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How predictable Dakota
« on: September 24, 2018, 04:52:50 AM »
How predictable Dakota. Koln, Germany. Sunday 23rd September.

It was another day where he was in his hometown where itís been nice for him to be home without paying for hired apartments like the time in Japan with his twin brother living there. It had been a relief where he was more comfortable being in his home city with interacting with a lot of fans and even doing some press conferences and even some interviews with the guidance Konrad gave him the other day on how to deal with interviewers and answering questions which were hard for him, giving heís never been in the public eye before.

Itís a changed world for Markus Lord Raab whoís more human than the monster he pretended to be as he's gone away from the past and looking towards the future as he's located at FC Kolnís football ground with some of the players and fans on the pitch with him, showing the entire world he had changed. As of right now, heís wearing an FC Koln shirt with something he will unveil later on today.

He does a few kick ups with the team and does a few training drills with the team as they knew he wanted to do a video in his home teamís ground which with their permission, he was feeling a lot happier than being in the castle sewer to prove how much heís moved on from that part of his life. Once he takes a break, he begins to speak.

Lord Raab: ďOh itís dissecting dolls in a hospital now. This is Dakotaís stupidity that gets worse each day. How did I guess you were going to be repetitive with the same old shit you always do. Nothing ever changes, what youíve done is youíve proved my point that youíre delusional cunt who does these stupid plays that donít mean a damn thing to do something dramatic. Nothing you do is realistic by any means, and you only do those sort of stuff just to prove how sick of a monster you are.

You arenít scary or intimidating at all. Yes Dakota, unlike you, Iím not stupid to know youíve beaten me many times, thatís why I never mentioned the results of our matches because everyone knows that already, but I also know you can bleed a heck a lot worse than you claim to think. Again, whatís the point youíre making make with the irrelevant plays you do?Ē

It left for Lord Raab to leave everyone questioning why Dakota does these stupid plays as although he didnít like to swear; he knows he wonít resort to the world Dakota used towards him due to his husband. He took a bit of a break before he starts to do jumping drills and to go on the ground to throw the ball over his head to the goalkeeper a few times before taking more of a break before speaking again.

Lord Raab: ďWhen are you ever going to give up the lifestyle of being violent and change for once in your life? Nothing with you in or out of the ring has changed other than having some woman with you. Iím not going to insult her because itís just cowardly to offend someone who doesnít wrestle, much like you talking shit behind my back on twitter to your buddies including Cyrus Riddle who I defeated in my last match as a monster before I took off to deal with cancer about me. This is the point I meant when youíre too scared to meet with other humans in person other than your woman. You hide that part because youíre too afraid to expose yourself of being capable of being human who has emotions, much as I said you were a disgusting human being, but you certainly donít act like you give a damn about 4CW.

If you did, at least if I was 4CW champion first time around, I wouldnít have turned my back on the fans and leave them, knowing you didnít give a shit about being champion, and I was there to experience it too, you know when you took a break before being inducted into the hall of fame? That shows you werenít willing to commit to the public eye with the belt, that showed your lack of commitment to being with 4CW. Win or lose a title, Iíll still be around, not like some wrestlers here who purely just come to the company to win a title."

It felt like Lord Raab was comfortable with talking in front of the fans along with the players who thought he was rambling for no reason as he saw the other players and some fans were taking goal shots at the goalkeeper which Lord Raab does as he scores which you see a glimpse of his shirt of Raab thirteen number on the back in the FC Koln shirt as he even talks to the fans, showing his real change and he continues

Lord Raab: ďOf course, granted youíve not taken off after you lost the belt after other times of winning it which speaks my point doesnít it? Whereís the motivation for you to be champion again? Heck, what's the point of you being in the match where youíve won in the past for you to win the belt back? Whatís the reason for you to win the 4CW title again?

Heck, what is the reason for you to prove to be all bloody and violent once again in the same match you won? If I were pretending to be a monster, I wouldíve been in the warzone match for those reasons, but Iím not. Iím not afraid of being bloodied and busted wide open, Iíve never been afraid of pain, and Iím not scared of being in violent situations if I have to be.Ē

Raab nodded at what heís said as he attempts to kick the ball to the camera, almost like Dakota was standing in front of him as he shows his hatred towards Dakota who showed that towards Raab who once again passed the ball towards fans of FC Koln team who were having an open day, showing how much he supports and cares about the club and how serious also he took to wrestling too.

Lord Raab: ďWhile youíre reasons is to be champion again, my reasons, of course, are to be champion in this company and to be in that match to prove to everyone, Iím not all out for blood and guts, Iím out to perform a show for the fans to witness me being champion because thereís no other place I call home to wrestle than 4CW and once again, youíre delusional to think itís not my home, considering Iíve been here from day one. You have no motivations for being in the warzone cage match, no motivation for anything other than being violent due to your refusal to change, heck, youíve already got a tag team title with Cyrus, why do you need another title for?

You are greedy, but a delusional man who canít move forward from the future and has to latch off his past tag team just for his team to never be forgotten. I didnít need to come back and side with Jason Cashe if he was still around to reform as House of Howell, I never needed to go back to fall in my old patterns. I planned to change when I came back and I have no regrets of hiding my past anymore because I donít need to continue hiding my past like a weak pathetic man which is exactly what you are, a weak pathetic man whoís too scared as to why he acts out in a violent and cut up manner because you certainly arenít grown for liking dissecting living things and being violent and making others bleed.Ē

Raab smirks as he knows heís a much stronger person than Dakota will ever be in his mind, especially him exposing himself being married to a man of Samuel McPherson and telling the truth of being raped by a woman, sending a message to every guy out there to speak up and speak to someone which he did get a lot of questions regarding that since he spoke out in public.

He continues to do some more training along with taking a drink of water as he enjoys being with fans, although he was called over to sign autographs which he gladly does with the fans, being able to answer questions about his past and even his future, before being told to come back on the pitch and do a few more kicks of the ball towards the goalkeeper and doing some jumping drills as well.

Lord Raab: ďI donít regret telling the world Iíve been raped because it opened many peopleís eyes to know that men need to be open to discussing the world what happened with them because hiding it causes you to attempt and commit suicide, not willing to learn from the experience. It hurt me too much to hide it anymore and at that point, I wanted everyone to know why I was violent and hated women because of my past and being a stronger person for it.

Which is why you use violence because youíre too weak of a human being to expose why youíre doing things like that. There has to be a reason for it. So Iím not the one being stupid here, you are and thatís exactly why I will continue to evolve and grow as a wrestler, and you stay being the same old stale man whoís done and will continue to do the same shit ever since he came to 4CW because you refuse to change and you refuse to move on from the dissecting rats and dolls nonsense.Ē

Raab took a quick break from the training he was doing while he was able to talk during training with the microphone he was just given from the FC Koln coach and places it around his head so heís able to train while jumping over post drills and then dribbling the ball around cones before kicking it into the goal or trying to as he missed one and then waits in line to talk again.

Lord Raab: ďItís also why I will do everything to show you how much Iíve changed by beating you fairly because I donít need to resort to using violence anymore and I will stay within the rules, especially in front of my home fans, you think Iím going to just lay down in the ring for you? Youíre very much mistaken much as youíve been underrating me the entire time to win just because youíve beaten me before. Sure you have, but youíve not beaten this new packaged and better Lord Raab in the win because Iím making sure fighting you is something I will remember regardless if I lose, at least I got to experience wrestling in 4CW in front of my home crowd before I retire and we all have to retire at some point.

But it wonít be at anytime soon as your days of glory are done, everyone has seen what Dakota has done as a 4CW champion, but nobodyís seen Lord Raab with the 4CW, and Iím craving for the chance to do so, Iím craving to prove to be in violent matches and not using any sort of weapons whatsoever other than what I provide with my body with fists, knees and feet to knock you down with.Ē

It was almost that time for Lord Raab to unveil what heíll be wearing to his entrance on Wednesday night, but not just yet as he wanted to say a few more things while he was next to jump as Raab does before speaking again while doing the same as he did before.

Lord Raab: ďI can easily show you what a joke youíd be by beating you down and walking away from the match as a winner. The only reason why you gained people respect is that of your skills in the ring which is my point isnít it? If you are good as you say you are, you won't resort to using violence and busting people open to bleed from their skin; you donít need weapons to win matches. You can do that from beating people in the ring.

Of course, you refuse to show youíre real wrestling skills in the ring along with the disgusting delusional cosplay videos you do for whatever reason we may not know, but Iím gonna prove to you Iím good as I say with all the motivation I fucking have by beating you down with fists and cause you to make you so fucking stupid to know Iím the one whoís taken this match seriously, you have laughed off the fact Iím a threat to you because of the wins and losses, but I donít give a shit about the past, I care of what Iím aiming to do to you now.Ē

Raab was smirking at the camera to know he was acting normal and being someone whoís taking the opportunity to be in the Warzone match as he starts to get ready to take off his shirt and what heís hiding underneath as he takes it off and shows almost the same design, but with grey and blue 4CW design with FC Koln sponsor and 4CW logo on the badge and turning over to see Lord Raab Adrenaline 91 Koln Germany and he speaks.

Lord Raab: ďYou wonít be laughing ever again when I will make you work fucking hard to be in the Warzone cage match for the 4CW title because these fans here in Koln Germany have seen the amount of work of me being a better wrestler in the ring and out of it. You will see how much of a match I will be when I will do everything possible to get you down and believe me; you will struggle to keep me down more than ever because Iím too motivated and confident to believe you canít do anything to keep this 4CW German wrestler down.

This isnít going to be close to what happened the other times you nor I have beaten each other because in my hometown in front of my mum and sister who will be seeing me wrestle for the first time, my husband Samuel McPherson and my son Callum will witness me winning overcoming the odds of shocking my home fans and my family as I have no friends, and I donít fear the pressure of me facing you Dakota nor do I fear of losing because it wonít happen to someone who will give you a match the fans deserve because you deserve to be beaten for me to win, while you continue to be apart of the event while defending the tag titles, I will be in the warzone match, beating everyone who resorts to using violence in front of me."

They stop training at this point as all players and fans sat on the ground being quiet while they decide to listen to Lord Raab being motivated with him winning the match as he takes a quick drink of water before speaking for the last time.

Lord Raab: ďI will win because of the passion I show for the event with fans being behind me and they will give me a fuel of fire to push me to win the match because Iíve got more hunger in me to win it because Iíve changed and as if competing in front of my home fans isnít enough, then placing me to earn a chance to be a 4CW champion has more than enough motivation lit up my ass to win and Iím more than confident to say that because thereís no possibility of you winning this match with your only reason to be in the match is to win the title and to prove to be violent.

When you do nothing else new with yourself, I have and I will be advancing through because of the support from the fans and my family encouraging me on to beat you without busting you open, without using threats to cut me open which they are threats you wonít deliver on and most importantly, Iíll make myself laugh when Iíll pin your arms to the mat for the three count and coming out with thousand fans cheering for me at Lanxess Arena to see me advance through to Warzone match to win the 4CW title.Ē

As Lord Raab passes the microphone to the fans and the players of FC Koln to say Lord Raabís famous quote as they all shouted together.

Fans and players: ďPrepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab.Ē

They all went off the pitch to the turnstiles with the cameras still on Lord Raab as he wanted to show Dakota and 4CW fans of how interactive he was with them as he makes sure he gets filmed with the fans every single minute with autograph signings and posing for pictures with a ton of cameras surrounding him as the TV and radio station crew did manage to see Lord Raab out training and talking about his match with Dakota.

After four hours of training, two hours signing autographs and posing for pictures, he couldnít resist doing interviews for German TV and Radio channels which lead for him to be there for another four hours before, at that point, the camera crew turn off to Lord Raab as he goes to the changing rooms which ended him being there all by himself due to everyone going home as he says this to himself while filming himself for a bit.

Lord Raab: ďI have to win against Dakota as I have no reason to lose against that weak delusional of a man. He will be having the last laugh, thatís a guarantee.Ē

After that, he got himself in the shower to shake off the mud on himself and some of his clothes after doing some tackling on the wet pitch from the rain earlier today and changed into his normal clothes before going to his new home, knowing heíd never been used to this amount of media attention, but remembers everything Konrad has helped him with and to be himself as he closes the doors and meets up with his mum, his sister, Henry, his husband Samuel McPherson and his son Callum to spend the rest of the day with his family, knowing he has a high-pressure match against Dakota Smith for a chance to be 4CW champion on Wednesday night.
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