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Fright Night Feedback
« on: November 01, 2018, 11:00:28 PM »

Fright Night

Fright Night Match of the Night Poll

Anastasia Hayden, Bronx Valescence, Alicia Lukas, Alexis Mercer, Maddox Ayres, Bryan Laughlin, American Tommy, Kimitsu Zombie, Viduus Morta, Jair Hopkins, Eden Connors, Artemis Kaiser, David Sanchez, Nemesis, Elijah Carlson, Genevie Carlson, Mariano Fernandez, Persephone Marquis, Andre Holmes, Bryan Williams, Dakota Smith, Boston, and Phe

Bryan Williams, Dakota Smith, Artemis Kaiser, American Tommy, Nemesis, Andre Holmes, and Phe


THANK YOU to everyone who helped with the show writing segments and matches. If I left anyone off the list, please let me know.

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Re: Fright Night Feedback
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2018, 10:45:45 AM »
Favorite Segment: Tommy stealing candy from managements offices.

Favorite Spot: The whole damn war zone is a spotfest. How could you pick any one, singular moment from that match? So I'll go back to monday OOC when Wallace's old ass fucked his back up just by bending over. That's my favorite spot of Fright Night week.

Biggest Surprise: Eh, I got nothing on this.

Biggest Upset: Nothing that I would really consider an upset.

MVP: Artemis. The Warzone is the hardest match to win so it's a pretty easy choice at FN for me.

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Re: Fright Night Feedback
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2018, 05:49:33 PM »
I'm gonna try and say all different stuff than what Eli said.

Favorite Segment: Boston/Marquis arguing over the broken crate. Slimeball returns in slimeball fashion, immediately sets up new feud now that Bronx is inactive and can't be the main anti-authority face. Can't wait to see these two keep verbally tearing each other to shreds.

Favorite Spot: Genie throwing Alexis off the cage and through the tables. Not as gory as the four-table drop Laughlin sent Riddle through, but it felt more...I guess the word is "cinematic" to me.

Biggest Surprise: The Ignition Championship not hot-potatoing around more. I know all the RP's were like "Fuck it, I just want the 4CW title," but I kind of expected more pin attempts, intentional or otherwise, as a way to highlight certain individual rivalries, visually signal turning points in the match, that kind of thing.

Biggest Upset: Artemis Kaiser winning the 4CW title. I know the character more from IYHWF because that's the only fed we've had in common, so her winning here over all these characters that are more closely associated with 4CW felt like a left-field, but totally deserved pick--which, funny enough, was also how I felt about Serena Maxwell cashing in mid-match and ruining Artemis's IYH Championship shot a few days before this went up.

MVP: Everyone who was involved in writing the Warzone match. Jesus Christ! I have enough trouble writing 4-way matches as it is, so the idea of 8 people is unfathomable--and the fact that youse guys pulled it off and made it easy to follow the action the entire time blows my mind.