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Career Narrative
« on: January 11, 2018, 03:40:49 PM »
Lights. Cameras. A professional camera crew. Green screen. Women. A lot of women. This was the scene at a dark, old dingy warehouse. Jay “The Marksman” Mora appeared to be in this building to film something. He wore a black, neatly tailored suit with a white shirt underneath that was left unbuttoned enough to see his muscular chest. A woman with an extremely low cut top, extremely short skirt and some tall high heels offered direction to Jay. He nodded and took his spot in front of the green screen. The camera, however, focused in on a screen that would show exactly what was appearing on the screen as it is meant to be seen on television.

The black screen zoomed out slowly revealing a golden cup with a bejeweled rim. The words “4CW Holy Grail” etched into the large part of the cup. The cup disappeared into the darkness as our camera continued to zoom out as the words “featuring the one and only Jay “The Marksman” Mora” flashed on screen. Suddenly the scene opened up to a helicopter zooming past the screen with gun fire that could be heard. Four masked men approached Jay through a traffic jam of abandoned cars while cars in the distance exploded. Jay readied himself in a fighting stance before looking at the camera and giving a smirk.

“This? This is nothing compared to what will happen at Holy Grail.”

Jay begin the series with a bunch of ducks and kicks. He blocked some of the men’s punches and ducked out of the way of other causing them to punch each other. One by one each man went down until Jay hit the last one with “The Marked” his signature move. The scene quickly switched over to Jay finding himself in a bar with a bunch of hooligans starting a bar fight.


Jay screamed to get their attention. He grabbed a shotglass of the table that was filled with Jameson, slammed the shot and signaled with his hand to “bring it.”

“No better way to train for a fight with a ginger than beating on a bunch of lucky charm eating drunks.”

Jay slammed the shot glass into the first man’s head before easily dispatching of the 4 other men that come his way. One gets his head slammed into the bar, the next is met with a toss over the bar into the rows of bottles, the third is hit with a wooden bar stool, and the fourth, of course, is hit with the Marked again. Jay grabs himself a bottle of Guinness as the scene shifts to a cage fighting company with a skinny, pale looking Irish boy. Jay takes a swig of the Guinness before tossing it out of the cage, the fluid flying out of the bottle as it sails through the air.

“Ugh how do they drink that shit…or shite..whatever. The only place to see this kind of beat down will be in Memphis…when..hold on.”

The bell rings cutting of Jay’s endorsement skills of the show. The sickly looking Irish boy who resembles Carrick charges at Jay. Mora manages to put his hand up stopping him like you would a child as he looked back at the screen.

“Memphis. January 19th.  I put an end to Kaelan Price not just for me but for all of you who voted for me in her little poll. Excuse me for a moment.”

Jay sidesteps the boy as he lets go of his head and the boy falls comically. Jay locks it Kaelan’s “Contra Code” with a huge smirk on his face as the boy taps out. Jay stands with his hands raised in victory as the scene shifts seamlessly to nothing but a black screen behind him. Scantily clad women surround Jay as he extends his arms to wrap them around as many as he can.

“If I could do all this in a twenty-thousand dollar suit…imagine what will happen at Holy Grail when I’m dressed to compete. I’ll be bringing these women with me, tune in, buy a ticket and party with me after victory.”

Jay gives a wink to the screen as it now flashes ordering and ticket information for Holy Grail. Everyone laughs and applauds as the commercial is over. The woman walks over to Jay and kisses his cheek.

“Great job Jay! Nailed it in one take!”

Jay smiles and looks her up and down.

“I would love to have more than one take with you tonight though.”

The director giggles.

“As many takes as you can handle Markie. I’ll see you at 8. Here.”

The woman slipped a hotel key into Jay’s suit pocket as he looked quite satisfied with himself. Jay nodded and kissed the woman’s hand as he walked now towards our camera.

“It’s that fucking easy.”

Jay poured himself a glass of what we assume is water before looking at the camera once again.

“It’s actually really fucking sad that Kaelan just goes on living life wishing her wishes were true, her dreams a reality, and that her life has no pain, no misery. She tries to polish up every bruise like it’s actually a trophy. She stands tough at Octane each week only to lose or be carried by her tag team partner. Then she takes to twitter to try and make it seem like any accomplishment she has achieved outside of 4CW matters. Even her man knows that nothing but 4CW matters which is why he made himself exclusive to this company. Kae goes out to these shit hole companies who will give her a shot at some meaningless gold belt and wants to flaunt on twitter as if it this translates on Octane. You wish your success in other companies translated to 4CW but it clearly hasn’t. While you’re out there winning a shit title somewhere else, you’re still losing here in 4CW.”

Jay takes a swig of water and scratches his head a moment almost laughing as he does so.

“And so the last time we met one on one you decided to try and put my balls in my throat and got yourself disqualified. You knew I had you. You knew you were a split fucking second away from choking on your own teeth and you knew this was the only thing that could save you. I’m sure it felt good. I’m sure you felt like you got one for the women but in all honesty Kaelan, you’ve just made things worse on yourself. Your win over Jeb and I with Cosmo? A nice feather in your cap, I’ll give it to you. What about when you were losing to Adaya  Duncan on your own? I was ending Vossler. While you were losing to Jett Wilder, I was beating Tornado D only for him to given an opportunity he didn’t earn. And while you were submitting an already beaten, downtrodden Caroline Burchill, I was ending Brady Schultz. Every week we have been in singles competition I have outperformed you. And I will continue to do so.”

Jay unbutton the one buttoned that was fastened on his blazer. He reached into his pocket to check his buzzing phone before placing it back in his pocket and fastening the button again.

“You’re the one who claims to keep learning with every loss and keep climbing with every win but really you take one step forward and two steps back Kaelan. You’re not really ever going to accomplish more than you have. So this is what I’m going to do at Holy Grail Kaelan. I’m going to use you the same way Laughlin did. He used you to springboard his career into stratospheres I don’t think he even imagined. I will use you to propel myself to the main event picture here on Octane because that’s all you’re good for. You can hate me for saying it. You can lie to yourself and say it wasn’t Bryan it was the clown. Deep down though Kaelan, you and I both know…clown mask, no mask…Bryan beat you within inches of your life because it meant success in HIS career. It will be the narrative of both of your careers. Laughlin beat his woman to win that Octane championship. Kaelan couldn’t beat her man and is left to wallow and rot on Octane. He may whisper on the couch in your ear now to come a little closer, the night is young but as you slide into his arms there no way you can’t picture yourself being taken out of the arena on that stretcher.”

Jay smiled an evil smile. It was a common theme against Kaelan Price but it was the truth.

“So if a man who gets his cock wet with you is capable of doing what he did to you, what makes you think I’ll stop at anything less? You took your step  up with a win last week Kaelan, its time for me to knock you two steps back.”

The director from the commercial comes up behind Jay and asks “ready?” Jay smiles, nods and shrugs towards the camera as he makes it exit and the scene fades.