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Author Topic: Needing to change something in 4CW to turn Raab's career around.  (Read 118 times)

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Needing to change something in 4CW to turn Raab's career around.
« on: November 12, 2018, 04:20:41 AM »
Needing to change something in 4CW to turn Raab's career around. Baltimore, Maryland. Tuesday 13th November.

It's clear Lord Raab needed to change things in his career to make a step forward after losses against Dakota Smith and Riley Sweet. He hadn't even spoken about Riley Sweet because the truth is, he wasn't able to think what to say to her, and he lost because he wasn't able to get his words out of his mouth on top of his poor performance in the ring. He wasn't out in public for today as he had currently finished building his headquarters in the city. It's only just been built and had a special room to do his video today in a small room where it was designed only for promotion videos of his upcoming matches.

Lord Raab was lost on knowing what to say about his opponent again with him facing against Maddox Ayres this week because he was a fresh face, much like Riley was and knew this week, he had to say something, especially regarding something he did after his match against Dakota Smith which he had never had the guts to do before and he speaks on it.

Lord Raab: “Before I get into details about my match with Riley Sweet, I want to say that I did something that benefited me, or rather my brother helped me with it in October, so I'm just going to say it. A former wrestler who used to wrestle for Supreme Championship Wrestling Amy Chastaine done a Be Brave conference on October 18th and I had a call a day before from my brother to appear there to speak out on what I've talked about.

I accepted his offer and went down to New Orleans to talk about the domestic violence that can happen to men as well as women. It was the first time apart from doing these wrestling videos I was able to feel confident on speaking out in public with some help of my brother Konrad Raab to talk about the times I was raped by a woman, how wrestling did save my life and how I feared to interact with women because of my past on top of interacting with anybody hence why I have no friends.”

It was a little tearful for Lord Raab to say the least to be emotional as he was to admit he went to publicly speak out on the incident for the first time apart from 4CW. He wipes the tear off his face and continues.

Lord Raab: “It made me feel so much better to speak in public with Konrad's and Amy's encouragement which is why now I see Konrad and Amy being good friends than hiding and pretending to be somebody I'm not which is why I became a monster in the first place. It's shameful many 4CW wrestlers can't see I became a stronger person than blaming problems on somebody else and telling me to go back as a monster and use violence again because, for me, it was a weakness I showed that will not be repeated ever again.

It's all out on the official Supreme Championship Wrestling website with my speech I'll eventually post out on the 4CW website on my feelings and how much it took me to come out as much as I have. It was just time to express how difficult it was for me to make friends which it still is and I overcome my fears of public speaking which is why I'm wearing this shirt that states Fortune Favors the Brave because it was pretty scary for me to do something like that and I'm glad I did because I got support from the crowd, especially men who told me they've been in situations like mine too and I donated quite a bit of money to the Be Brave charity too. It's the best thing I've ever done.”

It was still teary for Raab, and he still hadn't spoken about his opponent because he wanted to get those details out there first and now he moves forward to his opponent and details about his match with Riley Sweet.

Lord Raab: “My match against Riley Sweet was the worst performance I've ever had in 4CW, and I don't even know why as I felt confident coming into the match, but it just wasn't enough, and my performance was just not there on that day. I didn't speak about Riley because, to be honest, it's the same situation I've got this week as well with Maddox Ayres on not knowing what to say to new wrestlers, but after I discovered more about Riley, her being The Villain is the most overdone character I've seen in wrestling. She can't stand out from the rest, it's the same old thing we see from other 4CW wrestlers who become nasty and think they are badasses when really, they aren't, despite the win she got over me and congratulations, hope you honestly change your character to stand yourself out from the rest because the Villain shiitake is honestly overdone to the top in this business.

At least I don't have to worry about that with Maddox Ayres who as I said, still don't know what to say about him, coming in from running a wrestling company of his own. I think it's great you've done something like that in your life. It's not an easy job as I should know from being a GM in APW believe it or not, but it helped me learn about the wrestling business a whole lot more. I'm also glad to face you because you aren't like the rest of the 4CW wrestlers I've faced with them being so nasty and vile towards other wrestlers because they feel they can win matches.”

Raab needed a break as he took a bottle of water from the table and drank some of it due to his throat being dry before he speaks again.

Lord Raab: “I already respect you more than the guys in the back regarding you being a person as you are human with how you've had to work for everything you get. That's the work ethic that's missing in 4CW. Everyone only cares for wins and titles, while of course, I do, but it's the passion for this company that makes me drive the fuel to wrestle. You can understand how much 4CW means to me right? It's all out there in my videos if you pay attention to them.

You also won a ton of titles as well in your career, much like myself in other wrestling companies, that shows to me, you're someone I'm looking forward to facing and show the same amount of respect as I'm doing to you. I'm looking forward to facing someone who's gone through the same things as me in 4CW at least to work for what you do. The only difference is at your age; I wasn't even thinking about wrestling, it was a job that saved my life. A job I thought at the time helped me overcome the shame of what I went through, only it made me weak for it.”

Raab always believed him going into wrestling in his twenties was always a benefit to him as he did, after all, was working in a job he loves, especially 4CW, but at the same time, wrestling made him hid from the person he was. He still struggled in the locker room to talk to wrestlers because of everyone being so nasty and vile towards him.

Lord Raab: “I'm not going to be nasty and vile towards you because I have no reason to and it's silly to think otherwise to make up some garbage that won't be true. Fact is I've longed for an opponent who will only care for wrestling for pure competition than using nasty words to gain themselves an advantage because they know they can't with them being nice to other wrestlers to know it can actually win titles, you can ask my brother who recently defeated the nastiest wrestler in a company lately to win a title.

Maddox, you want to feel welcomed to the company and that you will get and deserve because your profile of how you struggled to pay bills and hopping jobs just to find the one you enjoy doing and I see why you're passionate about wrestling, but while you're a nice guy in wrestling, something I can't say admittedly, but I'm someone who's not afraid of praising and complimenting you for finding wrestling as you did, while wrestling was found by the crowd cheers while I was trying to commit suicide.”

For sure, Lord Raab hadn't spoken much on how close he was to committing suicide until the wrestling crowd cheers came from the Koln arena it was known then to change its name to Lanxess Arena. Raab takes a sip of his water before speaking again.

Lord Raab: “However as much excitement, I have to fight you because of me knowing I get some proper competition against you without you resorting to cheating to win, I have to come in with confidence because it's a thing that I need to motivate myself. Of course, I want to win a 4CW title to my name, but I've not worked as hard for it, and I do need to change that on maybe earning myself a title shot which I've not had yet since my return because of my performances in the ring.

Because while you will be the most respected opponent I've fought in a while because of the amount of hard work you understand to be champion, it's just not going to happen this week because I need and want to win against you. I won't have problems shaking your hand before and after the match to let you know you will get a good fight and a great welcome to the company. As excited as you are to compete in the toughest wrestling company to date, I have to find a way to defeat you.”

It was something Lord Raab meant big time as he wasn't going to keep his mouth shut this week, it was the downfall of his match against Riley last time out, and he still struggled to think of other things to say to Maddox because it was just playing predictability at this point and he continues.

Lord Raab: “Because I'm sick of losing matches, I'm sick of being called a joke from others, especially telling me to quit because of losses, considering that's what they'd do with lack of heart and dedication none of them have other than wanting to win titles and winning matches, I'm warning you that most of the 4CW wrestlers are heartless fickle creatures who have no sense of respect or care for you. You have to put all the hard work in to be a successful wrestler here.

I know I'm the last guy to say that with my lack of titles which disgusts me, but it still drives me fuel to compete, but it's me being loyal to this company that does even more, even with the respect I have for Perry Wallace who's said and done nothing to me the entire time I've worked in the company. We've both had breakdowns over different things and having wrestling saving our lives, being pretty much alike on how we got into the wrestling business.”

Raab can only gather a profile from his opponent on what he's read about him as he understands Maddox and how far he's gotten to be the wrestler he is today with the number of titles he's won and he continues.

Lord Raab: “Also, you use pretty much the same style of wrestling moves as I do, only I'm not a high flyer because I can never evolve myself to doing that style because it's very difficult to do, no matter how many times I've tried. How my brother evolves his wrestling style to wrestle as a high flyer at his age, I don't know, but I know I can be technical in the ring too with the number of German suplexes I do in the ring, but I'm also known for being a powerhouse wrestler as well.

But I'm willing to bet that you being a high flyer may very well be your downfall, although I've been defeated by many wrestlers before with your style, speaking in general, I will do everything possible to pick apart on the style you're comfortable with just by throwing you around the ring. I will be wrestling in a frustrated state because I feel exactly like that with my piss poor performance and I refuse to repeat that. I refuse to allow myself to lose against a new wrestler in 4CW again.

Because I will be coming towards you with fire I've never had in my life to fight someone who I clearly respect because you have everything a wrestler can ask for, but sadly for you, only one person will be walking out the winner of the match, and that's me because I need to win to climb myself up the ladder because nobody, but me can do that and showing how passionate I am for 4CW. No cheating, not cheap tactics to win, just a pure wrestling match with us being extremely competitive to be the top wrestler which is another aspect of wrestling 4CW is missing.”

Lord Raab always felt respect and wrestling to win apart of competition was still missing with many 4CW wrestlers and the company, and it needed to be brought back, and Maddox Ayres match will be the start of it, and he continues.

Lord Raab: “It's the start of a whole new revolution Maddox, and we can change the company to show everyone, you don't need to be vile and nasty with comments to succeed, you don't need to be the badass wrestlers to win matches, it's all about confidence and self-esteem on top of having skills to win matches that makes someone like yourself a champion. I'm looking forward to it, and I wish you all the best of luck as I've got nothing left to say to you as I've covered everything I've wanted to talk about.

Tomorrow night in my third home city in  Baltimore, Maryland, I will turn my 4CW career around to win because you'll prepare yourself to be Raabinated by Lord Raab with my arms raised in the ring after I've defeated you via pinfall or submission with nice and giving each other compliments that can make me a winner of the match and can make me have my 4CW career change around completely.”

It's clear Lord Raab had nothing else to say as he cuts the cameras off and goes to his bed in his newly built headquarters apartment in Baltimore, Maryland to get some sleep he needed before his exciting match against Maddox Ayres tomorrow night to see Lord Raab coming out as the winner of his match against Maddox.

Thank you for all the memories on TV Total and Schlag Den Raab, Stefan Raab. Farewell legend.