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OK Guys. (Twitter discussion talk)
« on: September 11, 2018, 05:45:54 PM »
I'm sorry to speak on this to potentially cause drama so I'm gonna go and mention it because this needs to be addressed. So while I was on twitter, I saw comments about me where I'm back on twitter with different characters. I don't have a single character on twitter.

Can I ask why are some people are accusing me of doing something without talking to me directly about it via PM's? This is one of the reasons why I deleted all of my IC twitter accounts two months ago because of me being accused of doing something I didn't do and I tell you, I've been much happier since not being on twitter. The only thing I've been doing in this game is posting and doing RP's, that's it.

I don't even use Cooper or Tuberculosis characters or even know who they are. Also, I wouldn't have written this on the boards if I had a twitter account with those characters. Since I don't have twitter, I have no other way to get this across to you all other than to post here publically. That's all, thank you.
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Re: OK Guys. (Twitter discussion talk)
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Look, I'ma be a bit of a dick about this to you, because I'm familiar with you and you get really touchy...

They probably post shit like that because they KNOW IT FUCKS WITH YOU! You get bent out of shape about stuff like this; that's why they do it. It's bait. Want my advice....

Fuck....them. Even posting that shit you did gives dudes power. Gives them an incentive to keep fucking with you. If the shit they're accusing you of doing isn't true, then what the fuck is the point of getting pissed off about it, huh? Ignore them, do your thing, and move on. It's that simple. Geez...

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Re: OK Guys. (Twitter discussion talk)
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Re: OK Guys. (Twitter discussion talk)
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hey raab i love you