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Already Beaten
« on: May 07, 2018, 04:07:33 AM »
“The dust has settled. South Beach Brawl, The South Beach Brawl Cup tournament, the fate of the 4CW Championship… It all came down to an old rivalry renewed with a familiar outcome. At the end of the day, regardless of the picture that Dakota Smith tried so desperately to paint, I, Chris Madison, walked out of Miami with the 4CW Championship secured around my waist! I stood toe to toe with the butcher and made him lay at my feet!”

“Nothin’ about the last couple of months has been easy. In this tournament, with the exception of puttin’ Brody Lee Prince on the shelf, I’ve had to go one on one with three of the absolute best 4CW has. Ana, Bronx, even Dakota, all were within reason to believe that they had what it took to outlast the rest of the field and leave South Beach Brawl hoistin’ the cup in the air, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars richer, and the undisputed 4CW Champion! The only problem, they ran into a buzzsaw when they stood across the ring from me.”

“I hope this serves as a reminder of what I’m capable of. I hope people look back at the South Beach Brawl Cup tournament and realize that I’m still the same competitor that went undefeated for nearly a year and a half!”

“The 4CW Championship has always been the goal; a dream that was realized when I did what the wrestlin’ world thought couldn’t be done - beat Bronx clean at Adrenaline Eighty-Three. Now I’m tasked with tryin’ to be at least half of the champion that he was! With a successful defense already under my belt, my focus shifts to Ante Up and the annual fatal fourway Iron Man match that showcases the absolute best wrestlin’ in the world. Sixty minutes, four elite superstars, the most falls in that period gets the right to call themselves the 4CW Champion -  the absolute most prestigious championship in the industry today!”

“In a perfect world, I’d be gettin’ myself ready, devotin’ all of my attention to the three people who earn their shot into this title match at Ante Up. But in reality, that just isn’t in the cards just yet…”

“No, there’s this two hundred and thirty pound monkey on my back that needs to be dealt with first.”

“Cashe, I don’t consider you a friend. Nah man, you’re more like a brother; and at times, brothers fight. I don’t know what’s goin’ on in that thick skull of yours, but the guy whose name is littered throughout the 4CW history books is long gone, and standin’ in his place is nothin’ but a coward who has made a habit of attackin’ people when they’re most vulnerable. Not only that, but you’ve made it clear on more than one occasion, that you’ve got your sights set on me. Wish I knew where this sudden disdain that you have for me comes from, because there has to be more to it than me findin’ what it takes to win while you struggle to stay afloat. Either way, you get the match that you wanted at Adrenaline… Well, maybe not the exact match that you wanted, but close enough...”

“Maybe the most star studded tag team match that 4CW has ever booked… Jason Cashe, Jair Hopkins, Worldstar… Versus the former 4CW Champion, Bronx, and the reignin’ 4CW Champion, Chris Madison… Just remember, the only people you have to blame for the situation you find yourselves in are each other, and the rest of your Crooked Kingdom cronies. Bronx and I may not have experience taggin’ with each other, but we’re bonded by our desire to see the four of you fail time and time again!”

May 3rd, 2018
Long Island, New York
Six days until Adrenaline…

Frankie Morrison stood in his office that overlooks the Warehouse with his arms folded across his chest, facing the large glass windows that give him a bird’s eye view of the facility. He tapped his foot impatiently as he looked down at the gold Rolex watch on his left wrist. Suddenly his attention is drawn to a series of knocks on the door.

“Come in”, he shouted.

The door was slowly pushed open and Chris Madison shuffled in, recovering from an extensive workout. Frankie watched as Madison moved towards the chairs on the opposite side of the large executive desk that was only a few feet away from him, noticing a slight limp. Chris pulled out one of the chairs and slowly lowered himself into it, holding the arms of the chair as he dropped down. He glanced up and saw the look of concern on Frankie’s face.

“Don’t… Just don’t…”, Chris grunted.

Frankie reached out and pulled on the back of his leather office chair, rolling it back far enough for him to take a seat opposite his client. He leaned back in the chair, crossing his right leg over his left knee and pressed the tips of his fingers against each other as he looked on.

“You know what, no… I’m going to. Not only because I’m your manager and your my client, but because I’m your friend. You barely walked out of Miami. You and Dakota nearly ended each other’s careers at South Beach Brawl. Your body needs time to recover! I know you want nothing more than to prove that you can compete at a high level night in and night out, but there needs to be some limitations - if not in the matches, in the training leading up to those matches. Being the 4CW Champion instantly paints a bullseye on your chest; the last thing you need to do is limp into any of these shows”, he wholeheartedly advocated. “At Ante Up you’re going to have to defend that title against three other people in an Iron Man Match. Not only that, but there’s this ongoing problem with Jason Cashe constantly looming. You can’t afford to be anything less than one hundred percent at all times!”

“I appreciate the concern, I really do. But trust me, I know what I’m up against”, Chris said, trying to reassure his manager. “Now that my time with FGA is done, I can focus solely on 4CW, the 4CW Championship, and all of the obstacles that come along with carryin’ that strap.”

“If I could be perfectly honest with you, I’d feel a lot more comfortable about it all if one of those obstacles wasn’t an obsessive lunatic who seems to blame you for his own faults. We’ve known Cashe for how long now? Seen him at his best and his worst… He’s become completely unhinged”, he claimed.

“...and you think that’s somethin’ I need to worry about”, Chris asked with an eyebrow raised. “At Adrenaline, with Jair Hopkins in his corner, Cashe is goin’ to be feelin’ himself. He’s goin’ to march down to that ring like he’s ten feet tall, with his chest pumped up and his head held high. Why? Because the only success he knows as of late has been when he’s ridin’ Jair’s coattails. But here’s the problem… All of that is just a show. Cashe knows his back is against the wall in this tag match. There aren’t two other people in this industry that he has praised more than Bronx and I. It’s no secret that he feels like we are the elite… Now, with his career on life support, he’s goin’ to have to figure out how to beat the best! Mentally, he’s broken and completely unstable. By the end of the night, he’ll be regretting every move he’s made since formin’ Crooked Kingdom with Dakota, Cyrus, and Jair!”

Frankie lifted his hand placed it over his mouth as he sighed. “What about Bronx? You trust him”, he asked.

“Do I have a choice”, he instantly fired back. “I don’t think there’s goin’ to be an issue but crazier things have happened. But worryin’ about somethin’ like that would be playin’ right into Cashe and Hopkins’ hands. That’s their best case scenario!”

“Just keep your head on a swivel out there. They still have the numbers, four to two; and I wouldn’t put it passed them to take advantage of that”, Frankie warned.

Chris nodded his head and pushed back up to his feet. He began walking towards the door as Frankie remembered something else he had to ask his client.

“Wait”, he called out. “Phe’s party…”

“Not my scene. Like you said, theres a bullseye painted on my chest and an entire roster tryin’ to come for my spot. I think I’m goin’ to lay low, relax, hit the beach, and maybe ride some waves”, Chris informed Frankie before turning back towards the door and exiting his office.

4CW Video Diary #61
May 5th, 2018
Long Island, New York
Four days until Adrenaline...

[ • REC ]

“Crooked Kingdom sure did make a statement at South Beach Brawl, didn’t they? I mean four separate matches, all losses! They had an opportunity to show 4CW that they’re more than a dyin’ breed desperately tryin’ to hold onto what’s left of their careers. They could have left Miami with all three of Adrenaline’s singles championships in their control. Instead, failure, and their most memorable moment of the night was Cashe comin’ out after the war Dakota and I went through just so that he can throw the 4CW Championship into the crowd. Another statement made at the end of a 4CW pay per view show. Well Jay, I hear you loud and clear. Whatever is goin’ on between us has nothin’ to do with the 4CW Championship. Hell, it has nothin’ to do with Bronx or Jair! I understand this is the fight you want, I just wish you could back it up... What have we learned about the Crooked Kingdom so far? You boys are all talk and just don’t have what it takes to back up those mouths of yours!”

With the rest of 4CW preparing for an extravagant party, Chris Madison chose to spend the day soaking in some sun on one of the many south shore beaches of Long Island. Chris sat on the tailgate of his blacked out Ford F150, his feet dangling in the air over a sandy beach that he had driven onto. He clutched the 4CW Championship against his chest, over a loose fitting tank top, and looked down at it resting on his right shoulder. Madison hopped off of the tailgate and landed on his feet, his flip flops burrowing into the sand. For a moment, he turned his back to the camera as he laid the 4CW Championship flat on the tailgate. He spun around and held his head high as he focused on the camera crew that filmed him.

“Goin’ into Adrenaline, the two of you have every right to be confident about this upcomin’ match. You and Jair know each other inside and out. You’ve been bitter rivals and have had success as a team. There’s no denyin’ that you two are capable of bein’ one of the best tag teams in the business - when you have your heads on straight! Meanwhile, Bronx and I, have only stood across from each other in that ring. We’re goin’ to have to figure out this whole chemistry thing quick if we’re goin’ to walk out of Adrenaline with our hands raised. Luckily enough for us, we've got one glarin' advantage goin' into this match... In Cashe's mind, he's already been beaten!"

Chris smirked at the camera with a sudden rush of confidence.

“We all know what Worldstar has accomplished, winnin’ the 4CW Tag Team Championships and the Adrian Tanner Jr Memorial Cup at the Bad Company Tournament this past summer. But we also know how hard the two of you fell after becomin’ the champs. You guys were supposed to stabilize a tag team division that has kind of always been on life support. Instead, you two… a pair of hall of famers… were beaten just months later at Fright Night by Brody Lee Prince and Magnus Brutus. So the real question is which team shows up at Adrenaline? The team that outlasted fifteen other teams in one night, or the team that choked at Fright Night and gave Hostile Takeover their fifteen minutes of fame? Given the landscape of Crooked Kingdom, odds are the latter. And if that’s the case, you’re lamb bein’ led to the slaughter.”

“Bronx and I may not be friends, but we respect the hell out of each other. And while respect is a strong foundation to build a team on, we realize this is probably a one and done type thing. It’s no secret that Bronx wants to earn his way back to an opportunity to regain the 4CW Championship that he tirelessly defended time and time again. I also don’t plan on lettin’ the 4CW Championship go anytime soon; no matter who earns the right to challenge me. So for one night, the two of us are goin’ to have to find a way to not let the 4CW Championship stand between us. Good thing he wants to get his hands on you guys just as bad, if not more, than I do…”

Madison rubs the palms of his hands together as he slowly nods his head.

“There have been some pretty bad factions throughout 4CW’s history. I know, because I was apart of one of them. But as intolerable as they’ve all been, they pale in comparison to Crooked Kingdom. And while we might expect this kind of thing out of Dakota, Cyrus, and even Cashe, Hopkins, you are the anomaly. No one in 4CW will ever deny that Jair Hopkins is one of the best this company has ever seen. Not only does your resume speak for itself, you’ve competed at a high level from the moment you walked through those doors until, well, now…”

“Every time you’ve been knocked down, you’ve seemed to find your way back up to your feet. You’ve done it because you’re not afraid to put in the work. After Fright Night’s failure, you found a way to rally and eventually win the Pride Championship while your partner struggled to stay relevant. And perhaps that is what’s most aggrivatin’ about the formin’ of Crooked Kingdom. Dakota, Cyrus, and Cashe, they’re all in the same boat. Names that have kinda diminished in meanin’. I don’t think the 4CW locker room thinks of you in the same light. Yet, here you are, marchin’ to the beat of their drum… Attackin’ Bronx and Ana after a gruelin’ championship match at Retrograde as if their existence has held you back in some way…”

“I don’t know; I don’t see it…”

“I don’t get where you think you have a leg to stand on…”

“But what I do know, Bronx is dyin’ to get his hands on you. You may have gotten the best of him the last time the two of you squared off, but you’ve been in this business long enough to know that you’re only as good as the last time that you stepped into the ring. And while Bronx may not be used to bein’ on the short side of a rivalry, you didn’t make things better with your actions after Retrograde. You’re no idiot Hopkins. You know what’s in store for you. I just can’t help but wonder if this is what you really wanted, or is your back suddenly against the wall because you’ve been blinded by loyalty to your partner? Either way, you’ve got a fight on your hands that you can’t win. Me and Bronx on the same page? Please... Even at your best, that’d be too much for you to handle; you’re just too proud to admit it.”

Suddenly the look on Chris’s face took a more serious turn. He dropped his hands down to his side and clenched his fists tight before slowly opening them while gnawing at his bottom lip. He took a moment, letting out a few deep breaths through his nostrils, before continuing.

“Eventually Jair, that loyalty will get you a chair to the back when you least expect it...”

“There isn’t a more destructive personality in this industry than you Jason Cashe. Perception isn’t somethin’ you really concern yourself with, but a majority of the wrestlin’ world would probably label you as a cancer. And while I’d normally be the first one to go to bat for you, I’d have a hard time arguin’ otherwise at the moment. You’ll always be my brother, but right now there’s somethin’ off with you; and I’m not talkin’ about your lack of success in the ring. These tantrums, it’s like you’re a fuckin’ child who’s actin’ out for attention… This jealousy fit because I’m not sinkin’ by your side is pathetic! Of all the people in the locker room, I expected three people to be back there pullin’ for me: Frankie…”

Chris held one hand out and stuck his index finger up into the air.


He popped his middle finger up to company his index finger.

“...and you…”

Lastly his ring finger joined the other two. He looked down at his hand and slowly shook his head.

“Instead, I get a steal chair to my back and the ramblings’ of a lunatic whose reality is warped beyond belief. I get that you came to me, searchin’ for answers. But there’s no one to blame for your losses other than yourself. I was in a rut just as you were. And the last time I checked, you were a grown ass man… Then again, I should have seen this comin’, and that’s on me. When I left 4CW, you were the most vocal against my decision. Hell you even paraded a midget out to the ring as a parody of me. I laughed it off and chalked it up as Cashe bein’ Cashe… but I guess whatever this is between us, it’s deep-seated. Tellin’ from the mind games that have followed the chair shot to the back, it’s goin’ to take more than a tag team match for us to settle our differences. Just know, you’re the one that brought this on yourself. If you had a problem with me, all you had to do is say somethin’ and we could have settled this like men. Instead you came at me like a bitch, a coward; hittin’ me from behind when I least expect it. I promise you, at some point durin’ this tag match, it’s goin’ to be me and you, face to face, and you’re goin’ to fuckin’ regret every last moment of the decisions you’ve made! If you think you’re a beaten man now, wait until you get dragged out of Adrenaline by the medical staff - we’ll see if you can still run your mouth with your jaw wired shut!”

Madison snarls and postures up while he stares through the camera, as if Cashe himself was the when filming. The feed then cuts to static.
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