or playing sports, then I'd love for that to be thrown in. :)

Thank you.

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