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The Diss Track
« on: June 02, 2018, 04:34:13 PM »
Recorded on April 20th 2018 in Las Vegas, NV

Yo. Itís finally here. Itís the motherfucking diss track.
The type of verbal assault thatíll turn your vision pitch black.
I ainít alone though I brought the Slaughterhouse, full on attack.
Lena Lyons, Daniel Fisk, Jason Jackson on the soundtrack.

Yo what's good? It's your girlís favorite fighter,
You may think you shine bright, but this gold shines brighter,
JJ in the booth...Champion, Pimp and songwriter?!
I'll drop these bars, win a fight and still pull an all-nighter. Letís go!!

Welcome bitches and fuckboys,
The gospel speaks you better listen,
We do this shit for fun, yall hide & run.
Empire shit. Leggo.

Thug Lena cominí for necks, don't give a fuck about your online flex,
Fibre optic opposite the laundry room in your mom's basement, just face it, you're absurd,
Fire in your ear like you ain't never heard,
So sit your ass down and let this New York flow on the track attack ya and smack ya.

(Sound effect of loud explosion for a few seconds before fading away)

I only used my ex for the sex
but then the ex turned obsessed.
I had to drop her off and thats when she fell off.

She was promising since she went down on me.
But that was the first day we met how could it not dawn on me?
That she'd try and ruin my life I guess you could put the blame on me.
Named after my hometown how was I not gonna hold her down?
We used to fight all the time sometimes I still miss that frown.


I really wish the stupid bitch would take a long hike...
Off a cliff where at the bottom there'd be nothing but a dozen spikes.
Thats probably the same feeling she felt like..
When I slid in her dms and she posted it on Twitter hoping to get a lot of hype.
Only to have everyone scroll on through and get no likes.
All cuz she wanted to avoid a fight with Phe because shes all bark, no bite.

Thats tough.
I remember when no one could call your bluff.
You were always queen bullshit only people could never see through shit.
If your listening to this I want you to take a minute to admit..
James Shark was the only fucking reason people thought you were legit.
Your wrestling skills were as fascinating as as an empty toolkit.
I rather watch my girl shave her armpit then be tortured with your greatest hits.

Despite all your pathetic qualities I really should be giving you credit.
No matter how many times its removed, you keep giving your Wikipedia on your Twitter bio a quick edit.
We not engaged you dumb fuck just shutup and forget it.
But its not really a big deal I'm probably the only one that's read it.
And if anyone of your gay friends has a problem, yeah I'm the one that said it.
As a matter of fact if anyone anywhere has a problem we can go head to head and my fists will put you to bed like one of her promos did to anyone unfortunate to click the embedded.
Only difference is while she makes you fall asleep I make everyone around you shout out PARAMEDIC!!.

Oh fuck and I'm just getting started.
Genie Carlson you nasty fuck was that you that farted?

Full on paragraphs with quote replies you the definition of retarded.
It's no doubt 24 hours after we get into the ring 4cw will have you discarded.
The ultimate ass whooping that will have y'all departed.
But then I'll get bombarded with tweets cuz your a last word having bitch looking to get awarded.

Heres your award bitch, my dick, choke on it.
On second thought, heres some rope, wrap it around your neck and lets hope for it.
If that doesn't work please accept this bar of soap.
I know you've never seen one but if Eli could teach you how to use it that'd be dope.
Matter of fact, shoutout to that nigga Eli man cuz I don't know how he can cope.

I got a new trending challenge and its called I spy the worlds number one hypocrite.
Log into Twitter at anytime of the day and you'll see her tweeting, man someone gotta quit.
Complaining 24/7, popping off at the littlest shit to feed her addiction of having a fit.
When your Twitter account got taken away from you I hope you had somewhere to sit.
So shook when you found out you couldnít unsuspend it, the hairs stood out your armpit.
Thatís when the nigga Eli said you gotta cool it but you told em you just couldnít commit.
How could you when being Twitterís number one stupid untalented cunt was your number one outfit!?

And you had the audacity to say I saw you and hit the block button!?
As if back then I knew who you were all of a sudden!?
You lowkey the most insecure bitch that desperately needs to toughen.
Cuz you act like a snobby lil brat whoís uncle touched more than a dozen.
Mad at the whole world now cuz he put his muffin into your oven.
Plot twist, your uncleís name is Gordy and you got the rubbing.

Oh fuck Iím just holding back my laughter.
This bitch really did fall in love with her attacker.
If she say anything otherwise, the bitch reaching, give her a ladder.
Funny thing is Iím not even a rapper.
Yet my bars are turning you suicidal like Bill the kidnapper.
Is anyone really getting checked by this handicapper?
Ayo Lights Out tell em this online shit really donít matter.
Shoutout to a real thug bitch just call her the master.

I been the baddest on the block since the age of thirteen, shirt never clean, the shit I seen,
Make a grown man cry, make a old soul die, ainít no reason why, no sort of compromise,
Used to scrap with whoever, whatever, any weather, never mattered, but fuck that I digress,
I left my momma stressed, so I stopped at her behest, yep
I grew up and acted right, learned how, to really fight,
Stepped into the Lordís light, saw day where there was night. 

Fast forward couple years, your girl is in the Legion, any region, young pup,
Yeah I was cominí up, Thugga ainít a name, nigga itís a way of life,
Meet and greet, this bitch came widda knife,
I guess I lost control, almost hit me with her arsenal,
Leapt Ďcross the table and lights out, I put her down,
Looked around, made sure that everyone was alright,
But the cops said it was an attack, instead of a fight.

Harris you ainít shit, you was never legit,
Beat you when I was an amateur and then I beat you again,
Got nothiní else to say to you, itís just sad,
Iím liviní that life you wished you had,
Yo momma a meth fiendiní bitch, and you know that thatís true,
Deadass hope thatís the life you finna go through,
Tweaker ass ho, Thug Lena hopes you die slow.

Machado the biggest bitch I ever done encountered,
Look at your unemployed ass, nigga I hope you flounder,
Whereís your company now, without the Thug that shit sank,
MLC might as well be the Titanic, and when you hear this I hope you panic,
Wished that was you instead of me, faced with a knife,
You never thrown a punch in your life, nigga you woulda lost it,
Tried to make an example outta me and look what it cost, shit...
You talk bad in the press but you donít know what it is to be a fighter,
I hope you gotta gas leak and you reach for the lighter,
I wonít say I wanna kill you, but nigga I hope you die,
I wanna see your wife and children cry, and I know thatís sorta mean,
But nigga you tried to ruin my career and thatís obscene.
Thug Lena you know who I am and where I been,
You said I got a problem with authority but honestly,
It was only your bitch ass, since you I been actiní flawlessly,
Iím a prodigy but, ďweíre letting her go from her contractĒ,
Even though I was the one that was attacked?
I ainít never wanna hear your name again,
And every moment of your existence I want you to be in pain,
And yeah thatís a little insane, but nigga you got me bugginí,
But thatís it, itís Lena Lyons, and Iíma get back to thugginí.

Slaughterhouse make any one of you irrelevant.
Throw any member in the pot, we the secret recipe to sell the event.
Talk so much shit y'all sit around in a circle just to vent.
Support groups aint supposed to have so much hateful comments.
Our names out your mouths is it really a coincidence?
You faggots are the real fuckin reason I been sittin on the fence.
Well I finally made a decision but I don't know if it makes sense.

Im comin' back to wrestling and maybe its because a lot of yall been resting.
If I beat Cashe after comin' off the couch then you better start stressing.
But if I beat Cashe my wife will give me a hall pass within her family now that's a blessing.

Im blocked by a lot of niggas on Twitter because Im their girls favorite game.
How can they possibly talk shit when they're with a girl who gave me brain?
They know first hand ever since she spent the night with me the pussy was never the same.
Now every time these niggas penetrate she don't feel a thing, oh man what a shame!
I told her I was a weather man when I got between her legs and she made it rain..
All over my face while SCREAMIN MY NAME. (Audio of unknown woman moaning out: "Oh Fuuuck James!!")
Its pretty sad that you can't really say the same.
And the crazy thing is I don't even like her, your girl talk too much so guess where I came?
Down her throat and into her belly, I think your kid is mines thats truly insane.

Yo Jett where you at?
We donít talk ever since that MMA bet.
Give my money before I slap you upside the head.
Keep on playing if you think this is nothing more than a silly threat.
Truth is you got till sunset until I give you a beating so bad you forget your alphabets.
Fuck you pay me is my mindset.
Breaking you little niggas in half has always been my outlet.
Hold on letís just resetÖ
I shouldnít be calling out people Iím cool with.
This is why my wife tell me Iím so cruel, shit.

But J youíre Ďa new maní so, screw it
Weíre too lit. 
Cominí at em with chips on our shoulders the size of cruise ships.

(Laughs & Spoken) I got you homie. The Dragon has awoken...

It's slaughterhouse baby and we're here to stay,

Just call ME big dawg...why?

Cause I got dick for days,
I'm built to slay,
Straight send you to an early grave,
Step to me? Dance a ginga cause itís "Only the Brave"

Unh. That's Capoeira if youíre kinda slow,
Youíll find yourself getting butchered like itís Kosovo...
Itís the Samoan Gangster Jesus with the savage flow,
Staring down from the heavens like ďLook out belooooowĒ

UH-OH The Dragon set to blow!!!

Straight flames on ANYbody going toe to toe.
& Thatís físho..
You're softer than the driven snow
and fuck a Lockwood, a Malcovich, and a Tyson Geroux

SO, you think we missed that shit?
When you grabbed that fence?
Uce, you looked like the biggest bitch.
& thatís just scratching at the surface on your bag of tricksÖ
Like, spitting your mouthpiece out every time you get hit..

Yeeeeah thatís legit!
Holí on yaíll let me quit..
Before he declines OTR 2 like heís calliní in sick.


Meanwhile ya Ďbaeí is on my line like ďJase sign my tits!!Ē
But I'm just out here stacking paper
On the grind to get rich.

Maaaan ain't life a bitch,
You think you got me?
You wishÖ
I'll drop you quicker than an old head drops acid, listeniní to Phish.

Bruh, this is a HOSTILE siege,
So you can try if you wish?
But ďnot a nare nuttaĒ you bitches goní stop me and my clique. 

Yo tell Ďem.

(Spoken: .44 make em hit the floor.)

(Spoken: Dek on deck. All facts. Hold up)

The gospel cometh tell your bitch get set,
The East Beast straight running shit in the West,
They think he suited up now so he donít do reps,
Easily come back tomorrow and still drop your best.

Think of cominí through me for legitimacy,
Two times they tried and could not get rid-a-me,
That blue true boy sick, stick around like a flu gene,
Another nigga dead, momma screaminí ďLORD PLEASE TAKE ME!Ē

Fishscale pure the team real you just a pretender,
Slaughta bitch nothing but champions and contenders,
Everywhere we go you witnessiní the takeova,
Aftershows usher yo bitch to VIP, tell her bend ova,
She think she made it...no bitch you just a performer
All said n done she in her feelings,
Chitown cold shoulder.

20s nigga the body count is not a dream,
That sky hook on sight make they Abdulís Kareem.
Now Iím investigated by 12 for a missing body and the team
Hit that Kanye and Shaggy nigga, on God ďIt wasnít meĒ

Hoes slept on me now they hating on the Spesh,
She reaps the benefits of a niggaís every success,
This long dick, long money, and good hair you can bet,
Shit yall aint know? Becky got a twin brother named Dek.

(Listen) While you took the top off the Maybach,
I put four holes through your wavecap,
You in the trunk while Slaughta hit up Rodeo,
Alert your bitch later where I left you at.

This is not fiction this is all facts,
20s nigga shout to the OGís Snoop, G, RIP Black.
LBC Eastside we stay on the map.
You hit that Lewis Ave lil homie better come correct.

Goddammnnn such a multi Talented black man,
Got you white boys out here shook as fuck,
Having they cozy spots learn how to really turn up,
Turning they daughters into happy meal eating lyft-a-sluts,
Making they wives shake while they scream ďOh thatís too much!Ē,
And making they sons stay wishing to be all of us!

(Spoken: Aaayyyyeee...Haaa...you canít be us niggggaa!)
(Spoken: Riches & Bitches still ova this way nigggggggaaaaa!!!)
(Spoken: Thereís levels and you donít register nigggggggaaaaaaaaaa!!!!)
(Spoken: Fuck you, that baldheaded baby, and your bitches bitch nigggggaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!)



Pass the collection plate, receive yo gospel.



Wait a minute G,
Yo... you thought we were finished?
Our team stay getting dubs
While their stats just diminish.

Itís the Slaughta street gospel,
Bow heads and bear witness
TOO vicious,
Don't get hemmed up thinking the hype is fictitious.
You little bitches..

Yíall goní get put out to pasture,
& get your ass whooped quicker than Boaz Kennedy Astor,
Then? Iíll fuck ya sister just cause Iím THAT bastard.
Make my own Brazzers jawn and nigga I might cast her..

Hey Bo-Bo, you think this is a game?
Homie Iím far past being here for money and fame.
The truth is?
Iíma household name like Tide or Gain
The Dragon stays hoarding gold,
You dropped the ball at House of Pain.

Real shit tho?
You should've seen your faceÖ
During your little moment of weakness,
when I gave chase.
Come on dawg, you really thought a plastic fork was gonna keep you safe!?
You're just a trust fund dork, too slow to realize heís sealed his fate.

So at Burial Grounds?
Boey, you've dug your grave.
Go íhead and dig two more for your friends ĎThe Slavesí
Unless youíd rather choose cremation,
I hear itís all the rage.
The Dragon will turn you three to ashes with the purifying flame.

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