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Looking towards the future
« on: August 13, 2018, 04:51:07 AM »
Looking towards the future. Seattle, Washington. Monday 13th August.

It's been a rocky road for Lord Raab, despite the win he got over Johnny Storm which in his eyes wasn't enough, he knew the challenge he has up against Eli Carlson was a very different beast. Sure, he managed to prove people wrong in showing Zombie he would be a threat for the North American title in the future even with a loss, he still showed he cared about 4CW, he cared for the company may be a bit too much, but he doesn't give up, that's something Lord Raab can always take pride in when it comes to the company.

He admits he's not a good person outside of 4CW related activities, but he aims never to go down the path he once went through before coming back on being a monster which was nothing, but false as he repeated time and time again. Lord Raab does see Eli as a threat and knows exactly what he'll say, especially from the way Eli's acting and Lord Raab shook his head while looking out from a space needle, giving himself time to reflect on the loss, not that he cared about wins or losses anymore.

That part of him was done on moaning and complaining like a bitch on top of asking and demanding title shots which weren't something he'd like to do ever again. He takes opportunities as they come as he looks out on the many buildings that were in Seattle. He, however, found out news the other day from Henry about a major event coming up for him. That was for the future though as he's more or less focused on Eli Carlson as he starts to speak.

Lord Raab: “Eli Carlson is a name I've not heard of for quite some time but I'm glad to be in the ring with him as it's about time we're fighting each other. You've been a 4CW champion which admittedly, is something that still drives me crazy I've not yet done in this company. Something I'm working a lot towards getting that goal. I think we can say that honestly, you're another opponent that will give me a tough time to work back up the top because you're a major threat, that's something I can't and won't deny.”

Of course, Lord Raab was a positive person since he had surgery done on his face from cancer and had a ton of counselling sessions that made him the person he is. He's wearing casual clothes of his FC Koln shirt, although he's in the middle of creating a shirt almost alike to his team with 4CW logos on it, wearing jeans and wearing black boots. He still shakes his head as he continues.

Lord Raab: “I got to be honest when I say this, you've shown no respect to anybody you've faced. I know the kind of crap you'll say towards me, but what makes you think you can come back here, basically asking for respect that quite frankly you don't deserve? What makes you think you can go on camera and show no respect to any wrestler you face? You shit on every single wrestler you fought from Bryan Willams to Cosmo and Jeb two weeks ago.

It's disgusting how you've trashed on every single opponent because you feel you're better than them, especially as I know you won't view me as a threat because I've not won enough matches, I've not won a title here, but that does not sound like a former respectable champion action to me. Sure, Zombie was pretty brutal last week, but at least she shows some respect to her opponents, you don't give a damn about anybody apart from yourself you selfish bastard.”

It was one of those times Lord Raab hated the things he's saying because of how brutal Eli was with his words, and he goes to buy two bottles of water as he was furious at Eli on how he approached all of his matches. He takes a sip from his bottled water and continues where he left off.

Lord Raab: “I honestly don't even think you respect this company at all from the way you talk. Guess what? Nobody gives a damn what you did in the past. You've been a fucking disgrace to everyone you've come across, telling them they have no chance whatsoever to beat you in the ring when it can happen any day of the week. That's another problem with a majority of wrestlers in this company the amount of shit you talk at opponents than actually taking time to gather your real thoughts and feel people being a threat to defeat you. I still look forward to fighting you and still feel you're a threat because you have defeated Bryan Williams after all, but I know you won't feel the same, you'll treat me like a dog like you've done with Bryan, Jeb and Cooper.

Is that what you feel Eli? What is your purpose for being back? Last I checked, you only came back to make sure people still talk about you and remember the things you've done. You have all the talent in the world, and you did capture a title in quick time, but to be honest, after beating Jair for the 4CW, you gave up on fighting Bronx Valescence to recapture the belt you lost. I never gave up on this company Eli, you however did because you couldn't take a loss and that you felt you didn't have it in you anymore.”

Raab knew he was really hash towards Eli, especially 4CW stars made him angry and Henry tells Raab to relax and remind him not to say harsh things.

Lord Raab: “I've had so many losses here, yet it still doesn't tell me to give up because I refuse to quit, I'm a stubborn son of a bitch. You really haven't done anything impressive since you've been back, heck you and Genie lost by a count out last week. Sure you could say you got distracted, but it shows even farther you still can't take losses fair and square which lead for you to be counted out as you never wanted to be pinned by Jeb or Cooper.

I've never allowed losses to get to me; I never allowed losses for me to leave 4CW. I only left 4CW for a bit because of a lump I had on my face which turned out to be cancer so I was fighting for my life so I could come back and win a 4CW title, despite the losses I had, I always knew I would go back cos I have faith and being loyal to this company while people like you only care about wins and losses.”

He was a bit calmer now he got most of his angry thoughts out of what Eli's said to everyone around him and spends a bit of time signing autographs and posing in pictures for the fans who still came towards him, and he continues.

Lord Raab: “The only loyalty you have is with your wife, and it seems like you never wrestled in a company without Genie by your side. It's hypocritical of you to say Bryan Williams threw in the towel with 4CW when that's precisely what you did after losing the title. At least Bryan continued to wrestle here after he lost the title, you didn't. I don't understand why you even left the company. If you say to me that 4CW is my addiction, you'd be right as I love this company with my heart.

I made sure I've had the killer instinct to do everything possible to make my opponents aware of who I am and what I came here to do, and I certainly didn't come here and get losses, but it's happened and I got to be more brutal with what I say, even if I hate everything I've said because all of you want to trash people instead of respecting their abilities of putting in hard work like I have the entire time I've been here.”

Raab felt like he wasn't taking Eli seriously as he hated everything he said as he stands up for those who have been trashed by Eli as of late, looking like he has no respect for anybody, but himself and Genie which needed to be stamped out. He wipes himself down with some tissue as he was sweating and Henry told Raab to take a walk for a bit around the space needle. Once he did, he went back to the camera and spoke again.

Lord Raab: “I don't see a future with you, Eli, you've given us no reason why you came back to get people invested in you since you aren't in the 4CW title hunt anymore, especially your only focus has been to hurt people. You don't want to win titles anymore apart from the tag titles which I'd love to be a part of, but because I can't find anybody to be my partner, that's not a goal for me right now. You may have broken people apart mentally, but you can't do that with me because nobody has ever made me gave up in this company and you won't be able to do that because you tell me to quit and give up my quest.

I'm not a quitter like you, I always fight really hard and I will be fighting hard on a disrespectful prick who thinks he's hot shit when not only he's done just as much as I have since I returned, but also should know that anybody can defeat you on you, mainly me as I've proven to have beaten top names because they overlooked me which I know you'll do. You won't go as far as me because I have the hunger and desire to change this company upside down to a point this trash talking crap needs to come to an end, all this disrespectful talk comes to an end.”

Once again the anger sparks up as it was more or less driven confidence anger with him and he clinches his fists just from the tension he was feeling from Eli, and he continues.

Lord Raab: “I will beat the respect out of you because quite frankly, you show no respect to wrestlers and everyone who works their asses off around here, telling you to stop talking shit and getting the job done because I know I can defeat you, achievements in the past don't mean a damn thing anymore, nobody mentions my past since it's nothing to care about, much like the 4CW title run you had, you haven't done anything else. You're not Jason Cashe who's done more than just winning one title, he earned the respect of the 4CW locker room because of the loyalty he had for 4CW and actually helped future talent grow into the stars they were or are today.

That's what I want people to view me as, someone who pushes forward to be remembered and I will be remembered because even when I was away, I was mentioned a lot as well and I prove that every single day that I never quit from wrestling this company. I will die for 4CW because I've been here since day one. I respect you as a wrestler, I respect what you've done, and I do view you as a threat that could very well knock me off my feet, but 4CW company running as long as it has is the reason why I've kept going.”

Henry goes to whisper in his ear about the fact of 4CW coming to his home country in a few weeks time, and Lord Raab smiles as he speaks.

Lord Raab: “Especially when Henry reminded me about a big event for me coming up, and you expect me to quit when 4CW is coming to my hometown in a few weeks time? Oh hell no and that's honestly given me another reason to stay, and I will be staying as long as I can, even if it means I'll die as a 4CW wrestler like I almost did if I didn't leave for surgery to remove the lump and the pieces of my mask off my face.

You can say whatever you want about me Eli, but it doesn't phase me on you trashing me like I know you will because you feel you're better than me when you've not proved that against me yet. I know the fact 4CW coming to Cologne, Germany my hometown that I've been waiting for a very long time is the motivation on top of the loss I had against Zombie I needed. I want to be a champion, I want to be in the 4CW hall of fame with the other named legends of our sport, and I know you'll be in there someday, but your lack of respect is gonna lead you nowhere, but bad places.”

He takes a quick breather as the whole thing about 4CW coming to his home country is the reason why he was making a special shirt for 4CW to wear on camera and he nods along with a smile on his face and continues.

Lord Raab: “That's what I mean about the future is I still have a prospect of being champion here, I still have a future that 4CW is a company where people can come and join in, I might be the only long-term wrestler that always came back and not giving up the fight many people have, but I will beat you down with you shutting your mouth and actually prove your worth and actually prove you want to be here by showing it in the ring against this unstoppable 4CW loving wrestler who does a lot more than plastering my face on camera, I help out selling tickets literally at the ticket booths, serving fans food, drinks and selling merchandise. Has anybody else in 4CW has stepped up to volunteer to help this company to grow more than just using social media?

No and that's why I stand out because I don't need twitter to get fans, I already have them as some came for my autograph and picture earlier as that's what I love as well is for the fans to know they have someone they support and adore to realize I spend just as much time with them as I perform in the ring.”

Raab needed another drink as he needed to breathe for a bit which was a good thing when more people rallied around Raab to want his autograph and picture with the fans which he does gladly and they went away happy as he continues to talk more.

Lord Raab: “You aren't hot shit anymore Eli, and you have a chance to beat me, but it's not gonna be enough to keep this 4CW dog down on his feet, shocking the entire world that I was able to pin a former 4CW champion because you overlooked me and never viewed me as a threat, and I will make you do just that, especially when I took Zombie to her limits last week which you show no interest in fighting her for the North American title, regardless of the things she said which I don't care about.

Nor will I with your disrespectful attitude you have towards wrestlers and this company and that's why I will win because people like you don't deserve to be respected, despite the achievements you've done here, your attitude deserves to be beaten out of you and I'm doing it for all the wrestlers in the back you've trashed, 4CW company you've trashed and most importantly, the fans you've trashed as selfish people will not be champions, future champions like myself will be and you'll see for yourself what happens when you underestimate me.

Wednesday night Eli, you would make the biggest mistake of your life when you overlook and trash me because I've done nothing in your eyes when I will knock your ass down to the mat, showing you need to respect and view people as threats more because it will cost you to advance and I will make sure you will be pinned for the three count with my move, having my arm raised above my head because I will advance to prove myself once again I have what it takes to be champion here, while you continue to find out what happens when you trash wrestlers, 4CW company and the fans.”

Takes one last break before speaking again with conviction.

Lord Raab: “I believe we'll tear the house down and you'll learn your lesson to treat this sport and your fellow opponents with respect. Prepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab. Good luck Eli because you're gonna need it when we know I will win because I'm not easy to be defeated and I will have eyes set on me being a future North American champion in 4CW.”

Raab finishes up the video as of course, he knows he's got a lot of work to do regarding promoting 4CW Adrenaline show coming to his home country after the match with Eli Carlson as he'll likely not be at Bad Company cos not only he couldn't find a tag partner to team with for the tag belts, but he had a much bigger task to promote 4CW in his home country to get his fellow German fans to take an interest in Lord Raab's goal of being champion. However he knows he's in for a tough night and he heads back to the hired apartment to get some sleep, especially when the space needle was due to close. Can Lord Raab overcome the odds to defeat Eli Carlson? Will wait and see on Wednesday night in Seattle, Washington to make every single 4CW star turn their head towards Lord Raab being a major threat in 4CW.

Thank you for all the memories on TV Total and Schlag Den Raab, Stefan Raab. Farewell legend.