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Author Topic: "Defying the Defiant and being the Real Alpha Bitch..."  (Read 179 times)

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"Defying the Defiant and being the Real Alpha Bitch..."
« on: January 12, 2018, 09:42:23 AM »
So there it was. Genevieís third defense coming up for the Main Event. She sighed. People would say that if she lost there was no shame in it. That she had proved herself to be a worthy Champion but that didnít sit well with her. This defense was more important to her than ever. She didnít want to give up the XTV Championship yet. She wasnít done with showing everyone what she was capable of in a 4CW ring. People thought beating Dakota at his own game was enough. Not for Gen. It wasnít enough. It would never be enough.

She wished she could say that her husband, Elijah Carlson was more supportive of her XTV Championship reign, but as she looked over at him, as he sat in the recliner taking a tennis ball and throwing it to bounce off of Bradyís nose and back into his hand. Gen used to yell at him for it but, Brady actually liked it and it made him wag his whole fluffy corgi butt so she just let them continue. As she looked at him though she knew how he felt.

She had felt similar this time last year when he held the 4CW Championship. He did anything and everything to hold onto it. At the risk of his own body. It had worried her, but she had never asked him to give up the 4CW Championship. Now, since she had faced Dakota he wanted her to give up the XTV Championship. It had caused countless arguments between the two, and neither wanted to budge on it. She knew he felt that way because he loved her and didnít want her to get hurt. He didnít want her to go through what he had for months after facing Bronx and suffering his neck and shoulder injury.

Eventually Eli threw the ball and Brady went running on his short legs to chase after it. Her eyes followed the small dog, and as she looked out of the living room into the main hallway of their house she saw Sarah, their adopted daughter walking down the steps with Aela, the massive white fluffy husky that Eli had gotten for Gen a year prior after she had lost their daughter. Aela wasnít Genís anymore. She stayed glued to Sarah, and that had been fine with Gen. As she watched Sarah walk past and towards the kitchen, her head buried in her phone. It made her think.

Sarah had been backstage with Carrick the night of her match against Dakota. She had watched the man staple her face and had watched her take that fall onto the electric boxes. She had been with Gen when medics were cleaning up blood and stitching wounds closed. She had been so worried, and that was another layer to Eliís problem with Gen being the XTV Champion. Their daughter seeing that carnage. That was the one thing that made her actually consider giving up on her Championship. The look of horror, and the loss of color in her daughterís cheeks when she had saw her up close after the match, but then Perry Wallace had booked her against Aidan Carlisle, and Genevie had threw that idea out. This match was a long time coming. Since Boardwalk Wrestling and Gen would be damned if she let a wannabe Alpha bitch parade around as a wannabe Extreme Wrestler.

She rose up from the couch. At this point Brady had run back with the tennis ball and was trying to nudge it into Eliís hand. His attention was more on Gen, and puzzled as to why she was getting up. She walked over to him and gave him a kiss before leaving the room, almost running into Sarah in the hallway, because she wasnít paying attention to where she was walking. Busy on FaceTime with her boyfriend Carrick. Gen hugged her abruptly and it caught Sarah off guard as she frowned.

ďI love you, and Iím so sorry you had to see what happened at Winter Wasteland. I know you might not understand why I have to fight for a Championship, but you saw what Dakota did. If I donít fight back against that I WILL get hurt. A lot worse than what happened. I know you and Eli want me to give up my current path in 4CW but if I do that, then Iím a coward and I will be lined up for a slaughter. I donít want to be injured, and thatís why when I face Aidan itís either kill or be killed, and I refuse to be killed. Do you understand?Ē

Eli had stopped playing with Brady and was just listening from the other room. She could only imagine the look on his face. Sarah was stunned. Caught off guard. She knew Carrick was even listening from the phone.

ďI guessÖ Just try not to take more staples to the face, and can I just stay home for this next one?Ē

Genevie half smiled and nodded her head. She didnít want to see the look on Sarahís face up close if she were to come back bloody. Not again. That alone might kill her.

ďOf course.Ē

Sarah moved past Gen and went back upstairs going back to talking to Carrick, with Aela right on her heels. Gen looked over at Eli to see him shaking his head. It just made her shake hers. She had to create some distance before another fight started. So she walked her way to the basement. As she descended the poorly lit staircase all that began to go through her mind was her next XTV Title defense. It was her first match of 2018. It was time to start the year off flawless. It was time to break the unbreakable Aidan Carlisle.

She flipped on the light to the basement and the room quickly lit up. Some people would probably look at this like a Dakota Smith butcher room, but there was no blood on the walls or torture devices. This had been Eliís little DIY room. He came down here and built things to clear his head. She was surprised he hadnít been spending more time down here in light of recent events, but his schedule had become a lot busier. She walked over to his workbench and sighed.

ďAs you can all see The Carlson house hasnít been exactly one of celebration since Winter Wasteland. Itís tense here. Made even more so by the announcement of my next defense. A defense my family doesnít even want me to participate in. They were hopeful last Adrenaline I was going to walk into Perry Wallaceís office and hand him the XTV Championship and say find someone else. They thought that if they threatened me and tried to back me into a corner of if I didnít do it then I must not love them, that they would get what they wanted. I guess my family just doesnít know me that well.Ē

ďIf it wasnít my pride, it would be my ego, and if it wasnít my ego it would be my drive, and so on. There are a million reasons why I would never give up the XTV Championship without a fight. Reasons they will understand, and get used to with time. After I show them I know what Iím doing. After I show them I am the best at this. So I take a couple of cuts and bruises along the way? I promise you whoever I face will be in worse shape.Ē

Genevie took a seat at the bench and put her hands on the table. She truly believed that in time they would accept her path in 4CW. Especially when she kept winning.

ďThat opponent next Adrenaline happens to be none other than the Defiant Alpha Bitch Aidan Carlisle. She more than earned her right to face me after that hellacious match last Adrenaline. Truthfully, I expected Kinsley to steamroll through the competition. Being a deathmatch expert and all, but no. Aidan redeemed herself in her losses to Amber and Kinsley by pulling off the victory. A lot of surprises happened on Adrenaline, but the only one Iím really worried about is the one that gave me the next challenger to step up for my XTV Championship.Ē

ďIím the Champion with the most CONSECUTIVE title defenses, and that number only gets better when I beat Aidan. Go look. Not even Bronx can say that. Had he not stumbled against Manny that one time? We would be able to say that and not me. Iím one of the most successful XTV Champions in the history of this company. Most people say at this point? I donít have anything else to prove. I could lose to Aidan at Adrenaline, and everyone would still respect me for what I did as the XTV Champion.Ē

ďYou know what I say to that? Fuck that opinion. Thatís straight shit, and you can tell any of the other crybaby champs that when they lose their titles to make them feel better. Focus on the positives right? Not me. I want to carve a legacy into the flesh of 4CW that will be remembered for all of time. Dakota Smith was able to do that. Look what I did to him. I was able to beat him at his own game. I did what my husband couldnít do. I butchered the butcher. People can say whatever to discredit me in my win against him. I donít care. Bring up Viduus. Hell, send him to me and Iíll fuck his face up with a cinderblock. I donít care. Just look what happened after the match. Dakota has begun questioning EVERYTHING about who he really is, and it all comes back to when I fucking killed him at Winter Wasteland.Ē

Genevie picks up the flathead screwdriver from the table in front of her with a smirk. She begins to dig into the wood of the workbench gently. She had definitely taken pride in the fact that she had made Dakota lose his mind in defeat. That he was struggling with being a man and a monster. People could blame Tara and her Goddaughter Peyton being in his life now, but Gen knew the truth. She had shaken his foundation from the core, and she loved having that effect on people.

ďNow Aidan. You know something about having your confidence shaken. You know about wanting to give up the ghost. Hell you took a couple Ls in coming back and were already ready to hang up your boots. What a weak minded bitch you are Aidan. I mean Itís one thing to call yourself the Alpha Bitch. What with the whole Alpha Female thing being about having friends and the most important thing? Sheís not intimidated. Hell you were ready to call it quits after a couple losses. Intimidated as fuck it sounds like. Oh and lets be real. You donít really have all that many friends. You burn those bridges so fast, and in the end you have to turn into Carmella Wilder and make sure you remind everyone youíve fucked half the 4CW roster.Ē

Gen rolled her eyes. Truthfully it was disgusting to see that Aidan was a bigger hoe than even Genie had ever been in the business. Which she got so much shit for while everyone turned a blind eye to Aidan.

ďLetís be real here. Defiant? You arenít fucking defiant in anything you do. You do exactly what is expected of you. You say you donít play by the rules but watch you tow the fucking line every time. You expect me to think that you have one bloody match and youíre ready for this XTV Championship? Youíve been begging for this XTV Championship since you walked back in the doors of 4CW. Tell me. Was it because you thought Carmella was going to be an easy target for you, back when it was the Extreme Championship? Did you think I was going to be an easy target? Bitch, you know nothing. You knew nothing back in Boardwalk. Oblivious to everything except the smell of your own shit.Ē

ďSo you want to say youíre Defiant now? Bitch youíre more like Hesitant. You take a couple of Ls and wonder if you still got it. Thatís hesitance and doubt. Nothing Defiant about you. You know what the worst quality to have is in a No Holds Barred match? Hesitation, because the moment you hesitate is the moment someone bigger and badder than you is taking you down. I used to be hesitant. I used to be like that. I would lose and question myself. I lost to Bronx, but I didnít question myself or my position in this company. I moved on to the next challenge because if I would have dwelled on that loss, and not prepared myself for what was waiting around the next corner. I wouldnít be sitting here still the XTV Champion. Not by a long shot.Ē

ďThatís why youíre going to lose this match Aidan, youíll fill your own head with doubt on what youíre capable of. If you can do it. Youíll talk to your pasty white husband about your doubts, and here I sit completely composed and ready for what I have to do. Knowing in the end my family understands what this match really is, and what I have to do. That in the end? I have to kill the Self Proclaimed Alpha Bitch. While you talk in metaphors about the violence you want to inflict? Truthfully at this point Iím Ivan Drago. If she dies, she dies.Ē

Genevie stabbed the screwdriver into the wood. Eli wouldnít be happy with the state of his table. After she had engraved into it what she had.

ďIím coming off one of the biggest wins of my career to date Aidan. Youíre just now figuring out you can beat somebody besides dumb blondes. At this point Iíve already won. At this point my will to fight, and retain my Championship is greater than your need to claim what is mine. To be more relevant again in 4CW than just the bitch who was kidnapped by Dakota, or the bitch thatís fucked every guy whoís called himself sadistic in this place. I donít give a fuck about your violent fetishes. That sadistic nature, and talent isnít sexually transmitted Aidan. A few whips with a belt isnít going to have you ready for what I have in store for you. I have learned a lot in my time as the XTV Champion. About myself, and who I am. About exactly what Iím capable of. Iím half the reason your bestie Claire was put on the shelf in Boardwalk. Iím the reason Tiffani Michaels wont show her face. I broke her will for this. I fucked Mya Denton-King up harder than when she got dicked down in her ass and pussy by two clowns. I killed Synnum and sent her packing as well. All this shit long before me and you came to be in this match. What do you got? Claims of pushing people into retirement who never really retired?Ē

Genevie scoffed and laughed.

ďThe sweetest one was I made the most sadistic man in 4CW history in Dakota Smith question who he really is. You were just another victim of his Aidan. I made him MY victim. People can say all they want that our accolades in 4CW put us on equal playing field, but back then Aidan it was completely different than it is now. Nobody got a bigger reality check to that then you when you first walked back in the door. I stumbled a couple of times when I came to Adrenaline as well, but Iíve been nothing but consistent since my return last year after dealing with personal family matters. You canít say the same and I will enjoy further tarnishing that impressive win loss record you racked up from days past in this company.Ē

Genevie rose up from the table.

ďMy family may not like what I do, but once again Iím still fighting for them. I wonít hesitate and I wonít doubt myself in this match because they donít like what Iím doing. The second I do that Iím giving Aidan the window she needs to take from me what is mine, and maybe not just that. Maybe she takes me out the way they are fearing she does. I wonít give her that chance. I wonít let them suffer like that. Iíll take the cuts and the blood, and the bruises but I refuse to break and I refuse to let a walking contradiction to her own labels take my XTV Championship. Why? Because where sheís a self doubting wannabe survivor. I AM a REAL survivor. I survived the Warzone of Horrors, Luke Jones, and The Butcher Dakota Smith. I will Survive the Alpha Bitch Aidan Carlisle, because I have no other choice but to. Get used to seeing this face when it comes to the XTV Championship, because itís not going ANYWHERE anytime soon.Ē

Genevie smirked and blew a kiss as she walked towards the steps and her footsteps could be heard as she made the climb. She was confident in her place in 4CW. More confident than she had ever been. She had stumbled her fair share within the company but she never gave up. She couldnít give up, especially now. Her family would just have to understand. She wouldnít let Aidan be her downfall.

Aidan was going to lose. Genevie was going to keep winning as the XTV Champion. Longest Reigning XTV Champion would look good for a future 4CW Hall of Fame Nomination, but that was still a long way off.

The cameras zoomed in on the table to where Genevie had been carving. Scratched there were the words ĎGENEVIE XTV CHAMP FOREVER,í and thatís what the camera faded out on