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Feeling like a Criminal [CD #008]
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LOCATION: The Swamps of Louisiana

An alligator pops their head out of the water as their nictitating membrane slid across the inner portion of their moist eyes; protecting them from anything that might be in the atmosphere surrounding them. The alligator moves along now. High above the watery surface are a bunch of taxodium distichum in the backdrop with some having moss draped over them. It continues to be cloudy from the day before as the air carries a slight chill. No sparkle of sunlight would grace the wetland today. Wheels from a vehicle pull up somewhere close. You could hear the gravel beneath the tires crack as the vehicle comes to a stop. My hand releases the gear shift. I stepped out of the rental car looking around before shutting the driver door behind me as I make my way to the back. A second car door slam follows. 4CW Adrenaline was yesterday on Showtime inside the Smoothie King Center in a couple hours ago. I was booked to face-off against some rich girl that couldn’t handle being on the broke side of life for a few months like it was going to kill Miss Money Bags.

If it didn’t then I would have. It’s about time I started to show my violent side. Who honestly cared if I off this bitch. It can be seen as a public service. What Erica Cambry did by running away and closing all accounts on herself was smart. Because she lived. Guess money wasn’t any longer an issue. This marked my rebirth in 4 Championship Wrestling. It marked their plague. Sarah approached me from the passenger side. She stopped by the side of the car while I approach the trunk.

Look, Alexis, I understand why you would be pissed. Erica skipped town. She left you hanging in your match. Erica did seem to be terrified of you. I’m guessing she’s not hurting for too much money if Erica Cambry performed this kind of disappearing act. First, I’m told photos were missing from her attached contract in HQ. Followed by her twitter account, and then poof she’s gone. I still believe that Perry should find it in his heart to give her a job as enhancement talent to make her living. Sure, she isn’t the greatest.

A frog leaps into the water after capturing a passing bug. Sarah turns, pressing her ass against the vehicle’s exterior and lifted her right foot to the tire looking out to the vast wetlands of Louisiana.

You could swear the poor girl was placed in a witness protection program the way things transpired so fast. One minute Erica Cambry existed, the next thing everyone knows she’s distant memory disappearing. Still. Why would you attack the referee last night? I’m just saying why do this to the referee that wasn’t involved? He doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment. What if you’re fined?

Who dare say I was pissed? Was it that cunt Cass Baumer trying to start shit with people again? I thought I told you never listen to trailer trash. I’m not pissed. I know that last night might have seemed like I was when I grabbed senior referee Richard Moore by the collar and piledrived him to the mat. It might have been seen like I was upset that I couldn’t get my hands on Erica Cambry after vowing to end her life on television thus causing her to vamoose out of the state of Louisiana.

I smiled wide showing my pearly whites.

If they wanna fine me for my actions, I really don’t care. I’ve stated this before and I’m not going to hold those zebra wearing pricks to a higher standard just because they are part of management in 4CW. Not even referees are safe.

Suddenly, I take my hand away from the trunk as it springs open finding the senior referee Richard Moore tied up in duct tape. He had several more bruises on his body that wasn’t present before after the match. He attempts to move but can’t. Not aware of his surrounding, he just looks. Sarah glares down at him. There was a needle with a few glass IV containers saying: Succinylcholine.

I made a promised regardless if Erica Cambry showed up last night or not. I’m a woman of my word, after all.

You still haven’t told me what we are going to do.

What does anyone do to someone that has been exposed to a plague?

The answer to the question was burning. I smirked at Sarah, and I started dragging the body of this man, struggling as I moved due to his weight difference compared to my own. She watched for a moment before helping and the body gets dropped with a thud.
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