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Matt Mendez
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NAME: Matt Mendez
NICKNAME: “Unhinged”, “The Unhinged Nomad” or “The Rogue One”
DATE OF BIRTH: July 26, 1992
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 210 lbs
BILLED FROM: Jersey City, New Jersey
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Face
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Dear Enemy" by RiseFromTheAshez
PICBASE: Brandon Kirk
TWITTER HANDLE: @unhinged_mattM
DESIRED SHOW: Octane (1 RP 1,500 words)

Matthew is a socially awkward person. He’s shy and has a penchant for thinking people dislike him without even bothering to let people get to know him. He has a fear of rejection, possibly steaming from the fact that he grew up idolizing his brother but never got any sort of recognition from him. He’s, deep down, a caring person, always caring about others rather than himself. Overall, he’s somewhat misunderstood.

Matt is a scrawny looking guy. He has black hair and something that resembles a beard. A series of tattoos scattered across his body, most notably a dragon on his left wrist and a red ruby behind his left ear.

The guy in no way, shape or form looks like a professional wrestler. He doesn’t have muscles, he doesn’t have a pretty face; he just is. He looks more like the kid that spends all of his time and energy trying to become a rock star, than he does a wrestler.

Sleeveless shirts from either his favorite bands or wrestling related shirts (he usually just cuts off the sleeves). Loose fitted jeans or wrestling trunks. Black or white wrist tape and black boots are all he wears to the ring.

For his entrance attire, he’ll just add a sleeveless jacket and a beanie hat and that’ll be it.

WRESTLING STYLE: Primarily a Brawler/Hardcore wrestler, throw in some high risk moves here and there.

  • Discuss Elbow Smash
  • Vertical Suplex DDT
  • Sitout Spinebuster
  • “Wear and Tear” (Full Nelson transitioned into an Inverted DDT)
  • Samoan Drop
  • Spinning Heel Kick
  • Knife Edge Chop
  • Spinebuster
  • Thesz Press
  • Multiple DDT Variations
  • Flapjack
  • Multiple Suplex Variations
  • Multiple Kick Variations

  • Dragon Sleeper
  • Muta Lock
  • Koji Clutch
  • Indian Deathlock
  • Repeated Stomps
  • Stomp to his opponent’s groin
  • Knee Drop
  • Inverted Headlock Backbreaker

  • Lariat
  • Running Bicycle Kick
  • Cannonball
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Running Leaping Knee Strike

  • Corkscrew Moonsault
  • Frog Splash Elbow Drop
  • Diving Senton
  • Tope con Hilo
  • Suicide Dive
  • Diving Crossbody

*He rarely does taunt an opponent, could start doing it. If so, I’ll start listing them*

NAME: Yakuza Kick
NAME: Package Piledriver

NAME: Alley Driver 92 (Wrist-Clutch Death Valley Driver)*
NAME: Dear enemy… I’m sorry (One handed Electric chair driver aka. One Winged Angel)

*Primary, will always try that one until he has no other option. He’ll try to hit the move even using the turnbuckle for leverage on larger opponents. Always avoiding the use of his other finisher, “Dear Enemy…”, that finisher is reserved for when all else has failed… and even then, the fact that it’s not an easy move to set up, means that he’ll tease it more times than he will actually hit the move.

Matthew “Matt” Mendez, grew up like many younger sibling in a household dominated by an older brother whose talents outshone everyone else. He always loved the fact that his brother was so good at everything, but as he grew older he saw life wasn’t as great as he thought it would be.

His family and friends always compared him to his older brother. He scored a goal in a soccer game, “your brother scored three”; he hit a home run, “your brother hit two and struck out 5 as a pitcher”; he’d get an A+ in school, “Your brother was a straight A student”. All of those type of comments molded him as a teenager.

Because of his upbringing, he rejects the world, mostly because he feels like a failure. He took on wrestling because he wanted to fight, he wanted to get all of his anger out of his system. Matt didn’t took on boxing or MMA because once he tried it, he found out he wasn’t really cut for the grind of it as he hurt himself one too many times during training.

As a wrestler he’s able to express his frustration with the way the world operates, while taking out his anger in a way that entertains people, because that’s what he wants to do deep down… entertain.

Although he has a “bad boy” attitude to him, and the fact that he’s socially awkward and shy keeps him away from people; he does have a sense of humor and can make people laugh. He’s also a very charming individual, who will care deeply about others (if given the chance to open up).

He doesn’t have an ego, often thinking about the collective rather than himself. You could say, his exterior makes him a somewhat misunderstood individual, but once you know him, there’s no way you can’t let him be your friend.

The internet provides a bit of a safe space for him to be himself, as behind the screen he doesn’t know how people react to what he says or how his motions look. He jus writes and people reacts to what he writes, and he enjoys it, because it gives his true personality a chance to shine… albeit, not always.

  • "name" Championship (#x)
  • "name" Championship (#x)

  • NJXW Championship (#1)
  • Deathmatch Classic Tournament (#1)

The lights begin to flicker as the first cords of “Dear Enemy” by Rise From The Ashez hit the P.A System. After a couple of seconds Matt Mendez emerges from the curtain, with a smirk on his face as he jumps back and forth before cracking his neck and starting a slow paced walk towards the ring.

POWERS: Introducing, from Jersey City, New Jersey… He’s “The Unhinged One”… MATT… MENDEZ!

Matt continues his walk towards the ring, occasionally giving a sign of acknowledgment to the fans, but mostly concentrating on the task ahead. When he’s close enough to the steel steps he gives them a tap and runs up towards the apron, where he grabs the top rope. He walks a bit, surveying the crowd, before entering the ring and running towards a turnbuckle and extending his arms. He surveys the crowd once more, before dropping down from the turnbuckle, shadowing a couple of punches and waiting for the match to begin.

The lights begin to flicker as the first cords of “Dear Enemy” by Rise From The Ashez hit the P.A System. After a couple of seconds Matt Mendez emerges from the curtain. He wears the “Title Name Here” on his waist and taps on it a couple of times, like he wants the fan in the upper most sit to take a glimpse of the gold he’s carrying around. He then jumps back and forth a bit, before he starts a slow paced walk towards the ring.

POWERS: Introducing now, he is the “Title Name Here” Champion… from Jersey City, New Jersey… MATT… MENDEZ!

Matt walks down the ramp, occasionally tapping on the title as the fans extend their arms trying to touch him or the title. He gives them some nods of acknowledgment, as he moves past them. Once he’s close enough to the steel steps he’ll tap on them and give a strut to get to the apron. Matt grabs the top rope and surveys the crowd before entering the ring and running towards the opposite turnbuckle. He surveys the crowd once more before taking the belt from his waist and hoisting it above his head. Once he does, he jumps down the turnbuckle, still hoisting the belt over his head as he waits for the match to begin.

NAME: Neal Durden
AGE: On the wrong side of 25, but on the right side of 30.
EXPERIENCE: 15 Years (if you count the time I spent in Spanish language e-feds)
PREFERRED METHOD OF CONTACT: PM here or Twitter DM (preferably)