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Fatal Armament.
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The scene opens distorted as ever, warped and twisted for our initial view. There’s an accompanying soundtrack this time, something we’ve never heard before. The sound is twisted too, distorted along with the image as everything settles in. Soon enough though, it seems to calm down. We start to hear the smooth jazz background.

Interesting, I know. The kind of music you’d hear in an eighties action movie, let’s say something that deals in the buddy cop genre. Nothing specific, you know.

The image we see is starting to clear up, it’s a dark night in Los Angeles. The night sky is clear, as the city seems alive as ever. We hear some commotion, something that seems relatively close by as the camera focuses in on our scene. Venice beach, the boardwalk normally teeming with life. Most of the shops and stores are closed, but there still seems to be an argument going on.

The camera pans, showing Bryan Williams standing there with Persephone Marquis. They both seem to be dressed in an odd getup. Persephone in a flannel shirt, denim jeans, and cowboy boots. Bryan stands there, dressed in a loose suit with a terrible tie.

Bryan groans, as he tries to explain something to Persephone.

“You don’t get it, these movies were really popular in the eighties!”

“Bryan, nobody remembers this dumb shit! Besides, I told you, if you’re going to do it you need to do it right!”

Bryan groans, again, shaking his head in protest. “No way, I’m not doing blackface. I can’t get away with that shit. Besides, it’s bad enough that I have to be the old one.”

Persephone rolls her eyes. “I hate to break it to you here, fool, but you ARE the old one.”

Bryan begins to rub his temples. “Look, we talked about aesthetics, and you agreed that you liked this for the team. This is important, we’re a team here. What better team than-”

He’s cut off, almost immediately by Persephone. “Bryan, no. The Warner Brothers are probably watching. You don’t want to piss off Dave and Jack Warner, do you?!”

Bryan sighs, nodding his head. “No, you’re right. We don’t need that kind of heat. Not before our match on Adrenaline. Imagine that, our first tag team match in two thousand and eighteen, and we get sued? How embarrassing.”

Persephone nudges Bryan, pointing to the now super obvious camera that has been filming them. Bryan throws his hands up in the air, in complete frustration.

“Damnit, I’m too old for this shit!”

Bryan grins, pleased with the ability to shoehorn in such an iconic quote such as that. Persephone, however, doesn’t seem as pleased. She rolls her eyes, checking her phone for a moment. Bryan straightens his suit jacket, turning to face the camera.

“Oh man, this is embarrassing, isn’t it? Imagine us, here, trying to set up some elaborate parody for this upcoming match. Ya caught us, we didn’t really have a lot of time before we have to leave the country again. But, we’re here now, might as well talk about shit. There’s this big elephant in the room, and I think we need to get it out there now.”

Bryan looks over at Persephone, who nods. She slides her phone back into her cool guy denim jeans before looking into the camera. She takes a deep breath, clearly having trouble figuring out how to speak on the next subject.

“This is a little pathetic, considering who I am. I’ve spent months talking about him and, yet, I still fucked up.”

Persephone shakes her head, ashamed.

“I forgot that it was Do Kyungsoo’s birthday in South Korea, his current location! My ultimate bias, I failed him like that. Honestly, I don’t even wanna talk about it anymore. The case I never closed.”

With a solemn face, Bryan nods.

“Yeah, shout out to him. But I suppose we should get into it, the Sadboiz are finally booked, folks!”

Bryan and Persephone raise up their arms in excitement, there is no fanfare to be had though. Just silence, the waves crashing back into the ocean. A breeze rolls through, as a tumbleweed enters and exits the frame. Bryan begins to speak.

“All this talk about embarrassment, and it isn’t even about how certain people behave lately. And Boston, I don’t mean our match on Adrenaline either. That’s the obvious thing that anyone would talk about. It was a weird look for you, I must say. Watching you get tangled up in those chairs, I couldn’t quite fathom what was happening at the time. Too caught up in everything, before I knew it the referee had counted to ten.”

Bryan shrugs.

“It was over, just like that. Luck was on my side that night, I suppose.”

Bryan looks over at Persephone, who shrugs as well.

“Now, we don’t need luck! No, this is a tag team match. Ah yes, I can remember the last time I was wrestling in a tag team match. It feels like ages ago, the last time that Persephone and I stood together in this ring. It went well, I feel like. Well as any kind of tag team match can go, because we got the win. The Sadboiz were in full effect, and ready to take on all sorts of new challengers!

I mean, let’s look back to the whole Sadboiz history. It’s been an interesting one, for sure. We got together for Bad Company, the third edition. It was supposed to be wonderful, a monumental moment in tag team history. Instead, we fell flat on our fucking faces. The equivalent of a wet fart, it wasn’t pretty. But we weren’t going to be denied, goddamnit, we put TOO much hard work into this thing. We figured out a whole aesthetic, and we weren’t going to be denied! So we kept at it, and we got another loss. Whatever, we weren’t pinned that time.”

Bryan waves it off, something that doesn’t even phase the two of them anymore. He pauses, for a moment, before speaking up again.

“But then, things started to change, we figured some shit out. We ran some more hills, and we worked on being a better team. The Sadboiz came together, and we beat the shit out of The Outsiders. It was embarrassing, really, almost a complete waste of time. Still, it was nice, and we haven’t really heard from them since. Count that as two victories, Y'all are all welcome by the way. Things were looking good, we were catching that sick wave of momentum. Everything was turning out awesome.

Here’s where we play some sad music because that wasn’t to be. I got placed in a goddamn Wargames match, while Persephone was out earning herself a shot at Bronx Valescence. Pretty cool stuff, but not really what I had in mind for us.”

He looks a bit sad, for a slight moment.

“I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a tag team stan. I love it, it’s exciting to get a good team going and start sweeping through the division. Just look at Aidan and I, a couple years back. We did pretty well together, and I seem to do pretty well with just about anyone stuck with me. Look at the second Bad Company, or that three-month stint I did in Japan. Hell, even with Mariano I got a win in this company! So surely I should be able to get something going with Persephone, right?”

Bryan looks toward Persephone, inviting her to speak and agree with him. She seems caught off guard, however, and is stuck for a moment wondering what Mel Gibson would say. She shakes her head, stumbling over her words for a second.

“Yeah, I hear you. Seems like you’ve been successful with everyone except for me, but we can address that some other time because this is the hype process right now. Me and you, we can make anything work at this point. We’re a real fucking team here.”

“Look, it’s not rocket science, guys. Boston, Amber, listen up cause I’m talking to the both of you. Ya gotta have chemistry, plain and simple. The good kind too, because anything bad and it might blow up in your face. One minute you’re sweeping through a tournament, and the next you’re laying flat on your back. Mainly cause your partner attacked you out of spite. Unfortunate news, guys, I see that in the both of you. I don’t quite see that chemistry, and I’m sure the both of you could agree with that.”

Bryan smirks.

“Now, let’s get it out of the way now. Boy, this sure is a weird match for all of us to be in, right? I swear Wallace does this shit on purpose sometimes. You got the old Boston and Marquis connection, from way up north in Canada. A little crush, or whatever the fuck. Then you got Amber and I, and boy does she love to fuck me up. We went on a few dates, sure, but I think she’d rather spill my blood than anything else. So we’re all in a weird pickle here, what do we do about it?

I’m not going to sit around and sing Kumbaya with you guys, hell no. I want to crush your spirits. Yeah, it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten that good soul-crushing kind of match. Frankly, Persephone is due for one. It’s been a tough few weeks for her, I think I kind of owe it to her if I may be frank.”

Bryan looks back over at Persephone, who nods his way. Looking back towards the camera, Bryan smiles.

“So, let us have some fun!”

He claps, as he begins to talk again.

“You see, my partner and I have known each other for a good amount of time now. We’ve been through a lot, and that was even before we started to fuck. Crazy how that changes a lot of things, I’m sure you both can agree. Y’all have the unfortunate situation of being on the bad side of that when things turn sour. I don’t think I could blame Amber, with the way that Boston has been acting as of late. Maybe it’s his true form, coming to light. She saw what we didn’t see, and now she’s here to warn us all! No, wait, she’s just here to take up space again.

Man, I swear you were on a tear there for a while, Amber. I could have sworn you were doing good, had some actual talent. What happened? Is the Pride title that cursed? You won and just turned straight into dog shit. Sure, you got a nice little victory against Aidan, but that didn’t really work out for you. Look where she’s at on the card this time, and now look back at yourself. Not a fun situation, is it? I’ll be honest though, I’ve been keeping some receipts for ya. Gonna love to be able to tag you back, after our little meeting last summer.”

Bryan looks down at his elbow, a throwback to their meeting at Ante Up. Amber had put Bryan out for a few weeks before he had teamed with Persephone. Now was the chance to get her back.

“It’s fun, this is all fun. To see where everything's coming together, and where everything will lie. I get to watch Boston try to squirm his way back into Amber’s life. I get to watch her try and dodge several bullets as she keeps him away. It’s nice, it’s nice to see somebody else be miserable for a change. Because honestly, you both deserve that. You both deserve to feel like shit.

I saw the intent in your eyes, Boston. What you wanted to do to me after our match, I saw that weapon in your hands. I was frustrating you, whatever you were dishing out I was taking. It was starting to get to you, and when you got caught, you were ready to snap. I remember a cooler head being there, one who didn’t spend his time rambling like a lunatic. You can hate yourself for being a cuck to Madison all you want. In reality, though, you should despise yourself for falling so low. I’ve watched you continue to ramble on, over and over again. Show after show you stand there, and you really believe that trash that comes out of your mouth.

Do you think anybody stepping into this ring believes it? Any of it? Do you think Amber is going to believe a single word you have to say? You think she’ll want to hear it?”

Bryan groans, rolling his eyes. He loosens his tie, as he begins to speak again.

“I doubt it. And I know that’s going to eat away at you, I know it’s going to kill you from the inside. It’ll make you want to do some serious things, horrible things to me or even Persephone. My god, imagine that.”

Persephone can’t help but laugh, shaking her head as she seems to think back.

“Horrible things to me? I do t think I can imagine that coming from a dude who whipped up a burger just for my attention, but sure. I’ll go with it, just imagine the burger man getting us! The Burger Man with the Greasy Hands.”

She wiggles her fingers in Bryan’s face, and he turns away; attempting to keep his composure as he continues to speak.

“But that’s just not in the picture, man. You’ve shown your hand, and it’s an unstable one. Coerced into a fit of rage, just because he couldn’t get his leg free from a chair. You’re a simple man, partnered with a simple woman. That’s what we work best with. Manipulated with ease, and you will be manipulated. As the match goes on, your frustration grows. It becomes harder to put us away. You can see it, and you can feel yourself getting more and more tired. From there, it becomes academic, my kid.”

The two high five. A celebration of their tactics, and success together. Persephone then frowns, some words registering.

“The fuck do you mean ‘that’s what WE work best with’?”

Persephone clearly isn’t happy; thinking Williams is calling her a simple woman. Bryan shakes his head, putting an arm around her shoulder as he explains.

“Yes, we work best against a pair of idiots. We get together, and we plot. We exploit the weakness, we drag it out into the middle of a street and beat the holy shit out of it. It’s what being a Sadboi is all about. Coming in from that terrible disappointment, and turning it into something. You take a missed opportunity, and you just build from that. Because, honestly, fuck it. Did you really need it anyway? Did I really need to beat Ana again, for the THIRD time? Shit, the 4CW title isn’t going anywhere. I can get that shit anytime, and so could Persephone. We’ve got the talent, a little bump in the road isn’t going to stop that.

So we regroup, we dust ourselves off from the bullshit we’ve had to deal with, and we press on. We get more opportunities, and we just face those together. Like a real team, because that’s what we are. That’s what you gotta be to get by, and I can tell you both that you are not a team. Two separate entities, with your own goals and aspirations. Two different people, trying to accomplish two different goals. It’s just going to come to a devastating conclusion.”

Wrapping up, Bryan smirks as he looks into the camera.

“Be crazy all you want, the both of you. It fits, I’m sure. We’re just going to be over here, chilling as a team. A working unit, one that’s ready to get this tag team shit on lock. Hope Y'all can work it out, I really do. Cause if you don’t you’re both going to be set for a horrible time come Adrenaline.”

“And as Mel Gibson would say, God bless the Jews.”

And with that, they’re done. Bryan, with his arm still around Persephone, pecks her forehead with a kiss. The smooth jazz music from before kicks in, as the two turn back to back together. A shot perfect for any VHS cover. Posed for a second, the two turn to leave the scene, walking away from the Boardwalk, leaving it completely empty.

The scene begins to fade, distorting and twisting away as the camera pans up. The music slowly fades away with the scene, distorting in its own way. The camera shows the clear night sky, the colors wash out as we cut to black.