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Reborn: Your Hero, and Mine.
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Your Hero, and Mine.

* * *

Characters: Mark Storm, Rachel, Rick the Ruler.
Location: New York, Brooklyn.
Date: 12/01/2018

He was born again.


Or at least that’s how he felt as his fists connected hard against the punching bag, creating a sound that echoed throughout his private training facility. Brooklyn, New York. The only place that he could call home despite not even living there anymore. In fact, this was the first time in over three months he found himself in his apartment, an apartment he’d refurbished and transformed into a wrestling studio. But that was expected to happen with the strenuous regiment he'd dedicated himself to.

The luxury of having a home wasn't an option anymore. Tokyo, Mexico, England; all around the world. You would've thought that maybe he was avoiding this place. To tell the truth, despite his adoration of the city it brought back too many bad memories. Memories that would play through his mind every time he visited, and that's why barely did. The room was of course as big as they come, for someone who earns as much money as he did, it was always going to be. Various gym equipment scattered around the room like an abstract painting, with a wrestling ring situated right in the center of the room. It’s ring ropes the color of grey whilst it’s canvas, plain white.

“Come on.” he said to himself, snapping back to reality and returning to his strikes.

There was something different about him and it wasn’t just the haircut. Something about him as a whole had changed and he couldn’t remember how or when it happened, he just knew that it did. He felt like a new man and that feeling in itself sparked something from within, a change in the tide.

For so long he’d felt miserable and glum, his career not quite waning but it wasn’t particularly doing anything for him. He was vacant for the longest time but now there was hope, a beacon of light at the end of the tunnel that would guide him to a new tomorrow.

“It’s not gonna last.” the voice in his head muttered, a sinister chuckle commencing afterwards. But by now, he did well to neglect the voices that would often make cameo appearances every now and then. Though they spoke volumes, he didn’t care for them anymore. He didn’t believe what they said to him. He was better than them now and there was nothing they could do to persuade him otherwise.

Mentally, he was as well as can be expected. By first impression, you wouldn’t initially believe that between the thick walls of his skull there was an illness that plagued him. An illness he’s had to live with for a number of years. Schizophrenia, his old friend. But now he was learning to fight his demons, ignoring their advances and focusing on what mattered, focusing on what was real.

He increased the tempo of his strikes and a rhythm ensued, beads of sweat beginning to sliver down his forehead, landing on his eyelashes but he never wavered. This was the task in hand in preparation for his Four Corners Wrestling debut. This, was the only thing that mattered to him at that moment.

Every strike that landed was struck with a purposeful venom and in his mind that punching bag wasn’t just an ordinary punching bag, but it was his opponent for his inaugural launch. Alexis Mercer was the punch bag and he was relentless with every strike, not seeming to let up as steam rose from the top of his head and lingered in the air. There was no hatred toward Alexis but this was business, and with a business - friendships are often pushed aside for the greater good.

Finally, he relaxed himself, leaning against the bag and breathing hard. The feeling of exhaustion was a delight to him, it was a reminder of the hardships he’s had to face throughout his life and how far he’s come since then. The pain was temporary and he knew that enduring that pain would eventually lead him to monumental success. And that was, at the end of the day, all he could wish for.


For a moment he thought that was a voice in his head, turning around only to see Rachel leaning against the door frame, pouting like she did so cutely. But then he remembered he wasn’t alone anymore, he didn’t have to be. He had Rachel in his life now and that could of been one of the factors that played a part in this new embrace of life. She was pure, sweet and kind but at the same time tenacious, fierce and independent. There was nothing more attractive to Mark than the concoction of all these the elements. But it did help that she was in his eyes, beautiful.

“When are you comin’ back to bed, it’s late.”

She walked towards him wearing one of his white shirts that had an oversized look when it was on her, an  aesthetic you'd see in the movies. She wrapped her arms round his waist, not caring about the sweat that drenched him.

“Soon Rach, you go on back… I’ll be there in a minute.”

He lied, knowing full well that he had only just completed his warm up. He planted a kiss on her forehead.

“What keeps you up so late?”

Insomnia, possible narcolepsy, delusions, the voices in his head, the nightmares, the constant need of self betterment, anxiety, depression, the mind numbing feeling that everything could go to shit at any second of any day, at any moment.

Those were the answers that played through his mind on loud speaker. All those answers valid and what he should of said. But of course, he decided against that.


She could read him like a book and he knew that she was on to him, if she hadn’t already clocked on. He sighed, beginning to unwrap the tape from his right wrist as he walked toward the wrestling sing and sat on the apron. She joined him, sitting alongside him and keeping quiet, her hand joining his. She reminded him of Gretchen. The way she read through him like an ole dahl book, it was impressive and the only other person who had the skill of doing that was Gretchen.

“I’m just nervous, I guess.”

"God, you sound like a pussy." and there was that voice again, tormenting him as he finished unwrapping the tape from his right hand and moved onto his left.

But in truth, he was nervous. This was the most nervous he’d ever felt in his career. Despite this new spark of life being tuned into him he couldn’t help but feel nervous. This was bag. Four Corners Wrestling, was big. It wasn’t a promotion that was kind to the lighthearted, but rather it chewed them up and spit them out, if not that they’d rage quit.

The lighthearted didn’t belong inside the realm of Four Corners. Admittedly though, Storm wasn’t lighthearted. But he knew that if he had any hope of success in Four Corners then he’d have to be prepared to deliver a series of five star matches one after the other without fail. It was either that, or you were left as a footnote. He hadn’t felt this nervous since the beginning of his Extreme Wrestling Corporation days but this was a different beast entirely.

“What you got to be nervous about?”


“Failure, I guess. What if it doesn’t work out… what if I’m not good enough?”

“Stop thinking like that, it will.”

“Well what if it doesn’t?”

“You’ll make it work. If there’s one thing I know about Mark Storm is that he’s persistent. He won’t take no, for an answer. I have no doubt in my mind that you’re gonna make it work, so you need to start believing it too.”

Words of wisdom, spoken like the mother of his child. Spoken like a true Gretchen. He felt calmer now like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He could breath. He leaned into Rachel, his head resting against her shoulder. Rachel was right. He had to start believing again and that task was harder now because of the variety of talent that made up the Adrenaline roster. But now, he was apart of that cesspool, a name that people had to become familiar with and with time, fear.

* * *

"Beggars can't be choosers, Lex. But even if they could, I'd still choose you."

His voice was calm and composed, the voice belonging to Your Hero and Mine, Mark Storm.

"I'd choose you every damn time, Alexis. But you, chose me. After I called out anyone from the back on Wednesday night, I didn't get an answered and I'll be honest that bummed me out. I was expecting someone, anyone - to rise to the challenge of taking on their hero in his first match for Four Corners Wrestling. But it didn't go down that way and I'm happy that it didn't because when I wake up the next morning I get this twitter notification.

My phones goin' fuckin' crazy with notifications and alarms but there's only one thing that stands out to me, and that's the fact you answered the challenge. You chose me and it's not because of what people think, she wasn't answering the new guy around the block in the hopes that he isn't ready for Four Corners Wrestling, an easy win for her. No, she answered my challenge because this is a match that we've been waiting for far too long and finally, it's going to happen.

It's a match that should've main evented EVERY single Extreme Wrestling Corporation pay-per-view, but it didn't. It's a match that would've put asses into seats and make that company a buck load of money. But we never got the chance to.

Instead we had to endure painful programs of feud's no one really cared about with the same, tedious, overrated talent being put ahead of us on a week to week basis. You'd leave first Alexis and I'd follow in your footsteps and for a time, I thought we'd never meet inside the four sided ring. It was just another main event worthy match that I'd have to take to the grave.

But now fast forward a couple of months, I find myself in the promotion you've been nesting in. I find myself among the lions and lionesses who are ridiculed as bullies but in actual fact, people just don't have thick enough skin to understand. I find myself in my first match for this company being against someone who I've wanted to face for far too long. It's amazing how much has changed, Lexi. The both of us, we've really come a long way since our humble beginnings together over in the E. Except there's one thing that hasn't change. One thing, that will not change."

He paused, allowing the viewer to digest his word before he could drop his pipebomb.

"I am better, than you."

He sounded bitter and sadistic, cocky and egotistical, all at once.

"We never needed the match clarify it in the first place, Lexi. It was of public knowledge that I was, and I am, better than you. And I'm not saying that trying to be salty, I'm saying that as a straight fact. Let's look at it this way Lexi even with our time over in the E I was in the upper echelon, five star matches every damn night and selling tickets quicker than Franco nudging Wiseau at the Golden Globes. You on the other-hand, whilst I admit should've been given more credit and more of an opportunity, weren't at the tippy top of the food-chain. I was because I fought my way through the ranks and ignored every single person in authority who'd tell me it wasn't going to work out like I planned. Except it worked out better. And you were just a supporting cast member, complacent with that status.

But I admire you Lexi, don't take this the wrong way because you got the courage to up and leave. You started a cycle of everyone wanting to walk out because they felt they weren't getting a fair chance to shine. And you Lexi, you were always too good for that promotion and you left and came here.

But whilst you've stayed here all this time, I was out catching bodies and winning championship after championship, promotion after promotion - having some of the best matches of my career, all around the globe. As lucrative as that exclusive contract sounds, it doesn't seem to be doing you any favors career wise, because you're stuck in a rut, Lexi. And you have been ever since you lost that Fate title match against Anastasia at Ante Up.

What, did you think I wasn't going to mention it? You think I haven't been watching? I'm always watching, Alexis and it's been a slippery slope since then. You lost that title in a month. You wanna know what that tells me about you? You didn't want it enough. Just like over in the E, you were happy with being a supporting cast member and then when realized that wasn't what you wanted, it was too late. It wasn't a necessity, but a burden because as soon as you get that title, everyone's looking to gun you down.

And you couldn't handle the pressure.

I'd love to remind you about your past failures Alexis but that would bore the both of us and I'm not gonna put myself through that. I just won't. But you needed to hear it, Lexi. You needed someone to tell you and it needed to be me. Trust me, I care because the two of us, we went through a whole lot of bullshit to get to this point. But we're here now, alive and on the other side and ready to fight."

He clasped his hands together, his face lighting up whilst doing so.

"This is what it's gonna be, Lexi. A fight because we both have something to prove here. And no, not one of those fights with cute little sequences and spots that the fans can politely applaud and praise us for our flippy athleticism. This is gonna be fight where blood spews and tensions are high and both competitors are willing to beat the absolute crap out of each other to get the W at the end of the match. Me, I need to prove that I belong here, because I know I have my doubters and they're praying that I fail. To belong here, in Four Corners, it means that you're one of the best in the business - no questions asked.

You, you need to prove that you have that fire, Lex. That fire that's gonna catapult you to a whole other level if you manage to get a win over me. I need to see that fire in your eyes, and I'm damn sure I'm gonna bring it out of you. Because I know how good you can be and if I'm gonna be honest, you on your best days could go toe to toe with Bronx, Cashe, Hopkins, Carlson, and any other of the considered; upper echelon of this company.

I know how good you can be but it's just the question of whether you know it, and when you're gonna bring it out. I have no doubt in my mind that I can get the best out of you because that's just the type of competitor I am, I bring the best out of people and force them, to give me everything they've got. I want your all! I want your heart and your soul -- only so I can rip it away from you! All that hope, turned into anguish and despair.

I'm not sure you got the memo, Lexi, but there's a lot that's changed about me. The face paint, the long blonde hair and that classic emo vibe that used to ooze out of me, that's all gone now. It went with time spent honing my craft around the world. I became a bigger person. I became, Your Hero and Mine. There's no one in the world that can do what I do on a weekly basis, wrestling at the highest of standard against the premier individuals in our profession."

Pointing to himself, he allowed a smirk to lay upon his lip.

I do, because I can. They don't, because they suck."

There was that cheeky grin of his, stretching from ear to ear.

"I don't think you suck though. No, the thing is we're actually friends but probably sounds like were not. But friendship, that's been put aside and we both know that. In two weeks time we're gonna be at each other's throats lookin' to end each other but that's what we do, and that's who we are. Maybe after the match we'll go down to the bar and have a few drinks, and talk about the old times. But now, that isn't what I'm thinking about. Now, the only thing I'm thinking about is proving that I belong here in Four Corners and that involves putting you down, Lexi. That involves me, stepping into your house and discrediting everything you've worked for by beating you in my debut match. I can handle that."

He waved his imaginary gun in the air, before suddenly stopping and pointing it at the camera.

"From Your Hero, and Mine."

The scene then faded to black.