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(No Subject)
« on: July 09, 2018, 04:37:32 AM »
Ante Up. What happened?

I LOST! I didnít last in the gauntlet. I got my ass chewed up. Dakota, Andre, ViduusÖ they made me eat my words. It happens. Thatís the nature of the beast.

Itís not the end of the world. Itís not a collapse of an empire. It was one night, where Viduus Morta, Andre Holmes, and Dakota Smith were better than me. Another night, another time, another place, theyíll be a story to tell. Our paths will cross again eventually, and when that does happens, itíll be a new fight, a new battle.

I could come up with a thousand excuses, I was preoccupied with hosting a tournament, Iím taking too much on, trying to rekindle a long lost relationship with my sister, being a LFL coach, and failing horribly. I donít do excuses though, because there is no excuses.

I do what I always do when I get knocked down. Get back up, dust myself off and get right back to it.

Iíll go back to the drawing board, Iíll rip the carpet from underneath my feet and start again from the ground up. Ante Up was a lesson to learn from, to reassess everything

In some ways itís a blessing in disguise. Can you imagine if I won? I would always of had that slight against me that I got into the gauntlet match by losing my opportunity to get into the ironman match for the 4CW Championship. A opportunity that I got as a handout. Thank Heavens it didnít work out.

Itís a new day, a new dawn, new divisions are emerging within 4CW. The way I look at it right now, is Iím at the back of the line, I got fourteen others, possibly more in front of me to reach the top. My path is clear, I know where I need to go and where I need to be and there ainít any lower I can go.

The only way is up.

So itís back to the drawing board, Iíll rip the carpet from underneath my feet and start again from scratch at ground zero. Whatís important about Ante Up is to use it as fuel to ignite a fire once again, to learn from the setback, and reassess. Be persistent in your resolve, and incessant in your want to be better.

Otherwise known as being RELENTLESS.

Andre Holmes can relate to that? Can he not? How about I put that theory to test?

Let Me Tell You About A Man Named Andre !?!

My week has been rather busy. Letís start from last wednesday on June 28th. Wrestling in a gauntlet match, which seemed to last forever and went on for about 24 hours before I could recall what happened. A strange occurrence in the time continuum. Then by the time I did get a memory recall, getting my ass beat and being banged up, there was no time to rest, because I had a date. I was starting one of many charity dates, evening and dinners that I have to fufill after winning a ton at Phoenixís charity event a few weeks ago.

Now naturally with the majority of the charity auctions involving women, there are the rumours that itís going to be a fuckfest for me. Which offends me honestly.

Maybe in 2014 or 2015 before I was married I would have been all up on that and rocked their worlds, or even briefly last summer in 2017. But let me drop down a fact for you. I ainít got in action in over two years. My streak of getting rejected by woman is almost 0-500. The man you see before you today, is not the man you saw in the past. Yes I have my indiscretions, and certain habits take time to recorrect, but the truth is with all the wealth that I have, I am a big fan of supporting great causes, and if lovely company is included in that, all the better.

Because ontop of grappling with these charity commitments, Iíve finished hosting arguably the hottest tournament in professional wrestling in the QuagCup, Iíve completed my obligation as LFL coach of the Toronto Frost for yet another week, and Iíve got plenty more to look forward to beyond the horizon.

Rekindling a relationship with my long lost twin sister, Lolaís going to be free after Sirenís birthday on July 14th, and I can see where weíre going if anywhere. Ontop of that I got a reality show potentially in the works with my kids and others. Everything Iím doing, Iím doing for a purpose, for a cause, for a reason.

AndreÖ What the fuck is he doing? Other than being a world class flop?

Now donít get me wrong, itís well known that outside of 4CWÖ Andre has more than proven his worth, but at what cost? Where it actually matters, in the one ring he so desperately wants to attain successÖ He still hasnít done shit. Donít believe me, letís take Ante Up as a receipt for example. That night was mean to be the crowning moment for Andre Holmes. The coming of age, where he finally stood up, and stuck it to me, Dakota, and Viduus. He was ALL IN, he gave it everything he had, and he went ALL IN straight to a brick wall, and fell flat on his ass, yet again.

Congratulations Andre, you deserve it.

It astounds me, that someone as talented and gifted as you, could be such a massive dissapointment. Like shit, if I were you I would have shot myself in the head and ended it all, because itís embarrassing. Atleast then, you could be remembered for doing something worthwhile, instead of being the rambler with the big mouth that can never back it up.

So save me the sob story of how this time will be different and that youíve learnt your lesson and will be better. I donít care about the fairytale of you telling me how youíre going to finally overcome the odds, only to not do it.

Beating me, isnít impossible, Iíve been dropping quite a few recently, but it wonít change a thing of how Iím percieved or youíre percieved, because youíre a FUCKBOI Andre. And FUCKBOIís are only good for two thingsÖ participatingÖ and getting beat up like a scrub, which both apply to you perfectly