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Codeword: RUN
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Looking at Tommy Knox, Cashe was in full whisper as he stood almost in a sneaking stalk stance. “You forgetting something?” Knox asks as if he already knows the answer to his own question. Nodding in a direction to give Cashe a hint.

“What?” Whispered again at Knox as Cashe turns his head and scans the room. On the bed was this girl RJ or AJ, he couldn’t even remember her name. She was sound asleep. On the pillow next to her half naked body was what Knox was referring too. The GPC Tag Title belt. “Oops!” Cashe lets out as he tip toes back towards the belt trying to not make any noise.

“HEY! SHE ISN’T GONNA WAKE UP!” Knox shouted and it startled Cashe to where he jumped up into the air. His eyes wide and pupils grown out like a cat when provoked. “We drugged her remember?”

“I wouldn’t say drugged. We mixed NyQuil into her juice. Maybe she was getting sick. We helped her get a good night’s rest if anything…”

The argument was pointless. Cashe snatched his Tag Title and his bag. He was to leave Japan and had no use for some tag along he couldn’t or didn’t want to remember the name of. As the tag team known as dPEEg exit the room and shut the door, Knox slaps Cashe to the chest with the back of his hand.

“I told you she was crazy but why bring her if you don’t want to keep her?”

Shrugging, he didn’t really have a good answer. “She had nice lips but imagine getting sucked off by sand paper!”

“Wow.. No wonder your relationships turn out so well, so often.” Knox tells him as he turns to walk away. Leading the two down the hallway. Cashe catches up and keeps pace almost at his partner’s side.

“Says the guy who was fucking Vixen and now Riddle’s throw away. Please don’t give me lectures on relationships okay? How many bitches have we passed between us now?”

“Haaaa! You mean how many I’ve sampled and you tried to catch feelings with?” Knox throws that fastball back and Cashe didn’t have his hands up to catch it. Hit him right in the throat or so it felt as such. He put thought to it as they walked outside the hotel.

“You know.. That is very hurtful for you to say. True but fucking hell, it’s hurtful.” Pausing as they see a Cab pull up. Part of him wanted to comment on how the cab was yellow but knowing Knox, there would be some racist shit said to follow. “Okay. I’ll be honest..” The tone of his voice was as sincere as Knox had ever heard it. As the backdoor to the cab opens and Knox begins to climb in, he stops and turns back towards Cashe.


“I might be ruined some. On relationships anyway, with trust.. I spent so much time investing in that last one. I felt so angry being in it by the time it ended. I was bitter and sure, slightly broken by it. I just have to be careful and this bitch here?” Pointing over his shoulder back in the direction of the hotel. “She was crazy. Signs pointed to Coo Coo like day two! Ain't nobody got time for that shit!”

“I told you. I told you when you first had that hoe at HQ that she was looney and didn’t need to be at the spot. Now we have to change the passcodes and locks again. All because you let ANOTHER crazy and insufferable cunt into our environment… I told you..”

“Yeah.. Yeah, you did..”

Suddenly Tommy Knox’s eyes grew big as he looked passed Cashe. Seeing the change in stare, Cashe turns around slowly and spots what Knox was seeing. AJ or RJ, dreadlocks all bed headed and wild was coming out the hotel in her underroos. Breasts all bulging out of her bra and the parts that did jiggle had a bounce to them as she walked aggressively.

“Damn.. You think she found the note?” Cashe asked.

“Note?! You left this hoe a note? Should have left that bitch an application to a sushi bar or a ticket for the boat back home. What’d you say?”

Thinking on what he had written, it wasnt much. “Umm.. Thanks for the blowie but I got to goey, don’t be mad and don’t forget to smile! Something stupid as usual.. That’s my bit!”

“She might be a biter so you might be getting bit if she sees us! Lets go!”

Both of them hurry into the cab. Cashe had to fly back to the States for Adrenaline before coming BACK to Japan for his Tag Title defense in NJFC. Their eyes cut out the window and maybe RJ sees them as she storms closer to where the Cab is still parked. Neither of them speak Japanese but flash some money, make a hand puppet in the form of a flying plane and you get to going where you want to be. The cab takes off as RJ stands stomping her feet, having barely missed them and now left behind in a land she doesn't know.