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"The Doctor Is Calling"
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Alexis wakes up gasping for the slightest pocket of air from a deep slumber. Her eyes circle around attempting to collect her bearings only to discover pure darkness. She manages to pry her hands in the center and unzips herself free. Still, Alexis finds herself confined. She starts kicking below her until the hatchet on the outside snaps and lands on the ground as the Anti-Starlet wheels her body out of storage. Alexis sits herself up on the steel table which once housed her body looking around at a dark mortuary room and in her hand was that same needle she injected herself with a few days ago. A smile crept on that wicked woman.

Alexis wanted to enter Harlow Kinsleyís world.

When Alexis stands nothing covered her body. She was naked and judging by the toe tag. She was going to be examined any day now to find what exactly could have supposedly killed the former Fate Champion. Much like her career. It was dead and forgotten. Alexis strolled to a dead man laying in the open and she leans down to give the guy a gentle kiss on the forehead, whispering in his ear.

ďThank you for keeping me company.Ē

She rubs his face. Soon. Her eyes dart to another body that belonged to a woman. Alexis looks back, getting within inches from naked manís face, brushing the short dark hair from this corpse. She has this eerie look gazing into the dead person. Almost registering similar traits about her own personality being cold and emotionless. All that was inside her was deadness.

ďOh, Jimmy. Itís so good that youíve made new friends in your new journey. The world can be a scary place without friendship to yourself away from the dangers of drugs and violence. That kind of lifestyle ruins those it touches. That canít be helped by a girl like Harlow Kinsley. She will never stop using and abusing because her mind is too far gone.Ē

Alexis would know from experience about what drugs and violence could do to a person. Having wrestled Harlow Kinsley all over in matches that didnít always favor her. In fact, Alexis had known the struggle of defeat from this same woman in a solo match. It didnít to her that she pinned that fucking cuck Tony Savage to gain a victory. This time Alexis felt there was nowhere Kinsley could go other than the south territory of Red State Revolver and wrestle a bunch of toothless Goryís with brains of a lunch box. Harlow will fit right in with such people as Alabama Brooks and her ex-husband fighting over topics like who slept with whose cousin first.

ďHarlow keeps telling herself that Iím a lamer of herself as if all those pictures floating on the internet about me were some type of mass illusion to the entire wrestling world. When last I checked I was always this way since the very beginning of my wrestling career in Twenty-Twelve. Usually how claiming something works the older debut date is normally the correct one. Last I checked Harlow started this wrestling gig in Twenty-Fifteen. Frankenbitch canít claim I copied anything when all it takes is for someone to go throw my photos on that Twitter thing that my associate Sarah operates to see the real truth.Ē

Her right elbow sits on the dead manís rib cage. Her hand makes a comfortable place for Alexis to rest her chin against while continuing to speak to the dead. Hoping one would speak back to that creepy hard to understand Kinsley language.

ďOh Jimmy, you would love meeting Harlow. I can already tell that you both have a lot in common. Youíre both pale. Youíre both incredibly stiff as a board. You both got that whole after death smell. I just never liked the bitch. Sheís too much Halloween costume and creepy makeup central mixed in on bleaching her skin to get that right tone. As I mentioned before. Kinsley tries too hard. Iím pale because I have the Irish curse. I dye my hair a lot because I get bored. Itís a human condition. You wouldnít understand anymore.Ē

She shrugged half-assed.

ďYouíre already dead.Ē

He remains motionless laying on the embalming table.

ďYou are really easy to talk to, you know? Not at all like my ex-husband.Ē

Silence from the dead body happens again.

ďGood talk.Ē

There laying inside a hamper was a single gown. Alexis tried to find other pieces of clothing but nothing. It wasnít like Alexis was shy about her body or something so the search for anything else became worthless. She goes and puts the gown on after feeling the effects of having been stripped naked and locked away meat storage. Her bare ass caught a chilly breeze. Someone must have left the hospitalís always blistering air conditioner on. She leaned out looking in both directions to see no patients. No staff members.

Alexis decides to walk out through the hall roaming.

The scene opens with a surgical mask resting on a large crescent-shaped desk.  We see a pile of old medical files stacked in the corner of this massive centerpiece. The hallways remained dark and empty. Chairs sway back and forth casting a shadow against a checkered pattern flooring that shined when light brushes its polished surface. Alexis walks over from the east still with only this gown on looking like she had conquered death itself. Her eyes come across the surgical mask and a puppet. That was what this was all about. It was her beating Harlow Kinsley in singles competition outside cancer known as Extreme Wrestling Corporation.

ďLife is full of questions, isnít it Harlow? I always find myself questioning things that leave me puzzled and often times curious. Why is the sky blue? Why are cats and dogs instantly enemies? Why is the new XTV Champion having to face a loser like me? I havenít done anything but become a disappointment since the moment I came to Four Corners.Ē

She pauses. We can see her lung cavities move as Alexis takes a breath.

ďďI guess the important question should be why are you doing a puppet show again? I thought you would have moved on from this pattern after Extreme Wrestling Corporation. You tried that before, Good Nurse. I thought maybe that you would have moved on to something more challenging, something fresher. Playing with puppets is so twenty-fifteen of you. Yet here you are still believing somehow youíre in control of everything leading up to our match. I mean, that is the whole point of puppeteering, is it not?Ē

She said as Alexis walks up toward the mask and the cloth puppet. First, she lifts the puppet and brings it closer to the midsection as she recalls Harlow playing with puppets before against her. Alexis knew that Harlow was desperate. She needed to keep the winning streak going and prove herself against everyone that she meets in the ring. The Ohio nurse needed to keep motivation heading into the pay-per-view in Florida more than ever now to continue.

ďThe art of mentally having the power to control over something as tangible as fabric humanoids and creatures really seems mundane for someone that shares similar brutal characteristic traits as me. Weíve both had to deal with overbearing familiars that wanted to shield us for as long as they could against the justice arms of the world. We both started out super violent before stepping into a 4CW ring and got took down a peg by almost everyone we met. Mine came in the form of a Boston cunt first that couldnít shut up. Yours was to Alessandro when he went to Winter Wasteland and beat you down like all those times you laid on your back drugged out of that pretty little mind of yours from shooting up too many things into your veins.Ē

Control. That was Alexisí favorite game to play. She loved playing inside the heads of an opponent just to see how far she could push them before making them break under pressure. You could see it in the piercing eyes. It was the look of a desperate woman that wanted to destroy the confidence that was building within Harlow Kinsley. The 4CW XTV Champion.

ďI wouldnít be worried about this bonding session that you shared with Kimi when she assisted you in becoming the brand new XTV Champion. I would be more concerned with what I could do to you. Youíve made a notation when facing Riddle last Adrenaline about making men into monsters. Well, Harlow, as you already know, I ainít no man and Iím already a monster. Iíve been that way since I was a small babe being ripped from my momís dead vajayjay and turning up feeding worms. Iím looking to get right back to being that after losing my way and being tired of working undercard, Iím looking to take you out and make my way to the headline spot.

If I wanted to snitch the opportunity to face you for the XTV Championship at South Beach Brawl this year then all that needs to be done is beat you right here. What good would that do for me challenging for a title that isnít going to do me any favors other than piss off a bunch of people in the back that swore I was dead and buried. There are other ways I could drive that message home than holding a garbage championship designed for garbage talent like you, Harlow Kinsley.

She takes a breath, throwing the puppet aside.

ďThink holding some hillbilly strap makes you different. Like holding that thing suddenly removes you from being mentioned as nothing more than a garbage wrestler going around fighting people in backyards. You still have that mindset. You still have that stench coming out of your wannabe hot topic looking cootch. We arenít in Red State Revolver. Weíre not in Slaughterhouse. We damn sure arenít in Extreme Wrestling Corporation. President Mac isnít going to be there to make you look good. He isnít going to be there to hold your hand while you face off against softer opponents that he approved you of facing anymore.Ē

Those violent words flowed through Alexis. She cocked her head off to the side. Semi-short darker hair fell just where they were supposed to land on her shoulders.

ďWhatís wrong Harlow? Am I too hard for you? Would you like it if Perry hired Emma Louise? Or, how about Latoya Hixx to come to 4CW and be your little bitch again just like when you were in the Extreme Wrestling Corporation together? True. I lost to you in our cage match, but remember you said you were double booked. After you beat me then it was time for your big moment proving everyone that what they saw was exactly who lived inside. A World Champion. Not only were you unsuccessful. You showed that you couldnít beat Jaden ďXplodeĒ Hunter and were left flat on the campus. He told you exactly what Iím telling you right now. You are nothing without being attached to the hardcore wrestling lifestyle. The thumbnails. The tacks. The steel chairs.Ē

She holds the mask in her hand. Tossing it in the air and watching as the mask lands back in the Anti-Starlet's hand. She looks at the camera.

ďYou want to talk about being a living legend when you were being handed opponents that werenít the best wrestlers. If being fed lower talent by management makes you a living legend then I guess a bunch of WWH wrestlers have something to finally be proud about. And I take offense to that. You were never that high on the totem pole over in EWC. I guess if you were that name than what does that make superstars like Alicia Lukas? They lived by this code every day fearing the moment real competition hit them. Hell, by your standards half if not all of the wrestlers in Future Stars of Wrestling that enjoy circle jerking each other are living legends too. Are we starting to hand out these titles like Peckerman gives out free candy to children?

Does me fighting the same people during our time together in the same company qualify me to receive such an honorable name, I mean, I faced the same opponents night in and night out that you have, minus Jaden. I walked away with two undefeated streaks on both brands before going my separate way to being exclusive to 4CW while you were crying your eyes out about losing to Polly Pocket. Best decision I made since being involved with wrestling, to be honest. Kinsley, if thatís the type of club youíre looking for then consider me out and Iíll continue being happy just being called a nobody.

Alexis looked away.

ďI maybe true that I have never pinned you. I never made you submit to Bloody Tears. Youíve always been one step ahead of me every time we faced each other in the other promotion. Every single encounter that put our names beside each other have always never favored me too well. I look at you and someone looking for an escape from the life that was never perfect for her. Someone that never cared about anything in life outside fix. It didnít matter if the drug was something you stashed away. Or your fix ended up being the bodies you manage to collect in the wrestling world. Nothing will please you deep down. You want fictional characters thinking youíre some kind of superhero protecting everyone from harm. No cunt. Youíre Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers, Shredder in Ninja Turtles,  Megatron in Transformers, Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter. People like us are never the good guys.Ē

She says confidently.

ďPeople like us are always going to be looked down upon. You should know that by now Kinsley. Itís sad that you seem delusional believing all those things could you. In this showdown I will find a way to beat you in harsh fashion that will make these dead bodies locked away inside here look like Three Wise Men from the old trashy book I was forced to read. I will end you, Kinsley. Iíll become the doctor in our little slice of Hell and I will start carving your body until there is nothing left of you.Ē

At some point, Alexis is being to feel like she was placed in a zombie movie. You could make a bet that Harlow Kinsley, Riddle, and Dakota Smith all had hard onís during this whole thing. Alexis goes over to the front desk and reaches in to grab a discharge sheet attached to a brown clipboard. She signs the paper and disregards them seconds later by throwing the object to the ground. Alexis escapes from her tomb through the mechanical door.

Cameras are all thatís left alone inside the hospital now. We notice something in the corner. It had been knocked down and was hiding from clear sight by this fake plant standing in front of the tall thing. The lens gets a glance at this notice saying the hospital was hereby closing down and will no longer be of service. The date on the sign read yesterdayís date.

Fade to black.

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