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Happy Families : PROLOGUE
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Relationships… They’re Complicated.

Gets even more twisted and mind boggling when children are involved.

For Alessandro Quagliaterre, his relationship with his Children, was severely strained and force-fed.

After going for much of 2017 without the Children seeing Alessandro due to personal and legal issues as a result of his ongoing divorce proceedings with Phoenix Quagliaterre. In 2018, Alessandro had been working tirelessly to get constant visitation of the Children on The Weekends.

But it was far from perfect.

Though mandated to be in Alessandro’s company, hours of their time spent together were being reduced due to his own actions. Responsibilities which he had ignored. Resulting in the children eagerly escaping at the first opportunity they got, which felt more like a jail sentence for them than spending time with their father and building bonds.

Alessandro Quagliaterre Jr(AJ), who was approximately 16 months was still warming to the idea of having his senior counterpart involved in his life. Celina and Cheri, whose 8th Birthday was on Sunday, known affectionately as The Gemelli Twins, were hot and cold, dependant on the level of attention they got from Alessandro. One Moment having the best of times, and then the next feeling bored and restless from the lack of affection. Whilst with his eldest Sindaya Quagliaterre, the young woman who was 18 going on 19 in a fortnight, Alessandro shared a frosty relationship.

Out of everyone from the Famiglia who Alessandro had cut ties with when his relationship with Phoenix went on the rocks… Sindaya along with Tiphany Banks-Carisi were always his biggest supporters. Yet he had had not fully appreciated their advocacy, falling into the same trap of his bad habits, failing to learn from his past mistakes.

Due to his outspoken nature, his constant presence on Social Media, his dislike for Sindaya’s boyfriend and his flirtatious nature with practically any woman over coffee, they were clashing constantly.

Work was needed to repair the relationship. Alessandro needed a better understanding of what it meant to be a good father. A trait which was a gaping hole in his personality due to his own troubled nature of a relationship with his father, or to be more precise, the lack thereof relationship with his father.

This was Alessandro Quagliaterre’s greatest challenge. It posed a different enigma all together than his wrestling career. His work and effort in the wrestling business he could control. But the free will of other human beings, he could not.

Whether Sindaya, The Gemelli Twins, or AJ admired him, or couldn’t stand him, the children’s relationship with their father is a linchpin of their personal life. The dynamic between them was a complex one.

And there was no doubt about it, the image they’ve formed of their father at present was a negative one. They didn’t trust him, and it is difficult to follow sub-ordinance from someone who cannot be trusted.

Whether because it was everything that had happened, his own mental instability of not allowing his obsessive possession of his ‘marriage’ with Phoenix Quagliaterre to come to an end, or because of the way others had portrayed him.

Maybe the Children were justified in not giving Alessandro the love he thought he deserved, when he had given nothing back that was genuine enough due to his reputation. Maybe it was why they were embarrassed to define themselves with any reference to him. The further away Alessandro is from them the better.

Except Alessandro refused to be withdrawn.

He may have ultimately failed in winning back Phoenix, but there was not a chance he was going to give up on his Children. Alessandro’s own worst fear is that he would end up like his own father. Mistreating his children. Except he had already reached this stage, without even knowing it. Alessandro found it difficult to take the emotions and needs of other into account, instead being self absorbed in his own world, and this is one of the many factors that contributed to the continued hostility existing between himself and his Children.

They were stuck in a position of anger, bitterness, and rebellion, which made it impossible to make peace. It was difficult for them to see the positive sides of a man who doesn’t show his love to his ‘flesh and blood’ and who so often seemed to be in conflict with their mother.

How do they move forward from that? When does it get better?

Can Happy Families Exist? Or is it all a farce doomed for failure.

We will soon find out.