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Battle Born
« on: February 25, 2018, 02:58:21 PM »
NAME: Battle Born
MEMBERS: Cosmo Cooper / Jeb Fisher
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Paper Planes” - M.I.A


“ Paper Planes“ starts to play over the speaker system as Jeb Fisher and Cosmo Cooper step out onto the entrance ramp. Jeb holding his 4CW Tag-Team Championship around his waist and Cosmo with his thrown across his shoulder. Cosmo, who is a little more relaxed than Jeb drops down to one knee - extending out his arms out as Jeb stands behind him, driving one of his fists into his own jaw. The two take everything in before Jeb smacks Cosmo’s championship and points to the ring. Cosmo stands up and the pair make their way down the ramp. Cosmo slapping hands on the way down, but Jeb being solely focused on the ring.

POWERS: Making their way down to the ring at a combined weight of four hundred and seventy pounds. I present you with your reigning, and defending 4CW Tag-Team Champions of the world! JEEB FISHHER! COSMO COOOOPER! THEY ARE BAATTTLLE BOOORN![/color]

Cosmo stops at the steps to remove his flip-flops and accompanying entrance attire, Jeb doesn’t hesitate to get in the ring however - leaping up onto the ring apron and quickly going in through the ropes. Undoing his 4CW Tag Team Championship and holding it up in the air as he waits for Cosmo to walk up the steps and hop over the top rope. The two stand in the center both holding their belts up, before strutting over to their corner - strategizing before the match begins

Double Finger Snap
Camel Clutch Hold (Jeb) / Sliding Forearm (Cosmo)
Bicycle Knee Strike (Cosmo) / German Suplex (Jeb)
Firemens Carry (Jeb) / Shoot kick to the face (Cosmo)

Jeb lifts the opponent up with an electric chair, he then flips the opponent over his head to where Cosmo catches him - delivering a sitout piledriver.
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