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Aftermatch in Germany.
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Another 4 Corner Wrestling Adrenaline has closed its pages. You see and hear the Cologne crowd start to leave as your eyes watch, your ears listen to thousands make their way to their sections exit doors. It went as expected you thought to yourself, with Valescence left barely moving on top of his own blood, things looked to finally be going your way. A smile christened your lips as your hand lets go of the curtains while you descend backward in darkness, popping your hood over your head, you turn toward the right and walk through the Lanxess Arena while snatching an apple from catering on your way to the locker room.

Trish sits on the bench removing her wrestling boots just as you walk by midway into taking a bite from the apple. It was sweet tasting as juices escape from the corners of your mouth. You lean back against the doors frame crossing your arms. As she finishes up unlacing her boots the veteran looks over at you. You continue eating the apple. Meanwhile, Sarah is near the lockers reading a book.

You really should throw those away after tonight.

I dunno, I kinda like it. The blood gives the leggings more color, more character I think.

You look down a brief moment at the large blood stain on your leggings. This returned that smile from earlier. It might be tasteful to other women but blood didn’t seem to bother you. It was like this badge of accomplishment.

You were great out there tonight. Are you sure you didn’t enjoy driving Valescence’s head into the concrete floor? It was because of that, that poor Bronx ended up bleeding for the second time in two weeks. You were pretty savage with reverse frankensteiner after all. Tell me somewhere inside there isn’t a part of you begging to go back to your former ways.

Never. I left that part of me behind after the match I had with Mercedes Vargas years back.

Oh I don’t know sure must have felt nice putting ‘Stat Machine’ Mercedes on the injured list for a while. I guess that cunt really missed her calculations when compiling everything together to not protect her knee. I know it felt really good kicking Bronx in the head.

At this point, Trish puts down the remaining shoe to walk up to you.

Bronx Valescence could be seriously hurt.

You didn’t seem to care when you were celebrating with me after the match as Bronx was out cold for a short time. If it makes feel any better from what I gather Bronx will live just like he always will. It was just blood. This isn’t like we achieved some Viduus over the top b-rated horror movie shit we did to him. Wallace doesn’t pay anybody enough for that shitstorm. Bronx will be just fine. Anyway, I just thought I would stop by and say it was nice teaming with you, but I am going solo for the foreseeable future.

She nods.

I can’t be tied down anymore, Trish. I’m going to prove I belong inside that Warzone match. I’m going to prove that should be the one leaving Mexico City holding the 4CW Championship. We’ve beaten their Golden Boy. Now I’m doing the rest. Because I’m done with waiting for my turn wearing the championship someday if that day happens. I’m going to just take it.

No, I totally understand. You have people to prove wrong. We both do. I do not know what waits for me at the next Adrenaline, but if I want better things for myself I have to keep improving.

You are about to leave. However, something felt missing to her.

Sarah. Are you coming? You softly asked peeking around to Sarah. We have to start packing soon we have a flight to Canada. I don’t want to miss this one. How would that look for a future 4 Corners Wrestling Champion?

Yes, ma'ma.

Sarah gets up hugging the book against her chest. You start backing away into the halls again and then throw the apple core at Trish. She catches the core and just as swift, Trish throws the disgusting object into the garbage can wiping off her hands. You head your way outside not before extending your hand, touching the cold brick surface using your finger tips, as you once more fade further from the cameras. Hours later you watch a rising sun over the horizon in Germany turning the once blacken sky into array of bright colors as your mind focuses on getting into Fright Night. The future was bright. Getting into the Warzone was no longer an option.

It was a mission...

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