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Stefan Raab farewell signature
« on: December 16, 2015, 09:20:32 AM »
I know what I'm requesting here is not fedding related, but with you're graphic talents, I want to have a sig that I can permanently have to show my support I have for Stefan Raab. From the start of his career to the end of it so of course here I go with the template.

Name: Stefan Raab

Pictures: Any of them with Stefan Raab and the TV Total and Schlag Den Raab logos on them like these.


Quotes: First one will be of course TV Total with the date of 8th March 1999 and then Schlag Den Raab with the date of 19th December 2015. I also want this tag #Raabschied on the sig somewhere too which means Raab farewell in English.

Colours: Completely up to you designers on that.

Hopefully it can be done before or on Saturday so I can at least be able to tweet it on my twitter fan account I have for Stefan Raab and you will be credited for it, especially if you have a twitter account with a character that I'll be doing the @ sign on, but no worries if not on both not being able to do it in time before or on Saturday and not having a twitter account. I don't usually ask for things like this, I want to have something that I will remember him by from being a huge fan of for five years, someone that I have the most respect for out of every celebrity going.

He's just my idol that will never be replaced and someone with his creative ideas that you'll never see ever again and also he's helped me learned a few German things I wouldn't even thought possible. It's just something I really want to have as a signature on all across feds and even other forums as well. Thank you so much on whoever takes the time to do this.
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Thank you for all the memories on TV Total and Schlag Den Raab, Stefan Raab. Farewell legend.