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Too Extreme for TV
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This is too extreme for TV. Detroit, Michigan. Wednesday 16th December.

All you hear is the screams coming from somewhere in some sort of enclosed building, somewhere that you can only hear the torture most likely that Raab is putting someone through, but there's more as you could hear two possible people who are trapped inside where it could be inside of a barn which Raab has the place locked up very tight. He's always gonna be someone that's feeling sick both psychically and mentally from the achievements he's not done for two years being in 4CW. There's already been quite bad reports of Raab's disgusting behaviour lately coming from Henry Losak because of the beatings and tortures he's doing with many people who are struggling to get out.

More so when you go into the place with a window, you see many weapons everywhere on the floor, even some of the most dangerous weapons to find and you see there's one women who looks a lot like Cashe's girlfriend and the other guy who Raab had trapped for his last encounter who looks almost the same as his other opponent known as Bronx Valescence, but he didn't have time to give the other guy that much pain, more so when his amateur MMA fights have made Raab be a lot more busier than he'd thought.

He knew exactly what was on the line for the upcoming match and the only thing that's the same is that he's faced both Jason Cashe and Bronx before. Everything else regarding the two is a completely different story and when Raab heard he was facing against Jason Cashe, he was so over the moon, more happy than anything that he's been begging to face him for a year and two months since their last encounter. Jason Cashe was another reason why Raab came back since there's a lot of unfinished business that wasn't solved a year ago.

There's also drips from the water coming down in the barn since there's tiny holes through the roof that can have water dripping down, but Raab just imagined it was just drops of green blood in his mind as he smacks both the woman and the guy that are tied around the chair as he runs around in circles around them, showing his excitement for the upcoming match with Cashe and Bronx with the Extreme TV title on the line. There's also some green paint that's half painted on one side of the barn that he painted himself as he's got lots of green paint and slime in plastic buckets as he laughed very evilly as he starts to speak.

Lord Raab: “MEHAHAHA HAHAHA, I knew I was gonna win a match again in 4CW one of these days, but that's not the reason why I'm so goddamn excited. You see it all comes down to something I've been begging to have for almost a year and a few months now and although there's that twitter idiot who brags about having followers and other some stupid shit, he's not someone I've always wanted to face. In fact, I've had Cashe on my victims list ever since the day I come into this company and that's what I'm excited about to face him I've long and begged for since I returned to the business.

I enjoy giving Cashe some hell back in the days of where I was stalking and mocking Tidus Howe who is barely seen around the locker room these days after the beatings I've done to the guy when I was a weak pathetic man. Now I'm badder than ever before to wreak my way through the path of the real enemy of this match, more so when the Extreme TV Title on the line which fuels to the excitement of this upcoming match even more. I also can't ignore the achievements he's done either with being a three time 4CW Champion and now holding the Extreme TV champion and that's someone you have to see as acknowledgement. Not respect because I hate the guy far too much, but acknowledging the extreme amount of talent he has in the ring and the experience too.”

It made Raab the happiest man in the world when he knew he's finally getting his hands on Cashe and he had to be careful at the same time to not completely talk about Cashe, especially how serious Raab is taking this match as he turns the lights off which is completely pitch black without knowing what he's doing, other than the screams you hear both from the woman and the man as he enjoys giving pain to others and you can he sniffs from someone's nose which is most likely Raab's as you hear a smack from someone with a weapon as he turns the lights back on to see the amount of blood that's on both victims of his beats, being a sick deranged man he is, more worse than before and he addresses the other opponent in the match.

Lord Raab: “Sorry, I'm so excited on facing Jason Cashe that I can't ignore Bronx Valescence who's also in this match up as well because last time I ignored my other four opponents that were in that War Zone match a year ago, I lost and got taken as a joke. I know to some people I still am, but that's why I wasn't around for a couple of weeks just so Henry can teach me a thing or two to take things a lot more seriously which I have and I know Bronx wants revenge on Cashe as much as I do. We both want him badly in the ring for the hell he's caused.

The thing is Bronx is I saw what you can do in the ring a couple of weeks ago and there's a bollock load of talent for damn sure. There's tons of it that I feel you aren't using enough on and I know you wanting to win a title is the reason why you are in 4CW. It doesn't need to be said again because that's exactly how I feel about needing to win a title in 4CW for two years to cure myself from this sickness I have like the sickness of never being champion. We both have that in common, when it comes to winning titles in 4CW that is and I know there's a chance of me losing again if I'm not completely focused on you.”

Of course Raab knew who he's going to talk about first because it kinda bothered him that he'd be ignored in some way like he did and rather save the best until last. He turns the lights off again and you can hear noises in the background and the man and woman yelp of fear as you can hear the man more than the woman getting the most punishment as of right now, knowing already who Raab's gonna talk about first as he hears the man screaming so much that Raab says this.

Lord Raab: “SHUT UP.”

You can only hear what's going on as it seems like a chair went on the floor from whatever Raab was doing as he turns the lights on again to see the damage he's done towards the man he's had trapped for a couple of weeks and speaks again.

Lord Raab: “I hope when you lost to me Bronx that you learned a lesson on bragging about only losing a match against one person in one on one match, now you've lost three one on one matches and I wonder if that's given you enough fuel to take me down, wonder if it's given you enough fuel to take me as a serious wrestler because I am here to win a 4CW title to my name just like you, but nobody sees that which is why there's that man who looks a lot like you sitting on the chair on the floor. Are you in denial that you can't face the truths of being beaten bad all over? That's what I expected from a guy who spends all of his life on twitter rather than getting things done in a wrestling ring. Henry's told me what you do on twitter and it's making you so fucking stupid.

As I said last week, you get popular in the ring, not on twitter and I'm pretty much popular in this match now that I've given you you're first singles loss in 4CW and that record will never be forgotten or removed from history. I'm nothing like Young Mannie who wants to look great in the ring, Thank you for commenting on how ugly I look because I was meant to look ugly long bearded freak, being the green sickness and a disease that I am, especially a sticky slime disease you wished you never hear from again? Look at that, you are hearing from me again, inside of the extreme rules ring that is which clearly you don't really have much experience in being in hardcore matches unlike me and Cashe who live through this every single day.”

Raab of course is speaking as it is when it comes down to the upcoming match as he turns the lights off again and brutalises the man even farther, having no clue what exactly he's doing in the dark other than noises of the man screaming and the smashes you hear from whatever he's doing. Ever since he's turned more evil than before, Raab loves torturing people and now does it a lot and he turns the lights on, see the man's complete scared chest and back covered as he smirks to speak again.

Lord Raab: “You only have yourself to blame Bronx you worthless piece of shit. I doubt anybody cares about Tony Stewart's actions, but what action will you take when me and Cashe beat the living shit out of each other with extreme weapons and brutality in the match? Pissing and moaning most likely, especially we know you was given the chance to become the champion because of you're pretend dadda there, kissing you're rare end to give you fucking everything.

Stop pretending Perry's you're dad because you look nothing like him and we know you're faking all of this. I don't take seriously at all, compared to how I take you seriously as a wrestler and I'd have no problems pouring green slime all over you're pathetic disgusting body, giving you a fucking beating of a lifetime.”

As he turns the lights off again, he kicks the man's ribs for extra leverage before he turns his attention to the woman who looks like Niobe Martin, the girlfriend of Cashe since having ugly men would've been hypocritical of him, but all you hear is the screams of the woman, wanting to leave, but she couldn't because she's tied to a chair, struggling to get free with the noises of struggling as she suddenly not said a word as the lights came on, seeing the woman being nice and beaten up, even having green slime on her as he speaks towards Cashe.

Lord Raab: “You're the main reason why me and Bronx have you're fucking head Cashe. It's very typical of you to be in yet another fucking team, seeming like you need you're buddies to protect you, most likely from me, notice the pattern that every time we cross paths that you are in another stable? What is the whole point to this Jason? Am I the only person in the match that's actually taking care of business myself? You are so worthless, especially when you're good at spreading you're faeces in the arena, making you have a disease. I have a disease too with this green slime, paint and vomit sometimes I pour over myself, something you'd never have the guts to do. I remember you saying how I was running away from fights back before I became a monster. Maybe you're right on that point that I was that weak pathetic man, but lately, I've been seeing you running away from me more than ever before.

It's been a year and two months the last time we met in the ring and it's about fucking time with Perry trying to hold me the fuck down from facing you. Well I've been calling you out for weeks, realising that I had more unfinished business with you than anybody on the roster. I think the bitch is being you doing absolutely nothing to give me revenge with the stalking phone calls I did and beating the shit out of Tidus which was a lot of fun, but I suggest you'll be careful of you're girlfriend Cashe because sooner rather than later, she's gonna be planted with my disease with what I'm doing to this poor bitch now.”

You can hear so much laughing in the background after he turned the lights off as he does something nobody can see him do or anything that he's doing as he she screams a little bit from the punishment she's getting from Raab, more so that he hates women with a passion so much that it sounded like the woman is getting badly beaten as he laughs a lot, feeling like he wants to hurt the woman even more as a way of curing his horrible nasty life and you hear more smashes to the women which you felt the shake of the floor as the lights go on, seeing the woman shaking in fear and he smiles, enjoying every minute of it.

Lord Raab: “I'm enjoying beating on a Niobe Martin lookalike because if you aren't careful, it's gonna be the same treatment I'll give to her in person because I will go beyond the risks of torturing loved ones in the family, friends or even people's partners just so people will take me seriously as a wrestler because you know I've changed and the changes are the worse yet to come sooner rather than later. I'll have no problems making a scared bitch bleed and I'd take on all of the Unstable stable as well. Maybe Cyrus, Chris and you are mentally unstable, but I don't see it with the rest of them, but then again, I don't watch that other shit promotion that's irrelevant to 4CW. I don't understand why you burnt a fucking belt which was a cool looking design.

But Cashe always gets his own way with everything like with Bronx too so why am I surprised. Cashe is a disease that he'll admit to, but not as much as me because I place them on people like this female victim here, taking every risk possible just to get inside of you're head. I am a sick and twisted mind man now and this green I'll pour over me just inflicts the damage I'll do to you. I'm gonna smash you're nasty fucking head on a steel chair multiple of time until you drop like a brick with you're blood being messy and I can easily catch you off guard when it comes to using submissions since you are shit at defending them, not letting the world know about it.”

The lights go off again as you hear the woman screaming in fear and in a lot of pain as well as it went quiet for a minute or two before the lights go back on, seeing the woman clenching her spine on her back, even if her arms are tied around the chair, she's feeling the massive amount of pain, even signs he could be doing something really bad, but you couldn't see since it's pitch black as the lights came back on five minutes later with the woman broken in half and Raab's dripping of slime, paint and his vomit all at the same time, feeling happy with himself as he speaks again.

Lord Raab: “Du Wichser haben keine Ahnung, Unze, was ich mehr zu tun mit diesen unschuldigen Opfern, weil dies die einzige die schlimmsten Dinge, die kommen, da dies viel zu extrem, um im Fernsehen gezeigt werden, auch Internetzugang in einer viel zu, aber ich will um diese 2 Jahre Krankheit einer 4CW Titel nicht immer gewinnen, um meinen Namen zu heilen und es ist, dass Antriebs ich brauche, um eine zu gewinnen, vor allem in dieses Spiel mit dem Extreme TV Titel auf der Linie, und ich möchte, dass in meinen Händen, weil ich gewann 't jemals aufhören, krank psychisch und geistig alongwith nicht zu stoppen schlagen auf unschuldige Opfer, bis ich zu tun, auch Bruch meines Gegners Bein, Ellbogen, Knie oder Arm, um dorthin zu gelangen. Ich bin hier verlassen Dinge für Sie jetzt und wir später mehr im Laufe der Woche zu sprechen, hahaha hahaha."

>>>>>>Subtitle captions on ustream.com>>>>>>  You fuckers don't have ounce of clue what I'll do more with these innocent victims because this is the only the worst things to come since this is far too extreme to be shown on TV, even internet in a way too, but I want to cure this two year sickness of not ever winning a 4CW title to my name and it's that drive I need to win one, especially in this match with the Extreme TV title on the line and I want that in my hands because I won't ever stop being sick psychically and mentally along with not stopping on beating innocent victims until I do, even breaking my opponent's leg, elbow, knee or arm to get there. I'm leaving things here for now and we'll talk more later on during the week, MEHAHAHA HAHAHA.”

Raab quickly runs away from the warehouse damage he's done for the today's outing as he loved to beat people up for fun since he gets bored at home half of the time before of Raab's life was only on fighting. There's more drips on the wooden pieces since the barn was almost torn to pieces because it's that old and the scene goes into fade.

Thank you for all the memories on TV Total and Schlag Den Raab, Stefan Raab. Farewell legend.