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Author Topic: The American Hero vs The 4CW Hero  (Read 63 times)

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The American Hero vs The 4CW Hero
« on: July 09, 2018, 03:59:05 AM »
4CW discussions in his hired apartment Salt Lake City, Utah. Monday 9th July.

Ever since Lord Raab returned to wrestle in 4CW, he's had a very tough time getting into the groove of getting some wins under his name, but he was expecting this sort of competition because 4CW was a lot tougher than any other company he's been in. He's currently in his hired apartment with Henry Losak who was still with Lord Raab because of reminding him not to go down the monster road he was at before, although he acted like it in other companies.

But was a changed guy and was becoming more human than ever before with him admitting the other day he was married to Samuel and got a kid together. Not really something anybody would usually say, but he was hiding it from the 4CW public for too long and needed to be said. However, Henry did have a question for Lord Raab waiting for him as he says this while they sit down on the small sofa.

Henry Losak: “I got to ask, why didn't you enter yourself in the Roulette Extreme TV title match?”

Lord Raab: “Honestly Henry, the hardcore, violent aspect of wrestling is buried in the past. I might be violent and brutal in other companies, but I just can't do it with 4CW anymore because I've bled, sweat and tear enough for 4CW.”

Henry Losak: “But you want to win a 4CW title, right?”

Lord Raab: “I do want to badly but I didn't deserve a title shot. I lost two matches since my return and you think I'd step into the match where I want and need my 4CW career to go beyond using weapons and being violent? I had no reason to destroy Eric Donovan when he beat me fair and square.”

If there's one thing that's changed with Lord Raab, it's his realistic expectations and telling the truth about things that he wasn't the lying and nasty monster anymore, he was more and more helpful towards 4CW and he was at the PPV, doing an extra volunteering job that He didn't get paid extra for.

Henry Losak: “Maybe it was for the best anyway with how busy you were on serving food and soft drinks to customers and I think it's great you want to help both 4CW and arenas to sell stuff like that. I bet not many wrestlers take their time of day to help like you do.”

Lord Raab: “While I wrestle matches too. I don't mind because it's a good feeling to help arena and 4CW as apart of a volunteering thing cos of proving I'm a different person who'd gladly do it also to interact with the fans a lot more.”

Henry Losak: “While focusing on your opponents like Johnny Storm this week.”

Lord Raab: “I know a bit about him from the match he had against Caden Walker at Ante Up PPV obviously as I watched it from the monitors while serving up food. He is a very characteristic guy who has some sort of Superhero powers, thinking he's captain of America.”

Henry Losak: “While you're captain of 4CW without needing a title to state that you are, considering that's what you've been planning the entire time since you've returned to 4CW. Everyone can see the changes you've made in the company and you're starting to get a small amount of respect for it.”

Lord Raab wasn't really too sure about that as he thought he needed a lot more time to prove in 4CW to gather respect. Maybe not to get friends too much because although Henry and Raab have had a lot of arguments about Lord Raab getting a twitter account, he knows Henry can't force him to get one. They have a drink of coke to take sips on while having some soft rock music in the background as a way to keep Raab focused on the upcoming match.

Lord Raab: “I'm not really sure, considering I've lost to Eric Donovan, Alexis Mercer and Cyrus Riddle lately, but I'll guess I wait and see what happens. Who knows, some wrestlers in 4CW still hate me and Johnny Storm may not know a thing about me or hate me for my past or me as a wrestler.”

Henry Losak: “Let's not think about it, you need to find a way to get a win on your record.”

Lord Raab: “I know and I will eventually. However, I'm concerned of encountering somebody in 4CW who caused my twin brother and his wife nothing but problems in the past and he barely can get over it cos he's being blamed for something I did.”

Henry Losak: “Who's that?”

Lord Raab: “James Shark”

The deepest secret is that Lord Raab knew he'll never ever get along with James Shark because of the past and he hadn't even told James the truth of the situation, but Henry slaps Lord Raab a bit and says this.

Henry Losak: “Wake up Markus, you're facing Johnny Storm on Wednesday, focus on him, not the past or future, the present.”

Lord Raab: “You're right and Johnny's a funny guy and maybe he's had a win but I'm gonna deny him from winning the match and get my first win on record.”

Henry Losak: “Damn right you will against that idiot.”

Lord Raab: “He's not an idiot, he's just unrealistic with the Captain America cosplay he plays like from a comic book which I haven't read since I was twelve.”

Henry Losak: “How can he be a hero to save America?”

Lord Raab: “Who knows, but I know what I want to do, go into the gym right now and address him tomorrow in a place that's already planned to do my video in tomorrow.”

Henry nods as he couldn't agree more with Lord Raab needing to do time in the gym as they got up from the sofa, drinking all of their coke from their own glasses to put in the sink and go out to the gym and does a lot of workout with both psychical and especially mental training that was advised by his twin brother to do more often to make him a mentally stronger wrestler for 4CW.


True heroes belong in space. Salt Lake City, Utah. Tuesday 10th July.

The 4CW cameras are located in a museum that has plenty of things to see with the earth, near the earth with a lot of people visiting the Clark planetarium to visit many of the different things around the museum where it's very big and one of the top attractions people visit, even from another country, but there's only one thing Lord Raab came here for, the space section where there were interesting facts about spaceships and planets in space but he's standing in front of a glass with a space costume inside and there are fans gathering around Lord Raab to start his video which they knew he was coming from the signs outside as he did sign some autographs and pictures with the fans before some left to do their own thing. Raab stands still and waits for silence as there was and starts to speak about the match.

Lord Raab: “So I haven't had a good start since returning to 4CW and honestly, that comes down to one thing, focus. I haven't been focused on any of my opponents and that's gonna change, despite craving to win matches once again in 4CW. That's also the reason why I didn't enter myself in the Roulette XTV title matches too because I didn't deserve one and I'm done and dusted with the division as I've done everything there was except winning the belt there.

Of course, things can easily change when it comes to Johnny Storm who's my opponent today and it seems like he's very characteristic which is something I lack cos the problem in our family is we aren't good at making people laugh and he is. Also what I have to pay attention to is the fact he's a high flyer, something I'm not very good at when it comes to wrestling admittedly cos it's not my style compared to my twin brother so of course, I'm not going to take him lightly at all, especially when he won against ”

Raab takes a bottle of water from his bag and takes a quick sip of it before scratching his chin to speak once again.

Lord Raab: “There's a reason I'm standing here in front of this space costume and that comes down to the one thing between real world and fantasy, heroes of America. There's nothing more unrealistic to see in wrestling let alone in real life than some guy wearing a dress-up costume, pretending to save America from destruction. It's true I'm not American and I've trashed the country before, but even I know I'm the farthest thing of being a hero in wrestling cos everyone knows I'm not.

However what I can back up is the fact is I'm a hero of 4CW because I've done many things in this company that not a lot of 4CW wrestlers have done yet like being a veteran who's been here far longer than anybody, except there's a couple of things I've yet left to achieve, winning a 4CW and placing myself in 4CW Hall Of Fame which a lot of wrestlers have mentioned to me I will be there sooner than later cos of my commitment to defend the company at all costs without needing a Twitter account cos that place is for children and cowards to play behind a computer screen to talk crap.”

Raab always believed Twitter was a place for cowards to play and didn't really care for people's lives due to how old-fashioned he is as a person as the fans do attempt to get in front of the camera and scream at it as Raab allowed them to get themselves on camera before he pushes them back for a bit after taking a breather.

Lord Raab: “Neil Armstrong is captain America because he was the first man to walk on the moon, doing something nobody had the guts to do before and not only he did that, he also did a lot of great things for his country, even being known as an American Hero because he overcame the flaws he had with motion sickness as a child and never allowed his fears to get in his way to be known as the greatest astronaut ever. I get you're still new around 4CW, but what have you truly done to make yourself an American hero? What have you done to protect America? That's my only question and I may have come across as an asshole but I've yet to see any evidence of you willing to serve your country.

Which by the way if you did, you wouldn't even have time to wrestle if saving America from criminals was something you wanted to do, even becoming a police officer if you had the chance to but instead, we see a grown man dressed up in a costume, wrestling as if he was going to save America. That's why Neil Armstrong is remembered because the history, including his astronaut outfit, is in this museum to be remembered forever for being the first person to walk on the moon but you, I doubt you'd even be inside of a museum to be remembered for saving America because we know that's nothing but fantasy.”

He also knew it was for children to act like a cosplay comic character, but he refuses to bring it up because it was irrelevant to Johnny's wrestling abilities he knows he has and starts to focus right back onto it after the fans posed themselves on camera for a bit.

Lord Raab: “While I used to trash on America in the past, that's no longer a thing as I do respect this country, especially when 4CW that's an American promotion has helped me with my career when I thought about it over time that maybe, I'll be remembered for coming back and still pick myself up and focus on an opponent who I know will be a high flying and strikes mostly, but I have one thing that's a strength to me and he doesn't, power and technical style of wrestling which is why I think this is an interesting match-up because while we're both wanting to be heroes for different things, the styles are completely against each other.

Much like I was hard on you earlier for sure, but you should understand why when men like Neil Armstrong was an American hero you may have been inspired with but I wait until you've done something great for America to speak more about it as much as I pride on you wanting to save this country from a terrible president like Donald Trump, we know you won't otherwise, you wouldn't be a wrestler.

I don't know your reasons for being in this business, but ever since I was in my late teens, I craved wrestling and while I heard screams at a wrestling show and sneaked my way through by crawling into the arena and sitting on the steps, I saw a masked man using weapons towards a regular big wrestler and then I was invited by some guy who knew I had tried committing suicide brought me into the world of hardcore wrestling and enjoyed every single minute of it, even having my first match which I lost two months later cos I was a quick learner on being a wrestler.”

It was another history lesson to everyone who knew nothing about Lord Raab of how he got into wrestling as he takes a quick drink once again to show who's boss, although Raab had a serious look on his face when he stands back from the space costume and speaks about something that comes knocking at his door for attention.

Lord Raab: “However in spite of your whole idea that it's worst situation to face you which it isn't because you've only had and won one match in your 4CW career, what stands out is your someone like me who will never quit or say die because I don't either. I've never given up on 4CW, it was just I had to walk away for health reasons with cancer I had to fight with my life on the line. While you'll bleed for America, I'll bleed and bred 4CW because that's a hero I want to be only for this company. Because I'm the 4CW hero you want to face and I don't know the meaning of defeat but I refuse to give up when it comes to any sort of fight in 4CW cos I crave for the competition and I also might be the only guy on this roster who actually does help 4CW.

I was at the Ante up PPV, but I wasn't in the back talking to the boys and girls who work for 4CW, I actually was serving food and soft drinks to the fans because I wanted to do more than just be known as a hero wrestler for 4CW, I volunteer to help arenas and 4CW to serve food, soft drinks, alcohol beverages which I'll be doing tomorrow before and after my matches because so the fans can see me more than just being a wrestler in the ring.”

Lord Raab takes a deep breath and a quick drink before he finishes things up with him getting his face right up to the camera.

Lord Raab: “Despite you trying so hard to defeat me, that's not going to happen against the 4CW hero because I'm that dedicated and I bet when you take a few more losses in 4CW, you will be quitting and you will leave 4CW because many wrestlers have said the same thing as you and suddenly left a few weeks, months later. Nobody is able to commit themselves to the company like I have and I will prove it to you in the ring tomorrow night on how much I back up my words of being loyal and having a passion for the company that's done me a lot of good.

Especially Perry Wallace has never done anything wrong to me and have nothing, but complete respect for him and do anything he tells me to do cos he's the only owner I've never had issues with, but that, of course, doesn't mean anything when I'm facing someone who's not had a loss yet, but you will have a loss and you will be defeated by Lord Raab because I don't only just want to win, but I need to win as well to be a bit closer to reaching some 4CW gold, but I got to earn and prove myself before doing so and pinning you to the mat will be a thing I see myself doing to the Captain America of wrestling because I have passion and pride for the business and really want to win more matches so I can be named with the fellow heroes of 4CW tomorrow night here in Salt Lake City. Prepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab.”

Lord Raab's finished as he does allow fans to go crazy on camera as it was a way of him being interactive with them as he always wanted to do since he returned and dedicates his time signing autographs and taking pictures with them as he was granted permission by the museum boss to do this sort of thing. After everyone went home happy with autograph and picture with Lord Raab, he went back to the hired apartment before going in the gym to train for a couple more hours before resting up in his hired apartment to watch some TV and make himself food throughout the entire day.

Thank you for all the memories on TV Total and Schlag Den Raab, Stefan Raab. Farewell legend.