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Back to the Future
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ďWe only see two things in people, what we want to see and what they want to show us.Ē

ďWhoever controls the image and information of the past determines what and how future generations will think; whoever controls the image and information of the present determines how those same people will view the past.Ē



Eighteen days. Eighteen days before the wrestling world went retro. Retrograde to be exact. The newest pay-per-view in the lineup that featured matches which shaped Four Corners Wrestling what it is today. There was this undeniable big fight feeling surrounding Texas during this time, that even Mission Control could even find a hard time explaining the type of energy everything was. You had to be involved in the company to understand what it truly felt like around the locker room at that moment. Andre versus Alexis. Ally versus Genevieve. Viduus versus Dakota. Bronx taking on Anastasia. These were household names willing to do anything to win.

It was a foggy day. It was a dangerous day. A strong band of thick fog wrapped around almost everywhere during the wee hours of the morning as roosters sound and up above appeared another storm system sweeping through the streets of downtown Houston. Cameras open to see a sign up high on an old pole reading that this was a junkyard. Atop this blanket of cloud were stacked junk vehicles dating back as far as the earlier fifties. A large bullmastiff dog lays on the ground crewing on a big bone without a care in the world underneath these dated transportations of the past. Even noise from nearby doesnít seem to bother the creature as we venture to the source. A few feet into this metal graveyard our cameras come across a shopping cart full of very sharp objects.

Sharp objects that would make a person want to get a tetanus shot after handling them. Going inside this opening we also discovered thereís an old VHS sitting on top of this twenty-five-inch television. Alexis could be found sitting nearby in an old recliner watching production footage from her match against Andre Holmes at Winter Wasteland last December. Her legs were propped on the armrest, as the other half was sunk deeper into the chair as Alexis laid dressed plaid and baggy jeans.

ďI remember how you looked the first time we met each other on pay-per-view. You were an emotional wreck going into the biggest fight up until this point because you allowed me inside your head. Once I was there inside, the game was already over. There was no way I was going to be upstaged like I had before In Detroit for Adrenaline Seventy-Two. This time I wanted to have a bit of fun at your broken expense by hiring Hostel Takeover to do a little job for me. That job was so simple. All they had to do was go into the match and rough me up a little bit but make damn sure beat the hell out you. Bet youíre still pissed that you never stood a chance at winning the first team match we ever had against them because I took that win away from you. I took that victory from your hands.

I took that option of enjoyment knowing we could have beaten the former tag team champions away from you because I could and I did. It was a very fun experience. And the pain, Andre. The pain of having Brody Lee Prince and Magnus Brutus beat me up a little inside our match, it was worth everything to watch as hope drained from your face as I dropped down the apron. It was the look of when they knew no one was going to save them, not even your own partner. The coup de gťnie came at the pay-per-view, though. Of course, youíre going to have people out there swear that you werenít one-hundred percent due in part to my involvement or should I say lack of involvement during that tag match prior that caused you to lose against me at Winter Wasteland.

Alexis said while lifting her head up to look at cameras before swinging her body around. Her feet hit the ground as dirt particulars start shooting from the sides of her sneakers showing the impact  She pulls herself up. Walking over to the shopping cart, Alexis picks up a sharp thin piece of metal that looks like a blade with electronic tape around the bottom and begins swinging the piece of metal.

ďOne could say that it was your nights drinking and playing in the sheets with your bar hookup, the seductress Gem. Who clearly isnít your current wife, the mother of your two little boys Kaitlyn and is for sure, I donít expect the government or Umbrella leaving any toxic liquids around for your suicide ex to be popping out from the ground. Gem seems to be a keeper until the next one comes along. Oh, Iím sure thatís an exercise all on its own, am I right Andre? Whatever the problem with your performance against me was, I care not. Because it still doesnít remove the fact I was ready to do things to you that you didnít expect and walk away the winner. I put on all stops to make sure that after you could hang on from tapping I was going to get my hands raised whether you liked it or not. Thatís the real difference between us. Iím willing to go the distance and do what I have to for survival. I am prepared every single night to die in that ring.

Like I mentioned before. You asking for this match to be held under First Blood rules. It was a mistake. Just like your belief that you have the upper hand because of what happened at Adrenaline.What you did Ďturning the tables on meí so to speak, that wasnít unexpected, especially after you running around screaming my name backstage. Youíre not that hard to read. Feeding me into Dakotaís Gorewhore and doing what I did to you a few months back as if I wouldnít know it was coming. It was purely laughable.

She continued swinging the blunt weapon.

ďHome. Houston might be where ďRelentlessĒ Andre Holmes has called home his entire life. It might have been where you saw your two wives giving birth to your four children in total by now Iím expecting that to double in two years. You canít help plowing away at the puss like your name were Bronx, I understand. You might see Houston as home field advantage heading into our match on the Twenty-Eighth but all Iíve seen is just like this graveyard full of junk. Everything is stuck in the past. Youíre stuck in the past. Think about everything I have done to you and ripping some paragraph is what set you over the deep end?

Itís a real shame that your parents couldnít be around today to support your actions and be your moral archer as I peel the flesh off your bones and make it rain like red kool-aid in the ring. Real tragic dying in a car crash. Seeing these crushed cars must really take you back to the moment when you were a little boy again. See, I never had such luxury. Both my parents died because of me. My mother died when she couldnít survive having me Iíve heard she was a wonderful woman that wanted nothing more than to love. My father. He died two years back being stupid interrupting an ugly robbery gone wrong. He wanted to be a hero like you are trying to be for your family's honor. However, that isnít how David Mercer came to meet his end Iím afraid. It was me plugging the support plug.

Want to know what I whispered to him as he met the reaper of death, Andre? I got up to his left ear and I told my loving dad of twenty-nine years that I wished I had known I would have grabbed the popcorn. I would have made it a celebration as the bullet pierced his body. I told him laying in that hospital bed wired. I wished I had been the one pulling the trigger because I donít need reminders of the past like you do Andre, I donít have things like love and family that are designed to make you vulnerable and weak. Thatís why youíre going to fail in the First Blood Match. Thatís how the ending to this storybook tale ends.

Me dragging your bloody body to reunite with your dead loved ones while I fade into the future.

She once more before dropping it and looking up at the cameras before they begin going dark and we are left with a black screen. One thing was for sure, Alexis was preparing for a fight to end with someone bleeding badly. Something she looked forward to.  
ē ē ē


ďWhere you at, Andre? The card for 4CW Retrograde has released a few days ago. I thought you were waiting to give me some revenge for what I did to your goddamn family, man. I thought you were going to make me bleed at the pay-per-view. Instead, you are a little bitch hiding in Callumís promotion whining about losing some Internet Championship. I bet you believed that you werenít going to hear from me so soon and I would be somewhere cowering; afraid to face you -- yet here I am, motherfucker. Front and center.Ē

It was already dark outside the Houston area. Nothing left but the sound of light rain. You could hear it making contact falling onto the ground and cemented structures. Cameras return a day later to find Alexis walking from underneath the Fred Hartman Bridge that separates Baytown and La Porte, she appeared inches from Trinity Bay out from behind one of the many support beams dressed in nothing but a leather jacket and a black mini skirt looking like Gem. Andreís íacquaintance.í

ďIíve been sitting here in your own backyard hoping that this passionate man devoted to defending his familyís name would make me pay for my crimes and pop up. Come on, Houston boy. I thought that Andre Holmes was a fighting man. Thatís what relentless means right, Andre? Keeping the fighting spirit alive. I see no goddamn fighting in your spirit only silence. Is this how youíre going to represent? I only see a man that knows his final days are upon him. I only see a man that realized at any moment I could crush everything he has worked so hard building. You didnít come out the gate swinging this time, did you motherfucker? All this talk about family and wanting to defend them. All these things were just for show making everyone feel sorry for the man who got their heart broken.

I thought you were getting revenge for me taking apart your family. I pictured you would be caring about getting justice for your family more than running off to Florida like a little pussy defending a meaningless belt compared to your family's honor. Seems to me, that weíve got priorities twisted, family man. Seems to me, that Iím the only one thatís prepared to end this blood feud and look forward to what the future holds for me after I bust you open so bad people are going to start calling me the new Scarface. Because this crime scene is going to be ten times worse than anything at the crime scene of the Saint Valentineís Day Massacre.

Cameras watched as a small ferry moves under the bridge. Alexisís words sounded vicious and confident. She had expected that surely Andre Holmes would show his face around at this point. He had to, right? Andre was supposed to be this relentless person yet somehow Alexis could smell fear coming from his direction. She took steps closer to the water picking up a small pebble, and threw it.

ďYou knew this day was coming. It wasnít a surprise locked away in Perryís office because you asked for this match. You knew what wraith hide behind this pretty face. Iím not like your wife, Kaitlyn, who would always be seen walking away without confronting your bullshit. While youíve been in Florida looking for another ass to mount and to further your marriage life into ruin Iíve been on the attack against everything that you are, Relentless Andre Holmes. I remember what you said during our first encounter after Genie Carlson played into my mind games that led to her assault. You asked to meet the beast within the beauty. You wanted to reveal what lies beyond this beauty. I answered your beckon call from the darkness. This beast is far more dangerous than anything you have ever been in the ring with in your entire career of fifteen years in wrestling. Iíve been waiting for my moment to start ascending to the higher places.

Donít go running off to Chris Callumís Gulf Coast Wrestling now that youíve discovered Iím standing here being very serious about wanting to not just make you bleed, I want to end your career, Andre. Donít go running away once you found out that evil exists. I admit that Iím not as merciless as Bronx is right now sitting on his atom bomb against Anastasia. Youíre not going to be lucky. Iím heading into this gathering of bloody thirsty millions looking to claim whatís left of you that remained from Winter Wasteland. The part of you that was clenching to my leg hoping I would show a hint of humanity in this fleshy vessel. You wanted everything you experienced from your shitty life to you to your time working match after match not getting closer to your goal to end. I am your end, Andre. I enjoyed hearing that scream as it took everything you had to fight through the pain of my Bloody Tears knowing thereís no escape from this nightmare.

She looked over her shoulder. That hair of hers bounces aside as Alexis looked into cameras and then turned to face the crew, she walked forward holding her hands together while the rain-drenched her body. Drips kept falling from her nose.

ďWhen Wallace agreed to the terms of this First Blood match at Retrograde you pitched, maybe it was wishful impulses, but there was a part of me that smiled inside knowing I get to inflict so much brutality on you. The best part of this match. Thereís no one that is going to stop me from the amount of torment I could do to you, Andre. Perry isnít going to bring his ass down to the ring waving for some medical team to rush down and stop the match. You are my personal little rabbit I get to tear into your flesh. Iíd be doing your soon-to-be ex-wife Kaitlyn a large favor once the screaming subsides and silence takes over, my hands drenched in your blood. You donít stand a chance. I want this more than you because for the first time in a long time I no longer have to hide who I am anymore.

There is no more mind games being played. I didnít come into Houston carrying another big bag of money in hopes of finding someone to fight my own battles for me. Itís time to step out of the goddamn covers and face your role. Itís time for you to put away that safety net you wear on your shoulders and face the destiny you were always meant to take part of. The destiny I was meant to play since the moment I first landed eyes on you out there looking so in control in our first match. I knew right then that I was to be the one that ended your career and maybe if Iím lucky I might end your life. Everyone knows that when you signed with 4 Corners Wrestling with the intent of this being your last. I say intent because once you found out you couldnít be that image you had of yourself being successful. You ran.

But youíre not running away from me so easily I still have a job to do. I still plan to end your career in wrestling. Iím going to end your career as a father and as a loving husband. I want this because this match will represent everything that follows after the lights go off and everyone closest to you are all leaving thinking about what a disappointment you are to them. Iím going to make management see me as a threat to everyone backstage that dares cross my path next after your bloody corpse is removed from the ring. This is my moment. Jason Cashe made a name for himself at the first pay-per-view grabbing the championship to be the first champion. Dakota Smith was known well before entering the company for his violent behavior before he pissed it all away for a diaper bag and dvds of Barney.

This is my time and my raise to a violent level that would make everyone afraid. This First Blood match against you is where everything starts for me in the Corners Four and thereís nothing you can do to stop me, you son-of-a-bitch.

About that time, we see a DeLorean pulling in to pick Alexis Mercer up. Doors opened up with smoke falling onto the rainy terrain underneath as Alexis places one foot in the futurist car and cameras get a close up of her looking back. 

ďNow if you excuse me. Where Iím going I donít need roads. My future awaits.Ē

Alexis enters the vehicle on the passenger side. The doors of the DeLorean slowly starts to descend before the engine is heard raving up and then, this futurist car takes off around the compound and going up the empty bridge. Once there it stops. It is here that this DeLorean then with no cars in sight, the vehicle races at high speeds then about halfway through. Blackness filled with sound from the movie.