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The return of Lord Raab.
« on: May 21, 2018, 03:32:55 AM »
Throwing away and burying the green diseased monster to the trash. Las Vegas, Nevada. November 2017.

It was time that Lord Raab goes wandering off in the streets, wondering a lot when he'll return to 4CW, but before he can even think to come back, he had things in his hands that relate a lot about him when it came to who he was in 4CW. Of course, he needed time to himself to reflect on what changes he could do to be the guy people viewed Lord Raab as a very different and better person in his life. He says this to himself.

Lord Raab: “I need to get rid of these clothes as they represent the side of me I never ever want to go back to ever again.”

While he was talking to himself while walking across the alleyway, footsteps are heard as there's a massive puddle of water from the rainfall they had over the last few days as Raab turns around and sees Henry Losak who to this day was still with him, especially he needed him more than before and he says this.

Henry Losak: “What you doing?”

Lord Raab: “Henry, if I'm ever going to change to dedicate myself to 4CW, I need to let the bad past go.”

Henry Losak: “By standing in the alleyway, holding green clothes?”

Lord Raab: “Don't you see what's in front of you? I've got to get rid of my past. You heard what the counsellor said, if I don't get rid of these now, I can never move on with my career. I don't want to be this green disease monster anymore because, from this point forward, the green disease monster is going to be dead and buried.”

Henry knew Lord Raab's right, he did need to let go of the past he still kept holding onto, not even knowing anything about Lord Raab life outside of the wrestling business because he kept that stuff to himself and it wasn't working out and Henry sees Lord Raab looking at the clothes one more time before he dumps them in the trash.

Lord Raab: “Now I can feel I show 4CW who I'm really am.”

Henry Losak: “I still think you need more counselling time first before you can start considering making a return to 4CW. Heck, the counsellor still doesn't know about you.”

Lord Raab: “That's true and I can delay my return a little bit longer, but I'm really dying to come back. I got unfinished business to take care of and need to be a lot more myself which I'm still not. Let's go back to the headquarters.”

Henry agrees as it was hard for him to see the death of the green disease monster in 4CW, but it was a change that's well needed as they both walk away from the situation that Lord Raab needed to do and he comes home to Samuel McPherson which you could say they are a bit too close for comfort, but see them kissing each other on their lips.

Lord Raab: “I've let go of the past Sam. I want to change and it's gonna be for the better.”

Samuel and Raab left the living room and head upstairs to spend time together as this was something Lord Raab eventually had to tell 4CW wrestlers about that he did indeed have a love life, but kept it for so long that he didn't know how they'd react to it and he was still scared to tell them. He went off to sleep about what he did today to let go of his past and move forward with his career he'll have when he returns to 4CW.


Lord Raab's bits of secrets unveiled/talking about the triple threat match. Phoenix, Arizona. Monday 21st May.

A very different motive for Lord Raab because over the year, he had time to reflect on his time in 4CW and willing to change for himself. He forced it way too much last time as the cameras weren't placed in a living room house or even in a hotel room when the camera focuses out, it was shown that Lord Raab without the mask or wearing anything green was actually playing soccer on a soccer field. One thing that was discovered by his twin brother was he loved soccer. He went to a European game with Konrad to watch FC Koln play against a European team.

The grass was moist from spitting the weather had today but has been a hot climate surrounding a soccer pitch as you see him juggling with the ball with his knees and scoring goals with his feet with a goalie that had many years of experience and even the fans had come to take a seat and see Lord Raab being silly as he picks the ball up and places it in his hands as he begins to speak.

Lord Raab: “I'm glad to be back with a whole new look to my life. Before I get to my opponents, let me tell you all about myself I've discovered. I discovered how much of a lie it was when I was somehow pretending to be a monster because I was very insecure of showing my real face, especially after surgery because of skin cancer I had but had an operation to remove not only the lump but also removing parts of my mask just to get the job done.

Just look at me, do you see how different I look to everyone already? Because what you see right now is the real Lord Raab and the real Lord Raab isn't having any fancy nicknames because I have to earn one, not just a fancy name I made up. You see me on the soccer pitch? Soccer is a sport I've always been a fan of. I love soccer and seeing Germany and FC Koln be successful. Heck me and Konrad went to see FC Koln play back in October and we loved the hell out of it which is why I'm here.”

He balances a ball on his neck and stays still for a bit before he flicks his head up and does a header before running with the ball to score, but misses the goal as he runs back to the camera that's placed outside of the pitch and places his face covered with scars.

Lord Raab: “Of course, I'm not here just to play soccer to show you the new part of me, but I'm also meant to talk about my opponents that I'm so excited to face against Alexis Mercer and Cyrus Riddle. Funny story that although Alexis and I have never faced against each other in 4CW, we have back in a company called EWC which I'm sure Alexis has a memory of, although she never explained why she left the company and be in 4CW. I won't deny she has had memorable matches in the company on holding the 4CW fate title at one point before that was taken away with of course matches against Andre Holmes and Nurse.

I don't recall you doing anything else since you've joined the company and I don't recall you winning another title in 4CW, despite being this WEW champion that everyone feared, but I guess you just can't handle the competition. I changed because I want to be more of a human being which is something that's been very hard for me to accept. You, however, are always the same Alexis, being the anti scarlet which well is quite stupid to still have that nickname from WEW and that place has been closed since two thousand and fifteen. Nothing with you has changed and it's not going to change any sooner.

You also never explained why you changed your last name to Mercer to Morrison either. Tried to look for that everywhere, but there was nothing. Don't you want everyone to know that you were once Alexis Morrison? You can be violent all you want, but when will you realize violence can only get you so far to a point you want to stand yourself out and forget about using weapons and busting people open? It's petty that you aren't willing to wrestle in other companies as well as 4CW or even to represent 4CW in tournaments. At least people have spoken about me while I was gone because of that.”

Henry came to pitchside and whispers in his ear about something and he nodded, accepting the request from Henry and goes to show another part of change with him as he goes up to the stands and signs autographs with the fans and plastering their face on camera before having the chance to speak again.

Lord Raab: “See Alexis, you never seem to interact with the fans at any cost because you want to be the same as everyone else, filming in a dark place to show how violent and dangerous you are, but you really aren't at all because if you were, you'd go for the XTV title and show how violent you can really be the problem is you've yet to seek interest in the title and to prove that, you show you want to be a violent wrestler. I don't want to do that anymore because I've changed and the thought of me being violent again scares the hell out of me because I'd go back to how I was.

That's not gonna happen again by a long shot since it's the reason why I've got nobody apart from Samuel McPherson to talk to and I'm confident to say this now because of me changing as a human being, but that man is my husband. He told me to explore my emotions more than just being angry all the time and the feeling I had in my stomach was love and I treasured it to my heart and I've never felt like that before ever.

The point is if you want to be violent, go for the XTV title, go and show your interest by having hardcore matches like I did when I was the so-called monster that turned out nothing more than a false after I've had counselling to make myself a much better person that 4CW needed to see from me. I have no problems showing you what I'm able to do in the ring by defeating you any way possible.”

After he interacts with the fans, he goes down to the pitch and show off his skills with the ball, doing a few kick ups and holds the ball in his hands to go to the camera to talk again.

Lord Raab: “Cyrus Riddle funny enough was the last opponent I fought before I was forced to take a leave from having surgery because I had a lump on my face to remove it along with parts of my mask. I respect Cyrus because I won't lie, he has given me a tough fight when I was the monster. Things have changed with you in a big way because you're married to Elena who's rumoured to face my twin brother on Thursday and according to Konrad, she's a fantastic wrestler. You have done a lot since you've come back, capturing the XTV title in a six-person barb wire elimination match and also joined the Crooked Kingdom with Jair, Cashe and Dakota.

But since that time, you've been going downhill to a point that since you lost the XTV title to Nurse Kinsley, you seem to be lost in the shovel again. I don't understand why you still continue to be violent and I won't get into those details again, but it seems like nearly everyone in 4CW wants to be violent and be in dark places to do their videos. You haven't changed either. Me? It took me a few months to realize being violent was exactly the same as what other people were doing.

You're gonna see a whole different Lord Raab to the previous times you've fought me, especially facing one of your teammates of Jair Hopkins is one of my goals. Being bloodthirsty to rip opponents open leads you nowhere, but bad places, believe me, as another reason why I don't have any friends in the wrestling business is that I hid from the public and not opening up to anyone like I'm willing to now.”

Raab lowers the camera a bit as he goes to sit on the pitch touching the smooth grass and continues from where he left off.

Lord Raab: “I'm going to be a wrestler that's moving well away from being in the violent division because that part of me is gone forever and lead myself towards the path of being pride champion because I do have plenty of pride for 4CW and you see this shirt here? It represents who I really want to be, a 4CW wrestler who's a soccer fan and I'm going to do more for the company than just wrestle in the ring. Have you known any 4CW wrestler that's willing to help sell tickets, sell merchandise and sell food and drink to the fans?

Because that's another part of me everyone will see to go even farther to show my loyalty to the company since nobody else will do it and it's about time I help a company that's helped me change to being a decent human being that will start to do good things and do anything to save it and I hate wrestlers who shit on this place because if there were here, I'd knock the respect out of them.

That's why I'm going to win the match because you two can be blood thirsty all you want, but I'm going to show fans the wrestling they've been missing, defeating you both fair and square without the feeling of busting you both open, the feeling the 4CW fans can see changes in me of a passionate 4CW fan who loves watching soccer and will do a soccer kick to Cyrus and Alexis to a point they'd allow to see themselves change to doing something nobody's seen before, pure wrestling.”

Raab takes a bit of a breather and Henry hands him a bottle of water, showing him the thumbs up of things going so far and he swallows some water and places it next to him and once again, stands up and does a few more kick ups and kicks the ball into the goal before sitting down on the smooth grass to speak again.

Lord Raab: “I'm walking in the match with every intent to win starting from the bottom to work myself all the way to the top and this match is just a start of where I want to be and showing fans that they will see nothing, but fair wrestling with no pain or suffering from my opponents and beat Cyrus and Alexis right in the middle of the ring to show that afterwards, I will have proven my spot on the 4CW roster and backing up win or lose everything I've said and I'm glad to come back and finish off things I've not yet achieved, being 4CW champion and be in the 4CW hall of fame cos I've heard people saying I'm going to be in there in the future.

I've heard people wanting me to return and you are getting my return in the ring by showing you exactly the changes I had to go through and some even just then may have shocked you, but I've learnt a lot about other emotions and right now, I'm happy and excited to get things started, no depressing and angry Lord Raab anymore, the happy and passionate 4CW wrestler Lord Raab is what exists now and when I win this match, it takes me one step above to face the next guy who's in the way of my goal of being Pride champion before going for the 4CW title.”

That's all Lord Raab had to say as he played soccer for a while, showing that wrestlers can be in the lights and after he scores another goal, he closes his eyes with his arms spread out, visualizing the fans cheering for him after he wins against Cyrus Riddle and Alexis Mercer, although the fans are cheering for him anyway as he opens them and nods to the reaction of the small number of people in the crowd, already liking what they were hearing of Lord Raab's changes and he leaves the pitch along with his camera and goes to the ticket office to help the arena sell tickets for 4CW Adrenaline event on Wednesday night.

Thank you for all the memories on TV Total and Schlag Den Raab, Stefan Raab. Farewell legend.