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Author Topic: Just a couple questions, probably stupid ones.  (Read 282 times)

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Just a couple questions, probably stupid ones.
« on: August 14, 2018, 01:07:03 PM »
Hey everyone,

I was here several years ago, in several different variations lol.  My name is Andrew, I got put on blast a little because the girl that played Rorie Steele (Forgot her name) was nice to me and I acted like a High School Boy on Prom night lol. 
 Anyway I went away to start booking for a local Indy Company here in Ohio.  Spent a lot of time doing that.  They started growing, found out I am pretty sick and booted me to the curb (F*ckers!)  now I am back to doing what I really have always loved to do, simply write.  I am not the greatest not the worst. Just like to write for my own enjoyment and takes my mind off things. Btw my name is Andrew or Mack...Big guy, looked like a Mack Truck, you get the idea lol.

Anyway I fully expect from reading a lot of your guys stuff that you will eat my lunch and ask for the Milk Money too lol.  But I enjoy being around good writers, I think it helps me to grow myself.  Now onto my stupid questions.

Can anyone make me a Sig dealio for my character, doesn't need to be anything spectacular and no rush.

I know my contract/Stats haven't been accepted yet. I am guessing because the Boss People are busy doing Boss people stuff.  But am I allowed to go ahead and work on a Character development piece or just wait until I see if I am a member of the family or have to wait for a spot to come open to be adopted?

Thanks everyone, apologies if I ever pissed you off or was rude to you.  Have a great day.


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Re: Just a couple questions, probably stupid ones.
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2018, 01:32:34 PM »
It's because it's results week that Perry and his staff team haven't accepted your contract and I can't see why you can't do a CD piece (Admittedly something I need to find time to do for Lord Raab myself regarding surgery and counselling) while waiting to be accepted when I'm sure others have done before. Nevertheless, welcome back to 4CW dude.

Thank you for all the memories on TV Total and Schlag Den Raab, Stefan Raab. Farewell legend.