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Happy Families : Part 1 (The Letter/Envelope)
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Saturday April 7th, 2018. The Quagliaterre Estate.

It had been several hours since the Quagliaterre's had arrived back to Alessandro's residence in Alpine, New Jersey following the wedding reception/housewarming party of Cyrus Riddle and Elena DeDraca-Riddle in Garrison, New York. Alessandro Junior, his almost 17-month year old son was playing with a Safari themed hammer workbench suitable for toddlers. Cheri and Celina, the eight-year-old Gemelli Twins were playing with cards and speaking in a secretive twin language. While Sindaya, the 19-year-old was with Alessandro, as they were drinking water out of glasses. After his thirst was quenched, his voice came alive.

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "Thanks for coming with me today. It means a lot. Did you enjoy yourself?"

Sindaya drank her water and then responded.

Sindaya | "It was nice."

He nodded for her approval.

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "Listen we need to discuss a matter of the utmost importance."

Sindaya | "We do?"

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "Yes. Your boyfriend..."

She cut him off.

Sindaya | "If you're going to ridicule his appearance again, when you know it makes me so mad..."

Alessandro did his best to ease her tensions.

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "Uhh I suddenly forgot what I was going to say, and have no recollection of what I just said five seconds ago. Total brain freeze."

He conveniently had a memory lapse when a situation was about to get overheated.

Sindaya | "Sure. You forgot."

Sindaya was not easily convinced.

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "Are you being sarcastic with me?

Sindaya | "Don't play games with me. And don't lie to me. I don't have the time to entertain this nonsense."

Alessandro's provocative nature had irked Sindaya, which gave him a moment to self-reflect.

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "The truth? You want the truth?

Sindaya | "Yes I do."

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "Today was a good day. A happy union for two people. Usually, I don't give a fuck about other's happiness. But I was genuinely happy for Elena. I was genuinely happy for Cyrus. That's relationship goals. Just like I was going to say that you and Jacob... that's relationship goals. Two rocks that compliment one another."

Sindaya was thrown by his sudden change of attitude. For the past few months, he had been extremely derogatory when it came to comments made about Jacob aka Princeton aka according to Alessandro's logic a Pineapple head. Now out of nowhere, he was complimenting him. Sindaya was intrigued what had caused this shifted outlook as it was extremely out of character for Alessandro, she went digging for further information.

Sindaya | "Are you aware of what you just said. Are you feeling okay?

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "I'm fully aware and I'm feeling great. Seeing other's joy, do you know what it reminded me of..."

Sindaya | "...?"

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "Your mother."


Sindaya | "I thought you donít care and are not concerned with what she does. Youíve made that pretty clear in the past."

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "Thatís true. I donít care what she does. I do however care about her happiness."

Sindayaís eyes almost popped out in disbelief at what she was hearing.

Sindaya | "You sure youíre ok? Have you taken your meds today right? Iím not talking to one of your doppelgangers am I?

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "Itís been many months since Iíve been off my prescribed medicines. And youíre talking to the real deal. I stand by my statement. I do care. Itís just taken me forever to be truthful to myself, and truthful to you."

Sindaya fell silent, allowing Alessandro to fully express himself.

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "This hate, this animosity between me and your mother that has been going on and off for the past year almost. It has been hell. It should have never gotten to this stage, Iíll accept fault for that. Iíll take the responsibility because for so long I have been irresponsible. I donít know what it was about today. Maybe it was an epiphany. Maybe it was a sign from God. Or Maybe it was just fate."

He paused. He then pulled out an envelope from his suit pocket and continued talking as he looked at the envelope.

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "I would have liked to of done this with a one to one with your mother. Settle this as two grown-ups should do."

He clipped his fingers over the envelope.

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "But that was my need. That was what I wanted. I was so self-absorbed in my own desires and wishes I never once considered throughout this process what your mother must have been going through. And if I did, I lashed out incorrectly."

He passed over the envelope to Sindaya.

Sindaya | "What is this?"

She looked blankly at the envelope, while Alessandro went off on a tangent.

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "There are so many things I wanted to say in person, rather than through third parties, the grapevines, or being a keyboard warrior. So many feelings I wanted to let out, and be done with this once and for all. Get attrition. Let her know Iím trying to change for the better. Then I realized it was all pointless. Words are empty. Actions mean more. HoweverÖ I want you to give this letter to your mother the next time you see here."

Sindaya | "You didnít answer my question."

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "Iíve reached a point of clarity, on what steps need to be taken for progress in this situation. From my side. And hers. For too long I have held Phoenix hostage in this marriage off a legal situation, and that has caused clear friction in a civil approach to each other, to the point there is a gaping hole of miscommunication. Ultimately it affects you guys. Youíre constantly caught in the crossfire. I never intended for that. You deserve better than that. That was wrong of me."

Sindaya | "Thank You for coming to terms with that. I know this must not have been easy for you to realize."

He subtly shook his head.

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "Am I happy with the way Phoenix reacted. No. Am I happy with the way I reacted? No. Plenty of wrongs been happening by both of us. Two wrongs donít make it right. I wrote that letter, holding nothing back. So itís clear where I stand, and as me and you both know where your mother clearly stands. From what you tell me, and the stories Iíve been hearing from the twins. Sheís happy with her new partner, I may have never met the guy, and I donít know if we could ever co-exist. But as long as she gets treated better than I ever treated her, then I wish them a long life of prosperity."

He held up a Klingon sign of peace.   

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "I was quite angry before and felt always hard done by. That was my issue to deal with my own insecurities, and Iím working on that. I created a tempestuous home. Itís time I took responsibility for that. Whatever your mother takes responsibility for, thatís her choice. Itís her life, she can live it how she wants. Itís time I started living mine again."

He patted the envelope that was now in Sindayaís hand.

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "This envelope contains a letter for your mother. Apologizing for everything I have done. Apologizing for dragging out the process as long as it has been. Apologizing for the things I have said. Apologizing for how I treated you and the children, and the lack of neglect I showed last year. Iím not saying that instantly fixes the situation. I would be naive to think so. I'm not saying it makes everythingís perfect. I honestly donít know if it ever will be. Will I be able to be cool with your mother and company? I have no idea. All I know is itís a step in the necessary direction. For both of us. I wish her well. I wish her to be happy. Even if the sentiments are not reciprocated."

He sighed, while Sindaya was still intrigued.

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "I loved your mother once, I then hated her beyond belief. Now, Iím not sure how I feel, but itís time we move on, and be free from one another. She can live her life without me, I can live mine without her. It took me a whole year to come to terms with that. Rocky roads and collisions occurred along the way. Life is like that sometimes."

Sindaya | "Does this meanÖ?

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "Yep! You get the privilege of being the first to officially know excluding Phoenix. The whole world will know eventually once the paperwork goes through by Tuesday. Itís finally complete."

He took a deep breath, before saying it out loud.

Alessandro Quagliaterre | "Phoenix and Alessandro Quagliaterre are officially divorced."

Let the world rejoice.