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Author Topic: Still Famiglia (Jae/Jason aftershow)  (Read 198 times)

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Still Famiglia (Jae/Jason aftershow)
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The camera fizzes at first not showing a thing before finally the screen switches on to show a focused Jae-Yun Sun looking deeply into his phone while walking with his wrestling bag on shoulder walking ahead of him only slightly is Jason Mentez walking forward as they both go through the double doors leading out of the Golden 1 Center. Mentez nods up acknowledging the camera while Jae-Yun remains in his phone swiping every so often in between his views.

MENTEZ: “I take yall must want some words if you here. I mean aight yall saw what happened out there. First giving Jae-Yun his nod on his first win in King’s Road. Lot more on the horizon rite Jae?”

Jae continues on his phone focused on that only.

MENTEZ: “Ayo, my dude? What is it? You deep on whatever going on son.”

Jason moves his bag a little more toward his back before slowing down and moving toward Jae while he continues swiping on the phone.

SUN: “I’m making sure everything is ok back home before we get there. The camera can wait.”

MENTEZ: “There’s everyone in the whole house there what would...how the fuck you know what’s going on back ho--”

SUN: “I had cameras installed inside and outside that I can see from my phone.”

MENTEZ: “What the fuu...you better not have my room..”

Mentez quickly takes the phone before Jae-Yun can even protest and sweeps from camera angle to camera angle. Damn near every nook and cranny from the outside and inside is being watched.

MENTEZ: “The incident didn’t happen at home Jae. Dis some obsessive shit.”

SUN: “If the comfort of my family’s safety is obsessive so be it. No, I do not have your personal area in view.”

Mentez points toward the camera and makes sure Jae-Yun sees it this time.

MENTEZ: “Tell them how you feel about your first win?”

Jae-Yun finally does notice they are being watched but the results of tonight does not have him overjoyed.

SUN: “Karma was returned by way of the Cartier to Graham. Really doesn’t have anything to do with me so I plan on making a point without unnecessary factors at the next show. That seemed to be the theme of the night...like the wild west or something. New to me. Everyone did what they wanted and while you are smiling it cost you ten thousand Jason.”

Mentez just smirks and shrugs.

MENTEZ: “I’ve been around the business for awhile. It happens. I’m not happy about it but I am happy we on the way home. Darryl struck first, I struck last. It’s usually how it goes. Dey comes for me. I end it correctly. A battle royal for a 10 stack doesn’t hurt. I definitely had things in my control but it’s aight you know. Congrats to Logan Traeger. Don’t spend it all in one place type shit.

SUN: “It’s not like you to be this calm about it.”

MENTEZ: “I’m learning to pick and choose spots or...trying to learn. I know I’ll have my opportunity. More than just getting at him during a match. I see you have your way to handle things.”

He points toward Jae-Yun’s phone looking at him like he's going crazy.

MENTEZ: “I have my way of handling things. Darryl Walker wants to go hit for hit not realizing I have more in the clips than he ever will. But I’ll shoutout to Kae for dat. Costing her even doe dat had more to do with the ref than anything. Small minds keep the game small she’ll fix dat wit him. I don’t even pay attention to dude.”

SUN: “I’m just focused on everyone being ok.”

MENTEZ: “But everyone aint doe...”

Jae stops as he looks up at Jason while he continues walking to the car.

SUN: “Give it time. They will be. The wild west will get their sheriff soon enough.”

MENTEZ: “Not a good idea for a nickname Jae.”

SUN: “Who said it would be me?”

Jason chuckles and shrugs opening the car door throwing his bag in the back as the cameras move away from them as they prepare to leave. Cuts.