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Author Topic: The Source Always Prevails  (Read 123 times)

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The Source Always Prevails
« on: June 13, 2018, 03:00:17 PM »
“We stared into the face of death and death blinked first. You think that would make us feel brave and invincible. It didn’t.”

A recent unlucky streak has followed Viduus Morta. The Speaker had tried striking a deal with Frankie Morrison and failed miserably. Viduus failed Chris Madison as a partner but didn’t particularly care that much. He did, however, care that he failed himself against Chris Madison the show before. He was within inches of defeating the 4CW champion and establishing himself as the premier champion in 4CW but failed. The darkness of failure hung like a cloud over his head. He knew what everyone was whispering. He knew what everyone thought. There is no way Viduus Morta could survive the upcoming match. There is no way he will beat the three men that pose their challenge. He also knew he has heard the same story before. He has been doubted before. He has been told he can’t and he won’t in the past. Viduus Morta silenced his doubters, silenced the can’ts and wont’s and at Ante Up….he will solidify himself as one of the best around today.
Darkness covered the large room which made the details of the surroundings difficult to uncover. The shadows of a bar, a large pillar and some chairs pushed together were the most evident props visible to the naked eye. Darkness has a way of making people feel a certain way and yet standing in this room the feeling was amplified. Evil is a word that is tossed around enough that it has lost most of its meaning yet evil was the only way to turn this feeling into anything tangible. The curtain moved slightly brightening the room for a quick moment. The lights from the city outside flashed like a bolt of lightning before The Speaker demanded attention.
“The recent failures of Viduus Morta will not be allowed to continue. There is no tolerance for such egregious errors. At Ante Up, they will not be allowed to continue.”
The ceiling lights switched on dimly but enough to allow a view of the Pride champion’s brother, The Speaker as we have come to know him. The light allowed for a faint picture of his silhouette standing in front of the curtain, taking in deep breaths as if he was savoring the atmosphere of the room.
“Fifty three floors below us men like Alessandro Quaglieterre and Andre Holmes walk about living any fantasy life they choose. They tour the city by foot trying to escape their dull everyday lives. They imbibe on a mixture of cocktails, prostitution, gambling and whatever other pointless fantasy they have. Yes…pointless…much like Andre Holmes’ participation in the Quag Cup that saw him ousted by a nobody and a nothing in the first round. Down below…these people scurry about like mice…no…like ants working to serve their queen. Ants….ladies and gentleman…and the first insignificant insect that must be dealt with is the man who is responsible for the creation of the Quag Cup, Alessandro.”
Viduus Morta was not in sight but his brother walked to the window and pulled the curtain back slightly. The lights once again flooded the room. The skyline was lit as far as the eye could see. The parking lots full of cars. The open field below us hosting an event of some sort that can’t be distinguished from so far away. The glimpse of the flashing lights and thousands of people below quickly disappears as the Speaker allows the curtain to shut once more and leans up against the window.
“Insignificant ants. This is the best possible way to describe Alessandro Quaglieterre’s career in 4CW. Most recently good enough to not be pinned but not good enough to win his way into the 4CW championship match. No…Mr. Q decided to remain on the sidelines, catch a breather, and let Manny Fernandez take the fall so that he could backdoor his way into the Pride championship match. You hung your hat on your win over a man who has disappeared from the industry altogether believing that a victory over Tornado would give you the momentum to carry you past a former champion and Bryan Laughlin. It got you nowhere which is right where your career has been going even with this streak that you believe you have going. You’ve defeated a former world champion who has returned to 4CW to recapture his place as this kingdom’s court jester. You defeated a man in Brenden Morgansen who lasted in 4CW long enough for a cup of coffee and a kick in the ass. Adrenaline 83 saw you defeat Mark Storm and while some may say that is commendable…these days who hasn’t defeated Mark Storm at one point or another? Prior to this streak though Ales what have you done? You’ve hitched your wagon to the success of your former wife. You’ve gotten into social media spats. You’ve allowed yourself to become one of the masses, one of the drones, one of the worker ants.”
The Speaker shook his head a bit before continuing.
“Ales how many times will you tell us how important this is to you? This is your life. You have receipts to back up what you say. This is everything to you. We know you and everything you will say already. You’ll talk about wanting this Pride title more than anything. You’ll talk about how this wins means everything. You’ll talk and you’ll talk and you’ll talk because you love to do so. There is no man who loves the camera and attention more than you do. You don’t do this because this is life because the proof is in the pudding as they say. You have your hands into any and every venture you can get them into without any real focus on your career in 4CW. You would rather be good at everything than the best at one thing and Ales…you have the receipts to back that up to. You’ve beaten second rate talent and fallen flat on your face against others. Genie, Aidan, the man that you failed to beat for the Pride title in Jair. Every time you are faced with the slightest amount of adversity you are put down and back in place. What makes this time different? You will scurry about the ring like the tiny piss ant that you are and everything will stay the same. Viduus will put you down and after you squandered another opportunity at the Pride title maybe you’ll realize this isn’t for you anymore. Stick to your tournaments, stick to antagonizing the other ants on social media, stick to being average at everything at let the greats do what they do best.”
The Speaker took a few steps to his left with a smirk on his face. Shuffling his feet across the ground a tiny clink could be heard like coins falling to the ground. The Speaker knelt down on a knee and picked up two or three bullet shells admiring them as he remained on one knee.
“Small yet powerful. Impactful. In the right hands these tiny little things cause havoc and devastation wherever they are pointed. Andre Holmes can be a force. He could devastate and destroy opponents. He can be powerful, impactful…just like these.”
The Speaker rises to his feet while the shells clink as they hit each other after he let them fall from his hands. He dusts his hands off before making his way over the two chairs that were pushed together. The couches formed a deep oval that could have resembled a couch or even a box with no top.
“At the end of the day though, like Andre Holmes, they are just tools. Ultimately Andre Holmes is nothing more than a tool. You are thrown into this match, fed to Viduus because there was nothing else for you. We’ve defeated you before and Ante Up will be no different. While you were having the most forgettable time attempting to make yourself and Alexis Mercer relevant, Viduus was beating 4CW hall of famers. While you sat back and let Bronx pin Kimitsu Zombie, Viduus was showing the world he could keep up with the current 4CW champion. It seems that Perry Wallace loves to put the men that Mariano Fernandez pins in this matchup because while you were losing to him at South Beach Brawl, Viduus was winning the Pride Championship! You spew your little cracks on IQ and intelligence, questioning my brother without realizing it was VIDUUS who called out two 4CW hall of famers and it was VIDUUS who beat them both on his own accord. Drawn out, called out, and beaten. You? You can’t even get your own career in order, yet you honestly believe you will defeat Viduus? Please tell us whom you have defeated that is noteworthy…go ahead…I’ll wait while real tries to recognize real as you and Quaglieterre love to say.”
The Speaker let silence fill the room while he crossed his arms and waited for something or someone to answer him. A few moments of ringing silence went by before he continued.
“You are the bullet Andre but it just so happens that you’re a blank. The fear is in your outward appearance, your bark is worse than your bite. The “BANG” of the bullet would make one duck but when you’re shooting blanks the fear disappears immediately. In truth, you are completely harmless. Just a tool is what you are Andre, it’s what you have been since you walked through these doors and were eliminated in the 4 Corners Frenzy by Persephone. You proved your worthlessness by following that up with a lost to Dean Judas, which may be more embarrassing than your loss to QT Reese in the Quag Cup. The same Dean Judas that you yourself called an easy choice for a victory just a few weeks ago when addressing Kimitsu Zombie. The only thing noteworthy about you Andre is the hype you came into this company with and the fantastic failure that you have become. Add another missed opportunity and another notable superstar to your list of “4CW talents that Viduus beat but I never will.” Do you want to know why you and AQ are here Andre? People are tired of seeing Viduus best Dakota time after time so Perry Wallace had no choice but to add two other piece of fodder for the Pride Champion to feast upon. You’re here to add some flavor to the ongoing saga that Dakota Smith won’t let go despite being beaten time and time again by Viduus.”
The lights began to flicker in the room triggering an evil grin across the Speaker’s face. The curtain moved just slightly the way it would as if the window was opened and a cool breeze blew through the room. Viduus Morta rested by the window on one knee, the Pride title on the ground just beneath him. He didn’t move a muscle with his coat draped all around him like a cape, his top hat hiding his eyes from anyone’s view and his elbow gently supporting his wait on his bent knee. The Speaker called our attention back to him as he stared at Viduus while continuing his tirade.
“Dakota Smith. The man who would operate the tool. The man who uses tools to dispel evil and instill fear into the hearts of many. He is the one who targets the ants who don’t know any better. Dakota has had quite the run in 4CW as we all know. Mr. Smith is known for his recklessness, his rumored obsession with necrophilia, and his much talked about and very public transition to “Gary Poppins.” Despite all of the so called “evil” that Dakota desperately tries to cling to in order to be remembered and feared he refuses to evolve. In the end, Dakota Smith will use the tool, turn it on the ants and when he is near the end he won’t go out bravely or with a fight. He will go out alone, silently…embracing the fear of the unknown while he unleashes the evil upon himself. Dakota Smith’s end will come at the hands of Dakota Smith…this we know for sure. Viduus is here once again Dakota to help you put down your armor and embrace the depths of hell as you should have done long before you found yourself here.“
A nod from the Speaker was Viduus’ cue but he still did not move.
“Dakota Smith still hasn’t learned.”
“What hasn’t he learned brother?”
“It is not the being who commits the grotesque acts that you often promise to do that is to be feared. It is the nature of what drives the acts, the essence behind the thoughts, the Spirit in your head.”
“You are the source.”
“Yes, brother. I am the essence in your thoughts Dakota. I am the Spirit in your head. I am the Source of your desires, your words, your actions, your evil. It is the Source that is never ending, never fading…it is the Source of evil that always prevails. There is no end for me. You are a vessel used to carry out the Spirits bidding and you have done well Dakota until recently.”
Viduus placed his hand on the Pride Championship and rose from the ground appearing as a menacing shadow as a result of the dim lighting in the room. One strap of the Pride title casually caressed the ground as Viduus made his way towards his brother and stood by his side.
“Dakota, we know that you will come out vomiting your usual terms of maggots, crime scenes, butchers and all of the things you continue to say every opportunity you get your chance to speak. You don’t evolve Dakota. You don’t even adapt. You go on talking about the same things such as your “heart” expecting certain results rather than working for what you want. In order to remain relevant you must evolve and you don’t know how. How many chances have you had now at recapturing that 4CW championship and failed? Now you mean to tell us after being so close to that beating heart of yours that your sights are fully set on the Pride title? Everyone knows that Dakota Smith will have one eye on that main event winner and attempt to throw his name in the hat when a new number one contender is decided only to fall flat on your face once again. That’s what you have become Dakota. The guy who is gifted multiple opportunities to be at the top and squanders them because you just expect to be there. Your name and your past will only carry you so much further but you will never adapt, you’ll never evolve and you will NEVER be the same man who is considered a hall of famer.”
The Speaker turns to look over at Viduus.
“What happened at Fright Night?”
“I slammed Dakota through the top of the cage and sent him plummeting to the barbed wire below.”
“Failed attempt at getting that contract compliments of Viduus. What happened at Winter Wasteland?”
“Dakota received a chance to win the XTV title and our return spoiled his fun.”
“Another big opportunity squandered compliments of Viduus Morta. Adrenaline 79?”
“Dakota fails to carry his team to victory.”
“That’s right! Viduus, however, scored the pinfall. Retrograde?”
“Dakota fails at his own game.”
“Do you see the pattern here? While you would go on to the finals at South Beach Brawl…refresh our memory…what happened?”
The speaker pensively puts his hand up to his chin and looks to the ceiling trying his best to remember the outcome.
“Wait…didn’t you lose your chance to get your heart back AGAIN?”
A chuckle escapes the mouth of the Speaker as Viduus just continues to look on.
“Viduus has gotten the better of the exchange each show you have been on together and each time you have met. Why should this be any different? Are we to believe that it is because of the pride title when you couldn’t be bothered with this title at any other point in your career? Viduus put down a man that should have ended your career and yet you believe that you have a chance to win? It is no longer two thousand and fifteen Dakota Smith, you are no longer imposing nor intimidating.”
Viduus takes the time to drape the Pride title over his shoulder.
“The war may never end between us Smith. You will always take credit for my accomplishments. You will always accuse me of wanting to be the new devil of 4CW. It is in your nature to repeat yourself time and time again. Me? I will continue to reign supreme as Pride Champion. I will continue to evolve.”
“Evolution is the only means of survival in this business and evolve Viduus Morta has. From preaching words that fell on deaf ears to offering you all salvation, to extreme champion, to Pride champion showcasing that he can defeat and compete with the best in the world, Viduus Morta constantly evolves. Adapt or be consumed. In 4cw, it is survival of the fittest.”
“Dakota….Andre….Alessandro….you’re no longer fit for the position you find yourselves in.”
“None of you earned the right to be here. None of you deserve this opportunity. As always….”
“The driving force behind the man, the tool, and the ants will prevail. The Source can never be extinguished. There is much to be learned from the place we currently occupy but what the three of you can take away from all of this….Ante Up will be your massacre gentlemen and no one shall question me again.”

While Viduus and the Speaker remained as still as statues, our view gets pulled out from the room in circular spin of the unmistakable golden windows that coat and form the magnificent sight that is Mandalay Bay before a slow fade to black.