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Author Topic: A beginning of potentially be a North American title contender  (Read 59 times)

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Plants destroying zombies. Las Vegas, Nevada. Monday 30th July.

It's about time things were looking up for Lord Raab since he won his first 4CW match against Johnny Storm a couple of weeks ago, something he's worked long and hard for so that he didn't waste time celebrating it because he went straight back to doing his volunteering job of selling alcoholic drinks to show he was able to be a good person to everyone around him who congratulated him for the win he had against Johnny Storm.

However, he knew it was a much tougher task if not the toughest task he had to encounter since he returned to 4CW months ago and he wasn't entirely sure if this was a bit too fast for him to get the chance to face against Kimitsu Zombie who was currently the North American champion. Granted, it was only one win he had since his return, but he knew he had put in a lot of hard work to get himself there, although he already knew exactly what she was going to say in terms of the title she currently holds.

However this wasn't like any other day with his headquarters with things being at night anymore, he was actually somewhere you'd think it'll be the last place Lord Raab would be, playing games on the computer in Henry's office. Of course, there's no internet as although there was a computer for Samuel and Raab to use, although Samuel does write his blogs online, Raab wasn't a fan of using the internet.

It's never been his style so instead of using internet, he was using the computer to play a game called Plants vs Zombies which was a game where you have plants or other types of potatoes and collecting yellow circles to plant more objects, even getting coins to spend on a few things in the shop which he feels it relates a lot to the match, despite how clean and well lit the room was since it barely was used as while he plays the game, he presses record on the camera to speak although was looking more at the computer screen to play the game, but still can see Lord Raab talking with mashing buttons on keyboard.

Lord Raab: “I can't believe I won a match in 4CW against Johnny Storm. It's been a while, got to admit to feeling really positive about my next match against somebody who seems to be angry at the world, something I can pretty much relate to as I was that guy once upon a time in 4CW which I'm no longer do or instead use anger in a negative way instead of using it for positive reasons like Kimitsu Zombie does.

After all, there's no reason to treat her as a non threat, I can't in this case with what she's done to get herself there, although admittedly not the way I'd want to win the title anymore, but she did it regardless along with the Pride title run she had I can't ignore either. I can't compare that to myself at all to be honest because I've won no titles since I've been in the company and that pisses me off a lot when I get consistently reminded from others I'm not as good as I used to be, I don't seem to have heart anymore, things I expect from Kimitsu Zombie to say about me because she will, no question about that.”

For a bit, there are very tough zombies coming at the plants, even Zombies eating some of the plants Lord Raab planted, although some were destroyed by eating potatoes, but there were some zombies who jumped right over the potato and went to eat the plants before Lord Raab destroys them with the plants firing blue or green peas at the zombies as the level ended with coins to collect and a card to pick up.

Lord Raab: “I know realistically, Kimitsu isn't a zombie, but this game pretty much relates to her name with the plants destroying zombies which seems like an entertaining game to play. Back on topic, there's no question her talent for wrestling is right on top, there's no denying her skills are amazing in the ring, especially the fight she gave to a man who I can't say anything positive about the man due to reasons I'll explain nearer the time if I get to face James Shark. There's nothing wrong to feel angry sometimes, and it does give you the energy to win matches, believe me as I had a ton of anger issues in the past. Some say I still do, but they aren't as bad as before.

However, your using anger as a means to trash talk the entire world the wrong way to trash talent like you've always done because you feel it gives you the benefit of exposing people. You aren't the nice person as I thought you'd be and that's disappointing in itself because you are a better person than that. What about an idea to use anger positively to motivate yourself to defend the title with pride and honour? What about using anger in a way to show the world instead of running your mouth so much to take risks of doing something new?

This is what you need to think about because that's the way I approach my anger, although I've had to go through a lot of counselling sessions to learn and discover about myself because admittedly, I'm still learning about myself every single day, even here and now while I play this plants vs zombies game because unlike you, I know the difference between what you use your anger for and what I use it for and that needs to change because it'll lead you nowhere but bad places.”

Of course, Raab knows she'll likely pick apart at Lord Raab's reason for not taking part in the Extreme Roulette title along with something he already shook his head at after hearing the video Zombie did for the match as he destroys more zombies by using more plants. Raab takes a quick drink of water he had on the other side of the table before he got right back to the game.

Lord Raab: “Yes, it's easy to swing a chair to beat people down but it's even easier to attack a champion backstage and win the belt the way you did instead of proving yourself of being a champion by fighting for the belt in the ring with your in-ring skills because that's how you win titles, not using cheap shots and I never agree with it whatsoever as I prefer to work for title shots. I used to be a hardcore wrestler, heck I was raised and born in that environment but it gets stale after a while because everyone knows this fact about me now I've announced in public how I got into this business, something Kimitsu doesn't understand.

I moved on from that part of me; I know you'll say I should've taken the match but I know types like you to say I didn't deserve to face Donavan to go for the XTV title which I didn't but that's the facts you'd likely twist. I find this funny you want to be violent but have no use for weapons at all. I realise of course wrestling is a violent sport at the same time. However, I use violence for the right reasons like to shut your god awful mouth up.”

It may have seen really brutal from what Lord Raab said, even if he needed to show his face on camera instead of a computer screen at one point but he wanted to have fun playing the game which Raab was, although he was only angry because he found trash talking pointless other to get the last word of everything. He finished another stringent level of defending the house from zombies, even explode them with cherries as he continues.

Lord Raab: “What I also found funny is when you told Donavan that he took no pride in defending the title when actually, he showed more pride in wanting to defend the title more than you have. Not once have you ever mentioned you wanted to defend the North American title as you should do, and I don't see you even being proud to be champion either. Well, I wouldn't be proud if I won the title by attacking you backstage and pinning you to win the belt either. I work for that shit in the ring, not how you won the title regardless of what the rules are.

Donavan was a great champion who wanted wrestlers to step up to face him for the XTV belt; I can't say you've done that with the North American title once, not even against James Shark was your title mentioned. I question if you want to defend your title against people or you want to be a champion who's a sitting duck without stating who you want to face for the title. You barely promote the title outside of the shows while I consistently promote and help 4CW and interact with the fans without using social media to do so which I find social media as a way to promote matches and events lazy when there are other ways to do that. I prefer the face to face interaction with the fans when they come and see me; I prefer sending fans a signed autograph when they send fan mail to my home and most importantly prefer to wrestle in the ring and saying what I have to say on camera.”

It was always something Lord Raab had always been against when it came to social media, especially Twitter as he wants to be different than those who use the site as he does show a bit of his face to the camera for a few seconds to know everything he said was dead serious and he continues to speak.

Lord Raab: “Back in my days, there were no social media sites or even internet for that matter to promote matches and events, we had to advertise things by newspapers or on TV which I always do anyway and making drawn out leaflets to promote stuff like that and call me old fashioned but if I can do that now, there's no reason for social media to exist if I interact with the fans nearly every single day for 4CW because that's the way things should be done, not just talk to fans behind a damn computer where you barely meet them face to face.

Not to mention Twitter especially is a place for cowards to play when it comes to being able to talk shit behind a computer screen which takes no effort to do and I think to myself, what a bunch of lazy ass pussies to hide behind a keyboard and talk shit instead of stating what you have to say on camera, trash talking in my face and fight in the ring to do something about it. I don't have time to use social media when I have a son to take care for, when I wrestle around the world, when I bust my ass in the gym every single day, it's a waste of time, and I prefer to meet friends and talk to them in person.”

Lord Raab felt a bit bad in a way that he felt he was trashing the fans which apparently wasn't the case as it was the way to fit in these days which had become a sad truth about wrestling as he continued to plant the pea-shooting plants and the mushroom to gain enough points and knew he had to get right back on topic with Zombie as it didn't take long for him to complete the level.

Lord Raab: “Point I'm trying to make with you Zombie is you haven't done anything of a sort to get anybody to target you for that belt other than trash talking to get that attention, and there's another thing I don't approve of you doing at times, and that's drinking alcohol while talking to wrestlers. That's not being a professional, is it? That's why you run your mouth because your drunk and that's a thing about you that's likely not pointed out is you need to drink to talk to make you sound tough.

There's nothing tough about your words outside of the ring of course. You're a tough wrestler, yes and you are hard to knock down off your feet, that's indeed something I stand by but if you need alcohol to talk for you, I don't know what to say really other than it's so funny you think people would be hurt by your words when we aren't because most drunk people are never serious with what they say.”

This was when Lord Raab turned to the camera, looking serious at it, almost like he was looking at Kimitsu Zombie.

Lord Raab: “While I'm serious with everything I said, a bit brutal at times yes, but that's the kind of crap people have to put up with every single time you talk because you prove that the only time you give people respect is if they trash talk hard instead of the skill and the threat they pose to you in the ring. That's where it should belong and I will show you just how capable I am in the ring when I face you because unlike you, I actually would do everything possible to make sure that North American title gets the respect it deserves, not from someone who acts like she doesn't give a shit because clearly, you haven't given a damn about the belt.

I do and I will earn myself a shot for your North American title by defeating you in the ring which is putting all of my hard work and heart into beating you in the middle of the ring which I guarantee you with the amount of momentum I have compared to you is massive and if beating you is what it takes to how serious I am about winning a title, so be it because that's where I belong, not talking to someone who claims to be a Zombie when it's just something you call yourself because you aren't a walking dead creature, your a human being and that's something you'll learn very quickly when you face me.”

Breathing very heavily because he knows the type of offence she'll give to him and wasn't phased by it at all as he continues after taking a sip of water from a cup with FC Koln design on it.

Lord Raab: “You'll also learn quickly what I came back for to face the top wrestlers in pure competition and believing that nobody is a low class wrestler which is a piss-poor excuse wrestlers make towards wrestlers who bust their ass to get where they are and work hard to get better in the ring along with my non paid volunteering job I do to benefit the fans, not to myself other than the only time I care only about myself is in the ring to beat you down and show you how to respect the roster.

To show the kind of threat I am when I'll defeat you with a pinfall or a submission because anybody can beat a champion if they believe in themselves which I do. I know I can pull an upset to defeat you in the ring which lines myself up as a potential title contender I will earn the title match against you and force yourself to have no choice, but to defend the title against me and possibly James Shark as well who to be fair should get a title shot against you.”

Raab takes a sip of water before speaking again.

Lord Raab: “I have to defeat you first however because that's the hard work I prefer to do when I earn title shots and being able to say I defeated a champion will go very good on my record of other achievements I've done while being in 4CW without being champion which will soon no longer be the case when I win once again on Wednesday night in Portland, Oregon because I'm fired up to take you down and force you to make mistakes to win as I want to win against you and I want that title you carry around your shoulder to no longer carry the demons I have with no titles won in 4CW to actually winning one because I've never given up that quest and I've never given up in this company to be successful.

Prepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab with my arms raised in the air after I've made you tap out or pin you for the ring and being viewed as the next North American title contender because I gave it more attention than you have in the entire time you've been champion. Good luck Kimitsu Zombie because you will need it.”

Raab finishes up playing plants vs zombie game and shuts the computer down along with pressing the stop button on his camera to stop recording to leave the computer room area to head back to his house to spend time with Samuel and his son throughout the entire day, although Samuel's concerned about Lord Raab as he seems out of place and he writes something down to answer Samuel's question.

Lord Raab: “I want to beat this bitch, that's all. It's too long that I've not won a title in 4CW and I got pissed off about it. Let's focus on helping Callum build a giant office building with his Lego pieces.”

As he does throughout the entire day until they all went to their beds to head off to sleep to know all he had to do is to beat Kimitsu Zombie for the three count to be on the list to be a title contender for the North American title.

Thank you for all the memories on TV Total and Schlag Den Raab, Stefan Raab. Farewell legend.