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A Different Kind of Madness
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Writer's Note: This was set to be my second RP for the PPV, but I'm a dummy and missed the soft deadline. For that reason, I feel like posting it in the story development would work too.

The lights illuminated what the sun couldn’t, the town cloaked in darkness as the clock moved its way to 1 a.m. Brenden was nearly asleep, a makeshift eye mask wrapped around his head to block out the strobing of the passing street lamps.

Jace was at the wheel, navigating the Xterra through the sleeping city while sipping on coffee to keep himself alert. Bobby was along for the ride as well. He was sitting in the back, tinkering with one of his many inventions that was designed to keep the government guessing.

The incessant beeping had set Jace on edge.

Is there any way to silence the beeping on that thing?” Jace asked.

Bobby sighed loudly. Since they got into the car three hours ago, Jace had been about as unwelcoming as one could get. It didn’t matter that Bobby was invited by Brenden; Jace was quick to voice his disapproval.

I’ve told you already,” Bobby started, “the beeping tells us that it’s working. It’s diverting the signal and sending the FBI on a wild goose chase. You’ll thank me for it one day.

No, I don’t think I will,” Jace said.

Bobby ignored the last remark and removed a 2002-model Nokia cellphone from his pocket. He pushed in a few buttons and hit the pound key. The object in his lap began to light up and the beeping fell into a more silent and slow rhythm.

Thank you,” Jace said. “I mean that, too.

Jace, leave Bobby alone,” Brenden said through a yawn. “He knows what he’s doing. He’s flown under the radar for a long time so, obviously, there’s something to his madness.

Jace rolled his eyes.

There’s no government conspiracy,” Jace said. “Don’t you think the FBI has more important matters to attend to? Do you really think they’re wasting time and resources on this looney tune?

Your extreme prejudice of Bobby aside,” Brenden said, “we’re all on the same trip with the same goal, and I’d really appreciate it if you would just lay off.

Jace grunted as Brenden removed the shirt covering his eyes. He glanced back at Bobby who appeared to have missed the entire conversation as he continued to mess with the small translucent box in his lap.

I’m up now,” Brenden said. “Thanks for that. How much longer do we have?

We’re only two or three hours out,” Jace said.

Do you need me to drive?” Brenden asked.

Would you?

No, driving isn’t really my thing,” Brenden said. “I didn’t think you’d actually take me up on my offer. I’m sure Bobby wouldn’t mind driving. You could always ask him...

No thanks,” Jace said. “I’ll make it. I’m not that tired and I got a coffee at our last stop.

You’re really becoming a pain in the ass,” Brenden said, before turning his attention to the back seat. “How are you holding up back there, Bobby?

Bobby became alert, suddenly looking terrified until he realized it was just Brenden who was talking to him.

Oh Jesus,” Bobby said, “you gave me a scare Brenden. For a second, I thought they broke through.

Nope, it’s just us,” Brenden said. “Have you found anything out about Alessandro yet? You were spot on about Jack, but I was kind of hoping you’d help me out on a more permanent basis.

Bobby shook his head repeatedly and placed the box back down into his lap. He reached for a folder on the seat beside him and removed a stack of papers, handing them to Brenden.

You’re safe,” Bobby said, “he’s not one of them. He actually appears to be pretty tame; just your average schmuck.

Nothing at all?” Brenden asked. “I figured someone like Alessandro would be a little bit more of a challenge. I mean, he talks a lot and he seems to have an unlimited amount of resources.

Nope,” Bobby said, “he’s as harmless as a hamster.

I’m thinking his ‘unlimited resource’ is his family,” Jace said. “It’s no secret that he has a shady past. He was the heir to a criminal enterprise, after all.

If everything we found can be taken as fact, sure,” Brenden said. “There’s something else about him, though. He’s got some issues, that much is clear. And that shit he pulled calling every Oklahoma high school? Who has that much time on their hands. Better yet, who would go through all that trouble?

You knew this was who he was,” Jace said. “It’s not like he hid that. There’s a pattern with his behavior and you’re not the first person to experience it.

That’s why I thought there had to be something more going on,” Brenden said.

Sometimes things are just what they seem to be,” Jace said. “You can’t go around treating every person you face like they’re some kind of extraordinary person with a supernatural gift. One, because that shit is not healthy. Two, because that shit is not real. You’re diving into the deep end with this.

Bobby started to interject but Jace held up his hand. Bobby wasn’t a confrontational person and so any showing of hostility caused him to recoil inward. That suited Jace just fine.

In some instances,” Brenden said, “I believe you’re right. Alessandro is one of those cases. If he was anything other than what he says he is, he wouldn’t be sitting where he is in 4CW. Anybody with that kind of gift would be undefeated. Jack couldn’t have known I had a secret weapon to stop him but with Alessandro? I don’t think I need it.

What you need,” Jace started, “is your God-given ability to wrestle inside that ring. You don’t need to concern yourself with some lunatic theory. Wrestle, Brenden. That’s all you need to do.

If I may,” Bobby said, “I don’t think it’s healthy to tell Brenden that this stuff doesn’t exist as it very obviously does. Just because you choose to believe otherwise doesn’t mean you should force everyone else to feel the same way. Your opinion of me is very clear, but I’m not here for you, I’m here for Brenden.

Jace and Brenden looked at each other briefly, a little surprised about the response from the typically reserved Bobby. Jace was left speechless. Brenden was left proud.

He’s got a point,” Brenden said. “I value you both, just in different ways. It’ll be easier, in the long run, if we’re not constantly bickering. This is about Alessandro and nothing more. This is about figuring out how to put the son of a bitch down. That should be easy, right?

Bobby and Jace both shrugged as Jace turned his attention back to the rode and Bobby turned his back to the box. Brenden, needing a pick-me-up, put in his earbuds and opened Spotify on his phone. From the song listing on his profile, he selected “God’s Plan” by Drake and sat back and closed his eyes.

Here we are again,” Brenden said. “Once more, I find myself in a ring. Whether it’s for a training opportunity or for a battle, I spend more time inside these four corners than I do outside of them. Wrestling has become more than a job for me, it has become my life.

Since entering 4CW, I’ve found myself slipping further and further down into the hole that is professional wrestling. I began losing bits and pieces of myself. I found it more difficult to stay positive, and it’s all for what? A shot at glory? An opportunity to stand toe-to-toe against someone who will do their best to find whatever they can on me to drive my name into the dirt?

It put me in a bad mood, I can admit that much. Alessandro thought it was a necessary part of his preparation. Rather than attack my career in 4CW, he chose to go back to when I was a kid. There’s two reasons for that and the biggest reason is because Alessandro simply doesn’t have anything to pull from when it comes to my career in 4CW. I haven’t been beaten. Three matches or not, I stepped into the ring against three opponents who swore they wanted it more than I did, and at the end of the night, I proved them wrong. It’s hard to pick on something that has no flaws.

The other reason is because Alessandro has exposed himself as a petulant child. He’s obsessed with me because he sees in me what he wants to see in himself. He wants to forget that four-match skid and he wants to believe the potential for something greater is still a reality for him. But the reason it’s not and the reason it never will be is because Alessandro busies himself with trivial things. He dedicates his time to the teenaged version of me rather than the one that can actually pose a threat.

But that’s a different challenge all on its own and it’s one that I don’t think Alessandro is ready for. In some ways, he has succeeded. He put me in a place I don’t want to be, a dark place that I haven’t experienced in quite some time. It’s funny, when you think about it. No one person should have that much power. It was his actions, more than his words. When you dig, and you come up empty-handed and proceed to calling my integrity into question, it gets under my skin.

Brenden backed away from the camera. He was alone in the building, nothing but a solitary light shining down on the middle of the ring. Brenden backed into the far-right corner and sat down, leaning back into the second turnbuckle. He moved his hand down over his face, contemplating the events that had played a part in his recent bad mood.

I won’t let it define me,” Brenden said. “In the grand scheme of things, you’re not that important. More than anything, it has made me impatient to get you into the ring. If there is one thing I’ve learned in this business, it’s to not take things too personally and I tried, believe me, I tried.

Maybe Rorie was right,” Brenden continued. “Maybe being the good guy would only last so long. It was never meant to be an act, but instead, a very real part of who I am. In all my years in the ring, I never once considered being anything but an optimist. At times, I’ve let arrogance rule me and for that, I paid a price. Since coming to 4CW, I promised myself that I would never stoop to the level that you have, Alessandro. And now, I find myself wondering if I even want to avoid it anymore.

Brenden pulled on the top rope and lifted himself to a standing position. He paced in the center of the ring, growing more agitated with each step.

I’m supposed to be the lighthearted entertainment in a company filled with tough guys. That’s who I always envisioned myself as and I was doing a damn good job of it. The fans seemed to love it and I quickly became the guy that people wanted to root for. That was my goal from the beginning and I loved being that guy. Sullivan kept his mouth shut. Rorie tried to provoke me into being someone I’m not and Jack, well, he was a straight shooter and he kept it as real as he could. But you Alessandro, you’ve crossed a line.

I’ve spent years training for my moment. I’ve spent so many hours busting my ass in a ring, in the weight room, and doing little things here and there that might help alter my future into one I could be proud of. I shed the awful work ethic and I put everything I had into being a champion. I’ve seen many highs and even more lows, but at the end of the day, I was still myself. And now? Now I’m sliding down a slippery slope that I don’t know if I can pull back from.

Brenden walked towards the ropes and the camera. He rested his hands on the top rope and stared straight into the lens of the camera, speaking directly to Alessandro.

One way out of this is to take you out,” Brenden said. “We both know that is easier said than done. I’ve never doubted your capabilities and I’m sure you’ll prove to be a formidable enough foe in the ring, but I’d be lying if I said that every single punch, kick, and slam wouldn’t be one of the most satisfying feelings of my career.

The countdown is on,” Brenden continued, “the match is drawing near. I’m so close to getting my opportunity to take you down. If there is another match in my career that I have been more prepared for, I couldn’t tell you which one it would be. I’ve been in the ring every day, working on every aspect of my game so that when we’re in the ring, you’re getting the very best of me.

Even when the bell rings and one of us is walking out a winner, this will be far from over,” Brenden said. “I’m willing to be man enough to congratulate you on a victory, assuming you achieved said victory cleanly, but if you think for one second that you’ve seen the last of me, well, you’re sadly mistaken.

Brenden stepped through the ropes and jumped down to the floor. He stepped closer to the camera, reaching for a nearby towel to dry off his face.

No matter how it goes down,” Brenden said, “no matter who wins, there will be much more to come on this journey you and I are destined to be on. I felt slighted when I found out you were going to be my opponent at South Beach Brawl. It never quite set right with me, but then you said some things and I said some things and before I knew it, I found myself invested in beating you down over and over and over again.

It’s almost time, Alessandro,” Brenden said. “No matter what happens at South Beach Brawl, know that I’m going to be ready for round two just as soon as the first is in the books. You did this. At the end of it all, I’m sure you’ll realize how big of a mistake you made.

Brenden tossed the towel at the camera and walked out of the frame as the scene faded to black.