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"Three Years"
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Every action causes a reaction. That was a given in life, maybe one of the only certain ones. It easily could be compared to throwing a stone onto an silent lake, it will cause waves. And for whatever reasons those waves always were different. It didn’t matter how big or little the stone was. The lake had the final decision.

Of course this metaphor could be used for a lot of things but also for the way the Quagliaterre siblings had grown up. The circumstances were far from perfect, but whatever was? And maybe they didn’t have the same chances, but both made something out of their lives. If you looked at Alessandro and Alicia you would have never guessed that they were blood. It wasn't only their appearance, her being white as the wall and him having this milk chocolate skin tone, but their whole behaviour seemed so different. People liked to point at what they didn’t understand, thankfully neither of them cared.

It was Monday July 3rd, 2018.

It had been near enough three years since they last ran into each other. And in that amount of time a lot of things had happened. Especially when living a life like they did. Always on the run and somewhat a public person. It wasn't like she hadn’t missed her younger brother but sometimes you had to stay away. Why? To protect those you loved. To keep them from all the dirt that was having a value in your life. And there was a lot.

But today everything was different. She was sitting in this Italian restaurant while checking her phone. The waiter had passed her table once or twice asking about her order. When she looked for the time a small sigh escaped her. He was late.

“Some things never change.” Alicia was smiling.

Alessandro stormed into the restaurant a clumsy mess as usual, and to mask over his own insecurities, instead of admitting that he was late because of bad time management, he started going off on one of the waiters.

“You call this black coffee?!?” Alessandro said perturbed. He then spat the liquid onto the floor.

“This tastes like toilet water. Learn how to extract colombia’s finest you schmuck”

The waiter then trembled holding on to a half empty coffee mug, and went crying to the kitchen. Alessandro then casually waltz his way over to his sister’s table.


He nodded at his sister Alicia, who drew her attention away from the phone for a moment.

“So what do I owe, this pleasure to, it’s been a long time hasn’t it?”

Alicia looked at him for a very long moment, no sign of emotion change showcasing on her face. She seemed calm and in good spirits, but he probably was aware that half of this was an act. Their relationship, no matter how long they been separated, was always tight.

“The last time we were jamming it was 2015. I’d just left EWE, you had returned after that whole abduction with the Japanese triad, and then we just drifted apart, life happened, and we ghosted one another”

Alessandro sighed.

“Is that what our relationship means, that we just sideball each other? We’re connected for life Alicia. That hurt me, that tore me apart, and I’ve struggled to recover ever since.”

“I have been hurt too, Stitch. It is not like I made it an easy decision to walk out of your life -- but sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture. Things were happening and I tried my best to keep some of it from you. Like I have done all my life.” She let out a small sigh. “But I see you have been able to get yourself in trouble just fine.”

He palmed his hands over his head.

“I’ve been through a marriage, a divorce, fathering three children that needed homes and love, and then I got my own child, and I flopped at all of it. It’s like the self sabotage of the past, and what I was taught growing up by our cunt of father, have come back to haunt me. And unknowingly whether I like to admit it or not, I’ve become just like him. That is something I resent. Dearly”

He mumbled to himself, unsure what to say next. The waiter then returned with a fresh cup of coffee, and Alessandro used his fingers as daggers to his eyes, that he was watching him. He went to work on the drink, as Alicia having allowed him to speak, then let her feelings on the matter clearly known.

“You’re not like him. You have never been like him and  I will be damned if you ever will be like him. He was scum and got all the hell he deserved, Alessandro. Just because I wasn't around doesn’t mean I haven’t been living under a rock. I know about your struggles, about your bad decisions and about the crowd you surround yourself with.”

Alicia reached out to grab her glass taking a long sip. For whatever reason it felt as if someone was choking her, making speaking difficult.

“Some of it was your own fault, some of it leads back to the person you are. Ever since we have been kids you have had problems with balance. It always was, all or nothing. Black or white, but never a shade of grey. I know in this life it is hard to find people you can rely on. Which often enough leads to holding on to people that are not what they pretend to be. Believe me I have been there.”

There was another pause. She was looking down at her hands realising that had been clenched into fist this whole time. With more effort than expected she opened them, feeling the blood coming back to her fingers.

“You look like life has been treating you well those past years, Alicia. But you don’t sound like it. So what part is leading me on?”

“Maybe a little bit of both? You know better than anyone that we were never allowed to complain while we were kids. And to be honest with you, who really wants to hear? I can give you a quick rundown though. I am running ‘the business’ behind the scenes, like I did when we said our silent goodbyes. If anybody want’s anything done in Jersey they see me. I met a guy that I thought could be the love of my life -- we even married. Had two kids. But like every fairytale there was a twist. He became a violent man towards his family. And then he took all my money and ran off with a cheap whore.” She took a deep breath. “Excuse my vulgar language. We talk about a lot of money. They eventually caught him and now he is in jail.”

They were interrupted with the waitress appearing at their table. Alessandro was giving her an annoyed look, but didn’t comment. Ali ordered for both of them while filling her water glass once more. They looked at each other again and for a moment she spotted a little smile on his face.

“Not the end you were aiming for, huh?” There was sarcasm swinging in his voice.

“You’re not saying, Alessandro.” She replied with the same sarcasm. “Truth is, I was looking for a more satisfying scenario. I am not the type of person that lets someone disrespect her -- in my world it's an eye for an eye. But I have two little kids, so I am not that much of an hothead anymore.”

Children was a sensitive subject to Alessandro. He displayed an external expression of joy at hearing the news of Alicia’s parenthood. Internally though he was torn and jealous of Alicia, as her relationship with her children made him envy and regret the fragility of his relationship with his own.

“That’s awesome when do I get to meet the little twerps?”

Alicia did not appreciate Alessandro’s comment.

“We have to work on your language, brother. Otherwise you will not get close to your nieces. Believe it or not, I am very selective with the people they get to meet.”

Alessandro held his hands up in admission

“Alright. My bad. Where the fuck is that bitch with my coffee?!?”

Alicia rolled her eyes, as Alessandro completely ignored her request. He whistled rather loudly attempting to gain the attention of one of the waitresses, while simultaneously addressing Alicia’s concerns.

“What I meant was... when do I get to meet the bundles of joy, because I cannot wait. Maybe I can mask over my own failures as a father, by projecting a successful relationship with your children.”

Alessandro just realized he said all of that out loud.

“Whoops! Pretend I said none of that”

“Unfortunately I do not know the mother of your children -- or your kids themselves. If you wanna share one day, you know I will be all ears. But the thing with our offsprings is that, we can not fool them. They see right through every act that we pull, Alessandro. So I only seen a few interactions on social media, but I guess there is deep hurt involved.” Alicia looked at him. “I will not defend you, but as a matter of fact you don’t know what it means to be a father. Mostly because ours never was one for you, you never got the chance to feel the love you deserved.”

The expression on his face was a warning -- to everyone, but her. She wasn't known to shut up about uncomfortable subjects. Not even with him.

“Your kids will not care if you are poor or rich. If you are popular on a platform that is feeding egos. They will care for what you do for them and with them. That is the thing about being a parent. Your children come into this world and love you without any condition. But to remain that status -- you have to work your ass off. Of course we make mistakes but you can always work on fixing them.”

She hit him right in the feels with that. On the inside she was counting till three, fully aware he would change the subjects just then.

“True. Very True. Now tell me what jail is that cuck couped at? I believe I should go pay him a friendly visit.”

Alessandro raised his eyebrows suggestively whilst having a devilish grin on his face. It wasn’t going to be friendly at all, it was clearly code for something, which Alicia immediately picked up on.

“You will do no such thing. If I wanted the problem solved -- I would have done that myself. He will be sitting inside that small, dirty cell for a very long time. And if by any chance he will step out a free man one day, I will finish this. I figure by now you have realised what kind of job I am having. And no, I don’t mean the dancing academy.”

Alessandro thought long and hard about going against his sister’s wishes, tracking down her ex husband, and taking care of him privately without her knowledge. But as the anger boiled within him over seeing Alicia in her present situation, he practiced breathing exercises he had learnt to control his anger. Her words suggested otherwise, but the pain in her eyes was clear, though she had masked it with a brave front. Violence only begets more violence, and Alessandro was attempting to be more calm in hostile situations, but a nagging voice within the back of his head kept whispering to him that something must be done. Before he could wrestle with his own demons in his head, finally the waitress had returned. She had steaming hot black coffee for Alessandro, and the one thing Alessandro loved more than anything else in this world was coffee. All his troubles and worries were immediately forgotten, and he got to sipping that luscious roast of coffee. For Alessandro, Coffee was life.

“Good things take time.”

Alicia said, obviously not referring to the coffee. She laid some money on the table before gracefully rising from her seat. It was hard to miss the puzzled look on her brothers face, but she only nodded. A moment later Alicia stood right next to him, leaning down. Her lips softly brushed over his head, her hand squeezing his shoulder. There was no further verbal explanation, she simply walked out of the restaurant. But not without looking back once more, smiling.