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Author Topic: Cologne, Germany 4CW preparations/Motivated Lord Raab.  (Read 44 times)

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Cologne, Germany 4CW preparations/Motivated Lord Raab.
« on: September 10, 2018, 04:58:20 AM »
Discussions about 4CW Adrenaline promotion for the Germany show. Koln, Germany. Wednesday 29th August.

It was only a few weeks ago when Henry and Perry tell him about 4CW Adrenaline show coming to his hometown in a month's time. Although he was able to do some things on his own to prepare for the event coming up with photo shoots for posters and signing autographs and posing for pictures with the fans, the only problem was he needed some help in terms of interviews for radio and TV channels, posting leaflets to spread around the Cologne and even around Germany area and doing press conference stuff for the upcoming show which was always a problem for Lord Raab because he wasn't very good at doing interviews and press conference stuff as he's never done things like that since two thousand and thirteen in APW.

That's where Lord Raab asked his twin brother Konrad Raab to help him promote events which Konrad had to come home anyway to sort out the whole deal with adopting a son in his life to get his visa and passport sent off which he did the other day. They were at Lord Raab's home, drawing up some merchandise for Lord Raab since he didn't have any at the 4CW stands because he was a monster in his day and refused to have any fans supporting him.

At the moment, Konrad and Lord Raab had their plans of drawing up shirt designs of Konrad drawing up basically what Lord Raab wanted with 4CW logo and just a regular FC Koln shirt with a 4CW logo on it. Lord Raab had a lot more of a design of having FC Koln shirt in red and white stripy colours with the FC Koln sponsor on it, but instead of FC Koln badge on the shirt, it had a 4CW symbol on it and with Raab number thirteen on the back to show when 4CW started their first show.

Konrad also drew designs of a Lord Raab cap, woolly hat and a scarf as well as they usually are very popular in Koln to buy. As he finished drawing them up, Konrad was ready to show Lord Raab as he says this.

Konrad Raab: “Look what I've done.”

Lord Raab looks through the shirt, cap, woolly hat and scarf designs as it only occurred to Lord Raab that Konrad came out with an idea Lord Raab didn't think to suggest as he says this.

Lord Raab: “Oh, I didn't think about having a scarf design for events. That's awesome stuff. I love the cap design, represents everything I want to be in 4CW with the blue and grey colours with a touch of red and white in them.”

Konrad Raab: “You think you want to get those created?”

Lord Raab: “Totally as I love the cap design. I was thinking though with the woolly hat, maybe have a bobble on it like in the old times.”

Konrad nodded as he was following instructions and crunched up the original design he had for the woolly hat and got a new piece of paper from the dining table to draw up a woolly hat Lord Raab wanted, and it was coming out great as Konrad saw some of the drawings of the great football shirt he wanted.

Konrad Raab: “I think your football shirt design is much better than mine.”

Lord Raab: “It's a clash between FC Koln and 4CW design as it's also something to wear while I wrestle in the ring. The design you've done can be used for the merchandise stands, while this design of me is just to be used to walk into the ring.”

Konrad Raab: “I think it'll be awesome you walk out with your new football FC Koln/4CW shirt on. However, I think you should have a special entrance made and music too.”

Lord Raab: “I have thought about that for the Koln show, but I don't know what music to use to walk out from the curtain.”

Konrad Raab: “You can use motivation by Dope as a theme song. I do when I go to Germany to wrestle, and by all means, you can use that.”

Lord Raab nods at Konrad, knowing it was great to use his German theme for the show, but still needs to create his entrance for the show which he needs to think about overtime. They both put their Lord Raab Merchandise picture designs they drew together before grabbing cans of coke in the fridge, and open it with the fizz popping out before they took a sip.

Lord Raab: “Thank you so much for helping me out with all of this as I knew Henry nor Samuel could help me the way you can with the promotion and advertisement of 4CW Adrenaline show.”

Konrad Raab: “No problem. It's about time I help you for a change. So where is it you're going to wrestle next for 4CW?”

Lord Raab: “Tokyo, Japan.”

Konrad Raab: “You and Henry can use my place to stay, but clean up after yourselves and make sure it's tidy and put things where they were.”

Lord Raab: “That's perfectly fine with me.”

There was something on Lord Raab's mind also that was more than just 4CW promotion he needed help with as Konrad saw Markus looking on the ground like something is bothering him as Konrad got concerned of his twin brother.

Konrad Raab: “You alright?”

Lord Raab: “I was thinking about someone else that's on the 4CW roster I could very well be facing in the ring pretty soon, Finn Whelan.”

Konrad Raab: “I will say some of the stuff he says is questionable, but he's not like Eli who was disgusting towards you, he's brutally honest. He knows about you as I've spoken to Finn about you.”

Lord Raab: “What's he like in the ring?”

Konrad Raab: “He's a weapons expert much like yourself who's very deadly in the ring. He might be a small sized wrestler, but he can really pack in a punch pretty hard and will hurt you pretty badly. His weakness is your strength, power and size. He's not a rulebreaker, but he's smart to expose your weaknesses, and the wins and losses factor will come into play here.”

While Konrad was mentioning in more details about Finn Whelan since he fought him in another company a few months ago, Lord Raab writes down everything Konrad knows about Finn Whelan of information he might very well need in the future. Lord Raab's aware of the respect Konrad has for Finn, heck even friends with him at one point. As Lord Raab takes a sip of his coke likewise Konrad, he scratches his head to talk.

Lord Raab: “I doubt I'll be in a weapons match with him, that part of my life is done.”

Konrad Raab: “I get it in 4CW, but he will know you're in Carnage Wrestling company with your team and knows you have the hardcore streak in you. I'm aware it won't be a hardcore match, but I'm just saying to watch out for the young lad.

Lord Raab: “I will don't worry. I can handle him in the ring. He's just in the way of my goals right now, and I need to win because to convince Perry to possibly place me in a title match in my home country. I won't ask, demand or even request it on video tomorrow, but that's what I would like to have.”

Konrad Raab: “I don't blame you since it's the first time 4CW's coming to our home city for the wrestling show, and I'm excited about it as a spectator, even if I'm likely to watch it at home because of wrestling you know.”

Lord Raab: “Yes, Supreme Championship Wrestling has wrestling shows on Wednesday too. I get it.”

Konrad Raab: “Anyway, I better go since I promised to Fizz I'll be home at ten to have a phone discussion before I go to sleep. I'll see you tomorrow.”

Konrad drank the last few bits of his coke before placing the can in the bin with Lord Raab letting his twin brother out of the door. After that, he got time alone without Henry being with him as he goes to watch a bit of TV before heading straight off to bed.


Lord Raab's quest of tackling a vicious wrestler. Tokyo, Japan. Monday 10th September.

It was quite late at night in Japan as he was inside of his twin brother's large apartment which was a blessing for Henry who saved a lot of money since Lord Raab and Konrad Raab made up as being brothers who help each other out with situations. There's a lot of bedrooms and a few bathrooms in the place along with an indoor gym as well. There was plenty for Lord Raab to do, however, while there was, it wasn't the time to do any of that, it was time for Lord Raab to go on camera with his video recorder while sitting on the large sofa in the living room as he begins to speak after he presses record.

Lord Raab: “I never thought I'd see the day where I'm fighting against an opponent who has wrestled my twin brother in the past in another company which from what I heard not allowed to mention or say anything about and defeated him in the ring known as Finn Whelan. I can see why they placed us in the match as 4CW want to test me to push myself a lot to encourage me that if I continue to be where I am, I will achieve something in my career in 4CW.

Anyway, the reason why I wasn't at the Bad Company PPV was a few weeks ago, I got told about 4CW coming to Cologne Germany so without being asked, me and Konrad who I asked to help me out with the promotion side of things because he's an expert on doing interviews for TV and radio stations about 4CW Adrenaline coming to Cologne and promoting it because I believe 4CW wanted to hit my hometown after Japan for me.”

Lord Raab didn't even expect it to happen since it's been a matter of a few years the last time he wrestled in Germany. He scratches his head a bit before coughing to the camera before speaking again.

Lord Raab: “I respect what Finn's done in other companies regarding winning titles in Union Underground and that letter W place where he was the Wildcard and Heavyweight champion. He's an incredible talent according to Konrad who can pack a punch and a very dangerous wrestler with a mindset that's smart. He's also known as an ultraviolent wrestler too which is something I'm known for in my time in 4CW.

However, when I look at all of that on top of him being a former 4CW Ignition champion which is something I am craving for right now obviously which I go on about it enough, I also see where his weaknesses lie regarding what my overall strength is, power and size. Size doesn't matter, that's true, but I outweigh this kid quite a lot, so I have to think to throw him around like a rag doll in the ring on Wednesday night because he's just a pawn compared to me in the ring.

Although he has no tensions of cheating in the match because that's the one thing Konrad told me which I admire in Finn that he wants to be beaten and win matches fair and square. I agree with that because using cheap methods to win matches is an act of a coward. I used to be one of those rulebreakers who do anything to win because back then, I was a desperate fool trying to get to the top. Of course, I've changed my approach altogether because I ended up respecting the company as a whole to change my ways.”

4CW has made Lord Raab change to being a human being he is as he believes in the company, heck they are taking a step out of what they usually do. Lord Raab smiles as the motivation he has never been bigger as he continues to speak.

Lord Raab: “I know you even have connections to your half-sister Elena Riddle who recently got married to Cyrus which is another thing you have over me, friendship. Ever since I got raped by a woman, I've avoided all contact with people wanting to be my friend. That's why I was so nasty to everyone around me because I was afraid of making friends and didn't know how to. To this day, I still don't have any friends in the wrestling business, and it's a habit I want to break, especially in 4CW. The only people I consider as my friends are the fans.

You fans are the only friends I have that want to keep me going as a wrestler, and that's one thing that's strong with you is you have my brother as a friend and others around you. However, it's also a good thing because I can only focus on myself where I'm consistently growing as a performer as a wrestler and as a human being by helping out backstage which I won't get into again just as a way to connect with the fans when I'm not wrestling in the ring.”

Lord Raab did treat like the 4CW fans were his friends since he had no wrestler in the company he was friends with at all due to him wanting to be busy all the time, and Raab felt left out he didn't have anybody to talk to due to his insecurities. Lord Raab took a sip of water before speaking again.

Lord Raab: “Getting back to the match, I can imagine that our match will be a great one for everyone to watch whether that's at the arena or on their TV screens in a country that respects this sport who want to see us tear the house down. However I'm aware you'll bring up my wins and losses, but I didn't come to 4CW to win titles and place myself in the hall of fame. I came to 4CW because of my passion for this place, something not a lot of 4CW stars have.

I can even show you that passion in the ring on Wednesday night of being the mainstay of this company that's never left the company, more I had cancer to remove and had a lot of counselling to learn more things about myself on how to be a human being cos I didn't know how to until I was told I was one, just nobody knew about my relationships and my son.

While I also know you've not had a good run as of late either with losses to Vidus and Nemesis and losing the title to DeMarcus Gresham as of late which is why I will be winning this match because although I'm working on it, I'm confident I can do the one thing Konrad wasn't able to do, defeat you in the ring and with Cologne, Germany event coming up that I've done a lot of hard work on to get tickets sold for the event and the promotion I've done for it, there's no chance in hell I'm going to walk to my hometown in two weeks time with another loss to my name.”

The passion was beginning to come through on how excited Lord Raab was to wrestle in his hometown regardless of who it was against as he smiles on camera, being a little tearful of how happy he was.

Lord Raab: “Everyone will witness two wrestlers who need a win behind their back to advance through with their careers, but I got a lot more motivation, and I need to win because of two weeks time, it's lit a fire up in my ass to do anything in the rules obviously to beat you down Finn. Nobody is telling me to go anywhere, and nobody is going to put me down as I want to knock you down with my fists, considering the ultraviolent nature you have and I will walk away with a win I've not had since I defeated Johnny Storm in the ring a few weeks ago.

I will be making sure you're arms are pinned for the three count with my finishers on either one I'll do to you to make sure I will not only be the winner in Japan this week but with a win I can easily walk into Cologne, Germany, my hometown in two weeks time with a ton of momentum with a chance of me potentially wanting a title shot in Germany and you're in the way of that win right now. Prepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab as I will have my hand raised in the ring Wednesday night.”

Although Lord Raab acted like he won the 4CW title, it indeed was like winning a world title with how excited and motivated he was to wrestle Finn and to get a win behind his back to fight his next opponent in Cologne in two weeks time. He finished things up as he pressed stop on his video, seeing Henry in shock with how motivated Lord Raab was and he couldn't say anything as Lord Raab heads himself off to bed to get some sleep before the match against Finn Whelan on Wednesday night in Tokyo, Japan.

Thank you for all the memories on TV Total and Schlag Den Raab, Stefan Raab. Farewell legend.