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Author Topic: "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls"  (Read 272 times)

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"Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls"
« on: May 16, 2018, 04:59:28 AM »
Sound of a waterfall starts us we open to find ourselves down a narrow hiking path in Reno. Hunter Creek Trail. This was a couple of miles out away from Octaneís sold out arena, where the event was taking place. It had dense woods and sunlight only reflecting on the north north east side of the tree barks. Cameras transition to spot Patricia kneeling on the ground flicking off what was once hands submerged in cool water. Behind the star was a waterfall flowing over rocks. She wore a light sundress and sandals.

ďItís been a wild ride for me when I returned to wrestling. I got to main event matches against some of the top performers in the business and managed to pick up a championship along the way. Proves to me thereís still fire left in me. Honestly, if it were to end tomorrow than I would have at least known I went out knowing I faced the best, Tornado.Ē

ďAthletes like us are extremely competitive to the core. We go out there each and every night ready to take on whatever life throws at us and in the pit of our stomachs, we both want to success in Octane.Ē

Getting up Patriciaís sandals began a scraping sound as small rocks rub against the sole of the sandals.

ďThereís just one problem. During Ten Minutes of Mayhem only one of us is going to be one the winner. One of us will be walking out with the victory as the bell rings its final song. Now, I understand that you come from a long line of fighters dating back to your families ties in boxing. Thatís a tough sport given the sport as we known it has been around for only a couple of hundreds of years, as far as the first documented boxing match goes. It made famous icons of Muhammad Ali and Evander Holyfield. I can respect that.Ē

ďI respect your light hearted tweet that you sent talking about how I am having an excellent run thus far. Honestly though, Iím just going out to the ring trying my best to take advantage of a second chance. If you look at my track record it isnít very good Iíll be the first to admit that I havenít been the same since before my run in World Elite Wrestling. Yeah, I got lucky winning the Legacy Championship but I havenít set out to achieve what I said I was going to do for my family. Donít get me wrong. Iím not going to go blaming the promotions Iíve been actively been apart of like most would. The fault is squarely on what I was doing.Ē

ďI wonít go moaning about not getting my spot. Iím gonna take a step back and breathe while I figure out how to get them to want to see me there. I will earn my place and the respect from great talent like you. Thatís why Iím excited to be given this opportunity opening up the show against you, Tornado. I want to be here. This means more to me than most would know based on the fact that Octaneís permanent home rest now in Las Vegas. Last time I was here I didnít get enough of chance for fans to see how I changed from the bitter, hateful person that I once became, acting like I was the most important person in the world.Ē

She look over at the cameras reflecting on some of the terrible things that had took place in Nevada. Patricia nodded to herself before looking into the crystal clear water flowing inches near her feet. She noticed herself in the water as fish moved about. The Californian Sensation looked back up toward the camera crew nodding to herself knowing this was the Californianís biggest challenge to date. Tornado was stronger, perhaps more hungrier to get noticed by everyone. He had something to prove much like Patricia.

ďNo doubt you know my history and the damage I caused to not just to fans but partners and my older sister as well. Las Vegas was my second home for a while as I worked just a couple miles down the road.Ē She paused.

ďIíve been looking into your short time in Octane. Youíve made a name for yourself beating some of the very best in the roster. Just on your second appearance after beating Dexter Severin. You conquered this very same match in a triple threat match in which you pinned Kaelan Quinn before the bell sounded and you managed to pick up the victory. You have been on Octane almost since the very beginning and understand the tough battle ahead for anyone because you have likely already beaten them. Itís impressive. Out of the matches youíve had in this ring only six of them were loses against others. I wish to have the same strength you do.Ē

It wasnít like Trish Newborn had the best track record in wrestling. It certainly wasnít to the level of Tornado after becoming basically a ragdoll in CWC after losing the Legacy Championship to Caroline Burchill. Nothing seemed to be like she had been hoping for when deciding to return back to wrestling after retirement. However, that wasnít going to stop this Californian from fighting through the troubled times because thatís the kind of woman she was a fighter among fighters.

ďI want to prove everyone wrong. I know people look at me and think I should stop chasing waterfalls and go back to the retirement block where I belong because I had a good couple of years placed in them. I got married to a beautiful wife that I love. We adopted two children together and started a nice life that anyone would want. I know people are out there questioning my judgement leaving behind the people I love, I know people are questioning if I still got what it takes to become a big success again. They think that maybe, just maybe my years are behind me because I seem to not cut it anymore.Ē

She looks away.

ďI guess weíll find out in our match, Tornado.Ē
With that the camera focuses passed the star and goes to a close up of the waterfall. Itís soothing sound brings this relaxation and a sudden cool breeze then everything starts blurring out until our screens leaves us with a black screen.