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James Shark
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NAME: James Shark
NICKNAME: Trash Talk Royalty, Muscle Shark, N*gger Almighty, The Great Black Shark.
DATE OF BIRTH: July 5th 1988
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 190lbs
BILLED FROM: Brooklyn, New York, USA
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Riot Maker" by Tech N9ne
PICBASE: Floyd Mayweather Jr

James has the personality of your typical annoying class clown in a high school classroom. He is extremely loud and obnoxious. He enjoys other people’s drama and causing trouble. He is very immature and often times when meeting him, you’d think you are talking to a child trapped in a man’s body. He loves watching cartoons and drinking out of sippy cups. Apart from his childish and clownish behaviour he also talks a lot of shit and has a high self believe in himself.

James is an African-American male with a shaved bald head and a full dark goatee. When he is actively competing or training he has a lean, muscular toned body. Otherwise, when he is not active and not training, his abs disappear quite quickly and his muscles are barely seen. He has a full sleeve tattoo on each arm that he has built up over the years, along with two chest tattoos (An illuminati Eye inside of a triangle on his right pec and his wife’s initials: HJQ where his heart is on his left pec) and one neck tattoo (A lipstick kiss mark). Rumours has it he has tattoos on his ass cheeks but that has never been confirmed. Each one of his tattoos has meanings and the majority of the tattoos on his arms represent things that has happened to him and stages of his life.

While wrestling, James wears black jean shorts, black pants (track, cargo or jeans). His bottoms are always baggy and lowered just enough to be able to see the waistband of his boxers which will either be a designer brand or popular cartoon. He is shirtless but has on black wristbands that have a different art or text on them each appearance. The art or logo will always be something incredibly silly or funny. For example, the art could be as silly as nothing but his face with a big smile or text that read “12 inches” on one wristband and “In her guts” on the other. For each appearance he makes, he will also be wearing a different pair of fresh high top Jordans.

WRESTLING STYLE: James has two wrestling styles he can either switch between or use alone, these two are: Brawler & Tactician. He can take his time and wrestle smart, break an opponent down, get them frustrated and counter them. He can also just rush an opponent and not let him breathe with his ability to pressure an opponent with a smothering style and chain wrestle, straight up brawling with wrestling and strikes, takedowns after takedowns, strikes after strikes, submission attempts after attempts.

  • Jab
  • Hooks
  • Uppercut
  • Elbow Smash
  • Boxing Combos
  • Overhand Punch
  • Dirty Boxing to Body Combos
  • Push Kick
  • Inside Leg Kick
  • DDT
  • Spinning Back Kick
  • Elbow Uppercut
  • Front Headlock
  • Belly to belly suplex
  • Backhand Chop
  • Back Elbow
  • Corner Footchoke

  • move
  • Crucifix Armbar
  • Ankle Lock
  • Rear Naked Choke
  • Armbar
  • Chinlock
  • Crossface
  • Anaconda

  • Flying Knee
  • Shoulder Block
  • Spear
  • Clothesline
  • Running Back Elbow
  • Double Leg Takedown
  • Lariat Takedown
  • Spinning Neckbreaker
  • Spinning DDT

  • Diving Clothesline
  • Diving Spear
  • Flying Thrust Kick
  • Diving Bulldog
  • Flying Clothesline

  • Talking a lot of shit.
  • Giving his opponent a “nugee”.
  • Looking off to the crowd, at the opponent’s manager, at the referee or commentators while throwing a punch.
  • Putting his hands down.
  • Yawning.
  • Pretending to fall asleep while in a headlock or opponent’s wrestling move.
  • Hand gestures such as middle fingers or urging an opponent to come at him.

SWAGAHOLIC: Shark uses this move to setup one of his finishers. He wraps his hands behind his opponent's head and pulls down while lifting his knees up high, causing his opponent's face to bounce off of his knees repeatedly. He does this several times until he lets go of his opponent and watches as they stumble around the ring, dazed in a drunk motion.

SWAG OUT: Shark's right hand isn't as predictable as it looks on television. As he lifts his leg up, his opponent doesn't know if he's going to be going for a kick or some other type of move. James sets up his right hand by jumping up in the air and lunging towards his opponent with his right hand torqued back only to put all of his weight into his right hand as he demonstrates both his speed and power to land the knockout punch. This is also known as a Superman Punch.
SHARKBAIT: It's never safe for an opponent to be laying on their back with Shark towering over them. Shark could end the match right there by jumping over his opponent's guard and landing a huge accurate right hand onto his opponent's jaw, causing his opponent's head not only to hit Shark's fist but also impact the back of their head with the canvas. Double impact, superman punch over the opponent’s guard.

James Shark was born under the name Quinton Marshall and born into a very rough child hood. Shortly after his birth, his father abandoned both him and his mother. With his mother raising James on her own, they had to move to a more affordable neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. For the first month the two of them were surviving with what little money they had, however after that things started to go downhill. His mother began to turn to drugs as a form of stress relief. After a few years went by, the drug usage had gotten worse, with his mother now using hardcore drugs. With most of the money being spent on drugs and other things, James was unable to be enrolled into school. He was home schooled for a while by one of his mother's friends on the block that he lived in. After his mother's drug addiction continued to get worse, her mother began to lose friends and family members, as she did not want to be helped. After being fired from her fast food job, she turned to prostitution. Shark's documentary on HBO highlighted this point in his life as James remembered watching strange men coming in and out of his home at different hours of the day. Some of these men would rob their house and even abuse his mother.

Approximately at the age of ten years old, James watched his mother die before his eyes due to a drug overdose. James ran away from home, and police were called due to neighbors being alarmed by the front door being open in the home for more than 24 hours. When police arrived they saw the body of Shark's mother, and later tracked James down and took him into custody. The police officers tried their best to find a good home for James, but every family that took him in, just had problems with him. He would get suspended from school and pick fights on the streets. When things got bad at home he would run away. After a while, James was hard to track down, and eventually the authorities stopped looking for him. From that point on he lived on the streets. He was homeless and really had no childhood. In the streets, he had to be an adult, and really do his best to survive on his own. He learned some very hard lessons on the streets, he learned about trust, dangerous people, and how hard life truly is. At the age of 13, James began street fighting. He would fight men half his age, and men twice his size. Most of the time, James would get beat up, and almost beaten to death, but he learned from every single fight to better himself and get better. By the age of 17, James was already a big name in street fighting. Jumping in and out with his speed, and storming in with brutal power. He had many videos on different sets of websites, and was already being hyped up at such an early age.

He began to get involved in some underground boxing, and some underground MMA. Although he made more money with MMA, he preferred boxing more as he was so used to street fighting. In his underground MMA fights most guys would take him down and mount him, something that he was not used to. Due to his popularity, James was approached by a variety of different small time wrestling companies and small time MMA promoters but he was never interested in them. He wanted to get into the sport of boxing but most promoters did not believe he had enough skill and that his street fighting videos were overrated and over-hyped. However his big break came when he was scouted by the No Limits Wrestling Federation (NLWF). He was hesitant at first as the thought of becoming a professional wrestler was never on his mind, however he ended up signing with the company and debuting in September of 2009. Since then, James has become one of the biggest names in the sport.


  • IWF Heavyweight Championship (2x)
  • IWF High Impact Championship (1x)
  • IWF Tag Team Championship (1x)
  • IWF Full Throttle Championship (1x)
  • NLWF Undisputed Championship (1x)
  • NLWF Championship (1x)
  • NLWF Freedom Championship (1x)
  • TIW Championship (1x)
  • PWP Heavyweight Championship (1x)
  • PDW Bloodshed Championship (1x)

Riot Maker by Tech N9ne blasts out of every speaker in the arena, followed by the mixed reaction of the crowd in attendance as they begin to unleash a series of boos and cheers. After a few seconds, once the music kicks in, James Shark appears from behind the curtains causing the noise from the audience to get even louder. As usual he’s wearing a long black t-shirt with a graphic that mocks his opponent and bling around his neck that shines bright. He flashes the cameras his vintage smirk and then takes a few steps forward and stands on the center of the stage looking around the arena. He nods his head biting down on his lower lip looking excited, he then walks down the ramp all motivated. Yapping away at the camera in front of him and at the fans.

POWERS: ”On his way to the ring from Brooklyn New York, weighing in a one hundred and ninety pounds and standing six foot tall, please welcome, ‘Trash Talk Royalty’ Jaaaames Shaaaark!!!”

Before entering the ring, James stops to remove his bling and put it around the neck of the most attractive looking female fan he spots. He then hops up onto the edge of the ring and climbs one of the corner turnbuckles. He removes his shirt and balls it up with two hands before doing his best to throw and land it on the face of a person booing him. He then beats his chest and talks some more smack to the nearest camera before hopping off the turnbuckle and walking around the ring with confidence.


AGE: 23
EXPERIENCE: Started RPing in 2007