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Author Topic: The same old Dakota part 1.  (Read 65 times)

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The same old Dakota part 1.
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The same old Dakota. Koln, Germany. Wednesday 19th September.

It's a bizarre situation for Lord Raab as he still preferred to be in a title match, but he wasn't going to whine and cry about it like most wrestlers he hears have been doing as he was placed to face against someone who Lord Raab's defeated in the ring once before, Dakota Smith. There's no lie of them having wars against each other in the past, and the worrying thing is Raab feels he's going to go back to his monstrous ways that he doesn't want to go back to, especially when potentially, he could be in the war games cage if he won the match.

He heard rumours the 4CW Adrenaline show in Koln was a complete sell-out from the promotions and interviews he's done, some with Konrad at first due to his lack of experience of media attention and advertising the event with posters and banners surrounding the town. It was also unusual for Lord Raab to be inside of a castle by himself as he's been known for being with fans as of late with his videos which he does plan to do later on in the week.

He's not just inside of the main castle, he's down in the castle sewers where nobody has used the toilet in the castle for years, even just being down there made Raab hold his nose, covering his nose up with his top as the smell was disgusting like it was dump that's never been disposed of from the castle sewer. He walks literally on the water, splashing as he moved each time with a few screeches of rats and even mice in the sewer as he starts to talk.

Lord Raab: “I hate being down here, but I blame my opponent for this because nearly every video Dakota Smith does, it's always either in dark forest, dark basements or most of the time, dark industrial sewers like that's somehow trying to get his point across of being a psychotic person. How doesn't he change at all, despite the achievements he's done?

Because honestly, everyone is bored of seeing videos of you being in dark places to prove you're some psycho who's too scared of literally interacting with the world instead of being on Twitter to do so. You're the same old Dakota as I faced in the past. I know, and I get that you've done a lot of things in 4CW with winning titles of every single title you've held here and proving how dangerous and violent you are. You don't need me to tell you that because everyone knows that about you and I know I could very well get hurt in the match.”

Screeches were getting louder as Raab got close to where the rats and mice were living as he does see some vomit on the floor that's been left there for years. Raab couldn't stand a second of being down in the sewers. Back when he was a monster, he would be able to handle it as he shakes his head from the horrible smell and the blood he sees.

Lord Raab: “We know what you're capable of, but did you back up you were going to win against Mark Storm who my twin brother respects and Andre Holmes? No, you didn't, you and Cyrus let yourselves get beat, and I'm going to ask you something. Why is it you refuse to move on from the past achievements you made with Cyrus? Why is it you refuse to move on from being violent and cutting human and animal meat? Is it because you're too afraid to move on with your life?

Or is it because you're too afraid to be human? The second option was what I was afraid of until I proved my point last week that I got raped by a woman. Since I got that out there, many men even some before I did this video have come up to me and said they got raped too. They weren't able to speak up because everyone mocks and takes the piss out of it, while if a woman came out and admitted it, everyone would react differently. My point was that men can get raped by women as well as women do with men. Let me ask you something, has anything bad happen in your life? Did your parents ever show you, love?”

As he reached to the noises that got louder each time he walked on the water that continuously splash across the sewer, there was a nest of rats one end of the sewer and there were mice on the other end, screeching away with mice making the louder noise over rats as he coughs a little bit, trying to breathe at this point because it was disgusting and horrible as he continues.

Lord Raab: “Just things to think about because unlike you, I was willing to step out of my comfort zone to tell the world about myself. When I was this sickening monster, I was unable to and wanted to hurt and destroy the people around me because I blamed my world problems on them instead of feeling responsible for what happened. Do you know another reason why I told that story apart from me opening up to expose myself as a human being?”

He allowed people to take a quick think of the question which of course, nobody knew why other than being truthful about what happened in his life as he sees even baby mice and rats around, even if some are bigger than his feet were but he had to cough a lot as he got some fresh bottle of water to drink it down before continuing.

Lord Raab: “Because that's how I got to be a wrestler. The day after it happened, I was out in the streets, trying to commit suicide because of how ashamed I was, until I heard fans shouting from what was then known Koln Arena so I stopped dangling myself from the pole and went to crawl through small gaps to get into the arena and then managing to get in to watch a wrestling show, knowing it was what saved my life to see fans cheering on a masked red guy battering the guy who looked just like you with weapons.

Then after the show, I got to meet with a guy called Audric who knew I've been trying to kill myself, who knew I was down in the dumps so once he gave me a weapon to use, it made me feel better to hit someone with weapons, even if I had no idea what I was meant to do. Then in a few months during the months I was training, I had my first match based on hardcore rules where I was an angry person on a revenge rage for the rape that happened months after it and even though I lost, it left everyone talking about the match.”

There was a lot of stuff he told nobody knew with Lord Raab who had changed a lot, especially on the last show where he exposed himself so much more than just Samuel being his husband and having a son. He sees more blood while walking away from rats and mice nest to a dead body being laid there for many years.

Lord Raab: “Now you know why I was that monster because I was angry with myself, but I acted like the whole world was to blame. It was stupid, but I didn't know what to do. My point is it's not weak to admit your faults because you end up being a stronger person instead of being a weak man, hiding himself in industrial sewers, dark forests and dark basements because you hide your past to the world of what happened to Dakota as a kid. You use violence, weapons and making someone bleed to hide that because you're too scared to open yourself up to let the world know who Dakota Smith is outside of the ring.

I know and aware you're going to talk about my wins and losses, that's the problem with you wrestlers in 4CW is you all don't give a shit about the hard work I've put into this business, especially in 4CW which is way more than leaching off my wins and losses. I've not won titles, big deal, I've not long just been back and already, I've got two wins from Johnny Storm and Finn Whelan, an opponent I may add my twin brother lost to and was a former Ignition champion as well.”

Raab knew it was something he notices in all of his opponents to pick apart at his wins, losses and lack of titles in his name in 4CW. It's something he hears a lot because it was easy and he knew he made it even easier for people to pick apart his rape incident and he was happier about it than hiding it. He looks at the blood of the dead body, being laid up in the left-hand corner of the sewer and while going down, he treads on another dead body in the water which made him have blood on his boots that shaped like football boots, except they had no studs in them.

Lord Raab: “So you see Dakota, I've done more than I did as a monster and it's pathetic people keep bringing up the past because it's all they talk about. Everything I've said is in the current day of you refusing to move on from using weapons, violence and making people bleed and be a real wrestler you should be. You limiting yourself to move forward is what can cost your career, and it certainly did by going back with Cyrus as your partner in Omerta while yes, you won the tag titles with him, it cost you in more than a few places.

I won't deny you've achieved a lot in your career in 4CW and being dedicated to 4CW, but have you ever showed pride and passion for the company? Have you ever represented 4CW outside of the company to promote the company? No, you haven't, and your achievements are only known really in 4CW because that's another point I'm making that you refuse to step out of your comfort zone.”

Raab felt like he was repeating a bit now, seeing he couldn't pick apart of his wrestling record, then again, a lot of people in 4CW were picking apart of their personal lives. Not as such with Dakota who doesn't have one as he hides it all. Raab takes another sip of his water, barely able to breathe in the sewer as he hides his nose under his shirt to breathe more to see dead rats and mice in the sewer now too.

Lord Raab: “While this might be a sewer, did you know castles like Hahnen Gate have them too? What a shocker I'm actually doing this video inside of a castle sewer because to prove a point on how stupid this type of scenery you create in all of your videos is as it makes no sense to half of the matches you're in, and I think the time you ate a rat is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen which by the way, nobody should accept by any means because it was cruel.

You show no care in the world for any living things animal or human. I do, and I could very well report you to the animal society because I do charity work for animal society here in Germany. You don't deserve to get nice comments because while I respect you as a wrestler, I don't condone anybody dissecting an animal and eating it to act like your a butcher when actually, you're not. You're a despicable person who pretends to work in a butcher shop.”

Lord Raab never knew what the point was when it came to Dakota who was still the same person as he saw years ago because he didn't want to move on while everyone knows Raab has from a sickening monster to this human being he is. He continues.

Lord Raab: “You don't care for 4CW or the wrestling business itself other than when you wrestle with or without Cyrus in the ring to improve on yourself, to move beyond bleeding and violence and you'll see how happier you will be because I'm certainly much happier now than when I was as a monster. It's easy for you to go back to your past because you know you're afraid of change which is why I'm more than motivated apart from being here in my hometown to beat you to advance myself in the warzone match because I deserve it with the hard work I've put in to get better.

I've evolved myself as a person and changed into someone who cares more about the fans I will put a show on for, especially in my hometown that I'm excited as hell to wrestle in front of my home country I've never gotten to do and dreamt about every single day and most importantly, show you that I'm no longer the green disease monster, no longer a monster for anything other than me being more than human to accept I will bleed, I will be hurt and be willing to admit I can't always avoid being in violent matches unless I have to for good reasons which it would be a good reason to win a 4CW title I always dreamed of having in my records, being likely the only reason why I'm not in the hall of fame right now.”

Lord Raab nodded as he knew although he has tried hard to advance well away from his past, using weapons and being in violent matches is something he can't always avoid. He avoids being a horrible person he once was as he continues while he discovered the water he's walking on was dirty.

Lord Raab: “You're limitations is why I'm going to win because nothing motivates me more than beating you in the ring without resorting to my old self and make my own name that goes beyond beating you with weapons, that goes beyond beating you with panes of glass for a XTV title and most importantly, go beyond beating you with anger and busting you open because I guarantee you, I won't hurt or destroy you. I will do everything possible to beat you because after all, I've done it in the past when I was that monster guy.

This time I will make even more of a message in front of my home fans who I adore so much to make you embarrassed to defeat someone who's won no titles in his 4CW career and showing you that changes can be good and it has for me who's spend more time getting 4CW out there to Germany than just being a wrestler in the ring on top of the volunteering jobs I do in the arena and even out of them now to get closer to the fans than hiding from them and hiding only via social media accounts.”

It was something Raab had always been against with people using social media to talk to people instead of engaging them in person as he takes more of a sip after coughing so much as he steps outside of the sewer now and immediately closes the castle sewer to lock it as he barely made it out alive.

Lord Raab: “I focus on getting better in the ring, and I also hear many people wanting me to leave. That's a coward's attitude of people wanting me to leave to give up my dream of being a 4CW champion. That's the sort of attitude I expect if someone like yourself or Eli Carlson had so many losses instead of learning and growing from them to get better because that's an easy way out, but I will not run away, I've never run away from wanting to be the top wrestler in this company because I came back to win a title in my name, to be in the hall of fame where you're name is.

I've never given up in 4CW as I have too much passion and pride for the company I've started in and I don't intend to fall on the pray of many wrestlers who given up because of people like you not attempting to help wrestlers get better and not allowing wrestlers like me to learn from what I went through and I won't be leaving at any time soon, certainly not when I'm wrestling in front of my home fans and you damn right I'm motivated, seeing that's how I won last week to be in the warzone contender match and you'll be hearing a lot more from me next week where I'm more comfortable and not being inside of a rotten stinking castle sewer to prove nothing other than showing Dakota how stupid he is by doing things like that along with discussing how important and how much the match on top of what awaits me in the future.”

It was something Lord Raab would never do again, but it was to prove a point that even for him, it was stupid to do what he did in the past on top of making Dakota wake up to be more human instead of a disgusting person he claimed to be as he leaves Hahnen Gate castle to head back to his home in Germany to see his husband Samuel McPherson and his calming advisor Henry Losak as he shows his plans about what he has in mind for the clothes he will wear in his hometown on Wednesday night.

Thank you for all the memories on TV Total and Schlag Den Raab, Stefan Raab. Farewell legend.