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Lauryn Wolfe
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NAME: Lauryn Wolfe
NICKNAME: "Lauryn F'N Wolfe"; "The Comeback Kid"; "The Heart and Soul of King's Road"; "The Ace"
DATE OF BIRTH: July 22, 1996
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 130 lbs
BILLED FROM: Seattle, Washington
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Are You Ready?" by Creed
PICBASE: Jamie Hayter
TWITTER HANDLE: @lauryn_wolfe

Lauryn has changed considerably during her time away from the ring. She's still passionate and fiery, but not overtly reckless. She's matured now; a more focused and reflective woman who's not consumed by blind rage. Of course, she'll fuck up some people when need be, but she doesn't let her temper get the best of her like it once did when she was just breaking out into the sport. Now, she's determined to prove her worth and show that can be the leader of any promotion she steps foot in. She wants to earn the respect of her peers and she's set on doing that by stepping inside the ring and giving every opponent she has her all.

Compared to her original run, Lauryn hasn't changed much in terms of appearance. The only noticeable difference is that her brunette hair has grown a bit past her shoulders. Other than that, she's a relatively fit young woman.

Matching top and bottom with some cut out designs and calf-high wrestling boots. Her hands are taped up with black wraps with some writing on them and her hair is kept into two French braids. She also puts on a mouth guard whenever she steps into the ring.

WRESTLING STYLE: Balanced striker with dashes of submissions here and there.

  • Backhand Chops
  • Discus Clothesline
  • European Uppercut
  • Exploder Suplex
  • Forearm Smash
  • Flying Armbar
  • Guillotine Choke
  • High-Angled Dropkick
  • Jumping Knee Strike
  • Snap DDT
  • Snap One-Handed STO
  • Spinning Back Heel Kick
  • Urunage Backbreaker

  • Basement Dropkick
  • Modified Camel Clutch
  • Running Knee Drop
  • Seated Armbar
  • Triangle Choke

  • Calf Kick
  • Cannonball Senton
  • Float-over Neckbreaker
  • Running Yakuza Kick
  • Tilt-a-Whirl Armbar

  • Suicide Dive
  • Slingshot Elbow Drop
  • Tornado DDT

  • Cracks Knuckles
  • Wolfe Howl
  • Baiting the opponent to strike her

THE TERRITORIAL MARK: Jumping Roundhouse Kick followed up with a bridging German Suplex
WHEN NIGHT FALLS: Northern Lights Suplex floated over into a Fisherman's Neckbreaker
EA, WHEN WILL DRAGON AGE 4 COME OUT?: A running, high-impact bicycle kick. This will continue to be in her repertoire until the official release date for the fourth Dragon Age game is revealed.

FIERY IMPULSE: Rolling Cutter
PROGRESSION VOLUME II: Wrist-lock transitioned rolling koppu kick

Lauryn Mackenzie Wolfe should have never left the slums of the streets.

Void of a father figure from a very young age, Lauryn and her sister were raised by a single mother. Things weren’t easy as her mother balanced work and nursing school, having barely enough time to spend quality time with her daughters. Money was tight and it wasn’t unusual for Lauryn to come back to a dark apartment with no heat or running water after school. It was a constant source of embarrassment for the young Lauryn that she never brought any friends home - and that would eventually lead to her not making any friends at all. It hurt her to see that her mother’s struggles weren’t recognized, so Lauryn desperately tried to find an additional source of income. From doing the neighbor’s laundry to collecting cans off of the streets, Lauryn did a series of odd jobs in order to make some money. However, her attempts were often futile as the money still wasn’t enough to help her mother out. All she received were just a bunch of cheap change.

As the years went by, Lauryn became more frustrated. During middle school, Lauryn got herself into some fights; some petty and others just explosive. Despite obtaining stellar grades at school, her academic achievements were often overshadowed by her misdemeanor conduct and rambunctious attitude. Eventually, Lauryn would get herself involved in a shady underground fight club during her high school years. Every Friday night she would go out and fight there, taking her frustration and anger out on her opponents. Despite not having a lot of experience under her belt in street fights, Lauryn racked up an impressive amount of wins. She'd go on to win $15,000 during a one-night tournament. Eventually though, her mother would catch wind of her antics and she would go on to outright disown Lauryn. At age 16, Lauryn dropped out of high school and was all on her own. With nowhere to go, Lauryn stayed with the fight club organizer Ms. Bonnaire, taking residence in a spare stock room of the bar that hosted the events.

A few years later, Lauryn was contacted by Amanda Zolnerowich, a southern wresting legend and trainer who opened up a professional wrestling school in the Seattle area. Initially disinterested, Lauryn was eventually persuaded by Zolnerowich and joined the school. After months of rigorous training, Lauryn made her professional wrestling in May 2016 for 4CW on the old Uprising brand. Her initial run under the 4CW banner had mixed results for her. While she was often credited from her peers as a woman with limitless potential, she was known as a choker for failing to win in big title matches. She'd step away from the ring back in the fall of 2017 after picking up a win for Team Adrenaline in the War Games match. Despite having been on a roll during that time, Lauryn had thought that she would never get another chance to win a title. She practically grew complacent with her failures, believing that she wouldn't be taken seriously.

Of course, that never lasted long. The itch to compete came back and Lauryn would return to professional wrestling in July 2018, kick-starting a career revival. In October, Lauryn would go on to win the King's Road Internet Championship, and ever since then she has been proving herself to be a solid champion with every match she's had.

  • 4CW King's Road Championship (1x, current)
  • 4CW King's Road Supremacy Championship (1x, ~2 hours)*
  • 4CW King's Road Internet Championship (1x, seven months, five defenses)
* - Lauryn used the Supremacy championship to cash in for the King's Road championship at Ante Up. She'd go on to win by beating Johnny Amazing.

  • Red State Revolver "Beale Street Brawler" Championship (1)
  • JWC Emirates Championship (1 time, current)

NAME: Danni
AGE: 19
EXPERIENCE: Four years
PREFERRED METHOD OF CONTACT: PM, Twitter DM, and Skype. Ask my baby daddy Perry for deats.

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