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Author Topic: Another day, another new wrestler to 4CW as Raab's opponent.  (Read 46 times)

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Another day, another new wrestler to 4CW as Raab's opponent.
« on: November 26, 2018, 04:49:58 AM »
Facing another new wrestler once again. Washington, DC. Tuesday 27th November.

Once again just like the last three shows, Lord Raab was facing against another newcomer to 4CW, this time being Smith Jones. It's the same old story to lose a match and face another newcomer and it was beginning to get Lord Raab very bored that he shouldn't always be facing new wrestlers coming to 4CW all the time. He lost matches and there's always a problem for him to be positive right now because he couldn't, especially if other stars think he's a complete joke just because of his wins and loss records.

Lord Raab has been sitting in his hired apartment place for an hour, thinking of literally what to say about Smith Jones because he didn't know anything about him other than his achievements in other companies. It was beginning to frustrate Lord Raab to know he had been struggling for things to say in his videos mainly because he wasn't able to capitalise on his opponents. He begins to speak with pure frustration he has coming into talking about Smith Jones.

Lord Raab: “You know and I got to be honest with you all, I'm getting sick and tired of wrestling matches to face against new wrestlers coming into 4CW mainly because this is the third time I'm experiencing this and I'm beginning to run out of things to talk about mainly because I'm still losing. I just sit there and think, what can I say about myself? I don't make excuses for losses because there's no excuse to make.

Even with my positivity, it still has no effect and blasting everyone around me which I won't do because trash talking to be quite honest is for the week who make things so damn easy to trash people that it's all they ever do since it's the thing to do in wrestling these days and it's pathetic.”

It was one of those frustrations that because nothing's changing, it wasn't anything new really he can say, although his opponent was new to wrestling and he realizes he had been repeating himself on tape a lot due to lack of anything truly new to say and he continues.

Lord Raab: “So I'm facing against Smith Jones and excuse me for me to lash out a bit earlier because of being in the same position as two weeks ago and the PPV, although at least I can say I did perform better with Maddox than I did with Riley Sweet. Once again like I did with Maddox, I have no reason to trash you because why should I have to be like other 4CW wrestlers to trash a wrestler I don't really know much about?

Because it's stupid and it's stupid to make up facts about you that are not true. OK so I know you've won titles in XHW, PCW, XWA and SCW against top wrestlers in those companies on top of the list of wrestlers I'm aware you've defeated in a company you've spent time in the longest and being aware you're still in a company called XWA. It's impressive of how much you've come through and got a heck of a lot of experience in the wrestling business so it should be a pretty good match for the pair of us.”

Even Lord Raab admitted that although, he was getting tired of facing newcomers, he certainly refuses to not allow the challenge to go away from him, even if thinking things to say at this point was very difficult and he continues.

Lord Raab: “I mean that experience can help a new wrestler in the business gain experience by facing you, although I'm not a rookie wrestler because of being in the business for many years, despite the talks about me being around since two thousand and thirteen. My time in the wrestling business has officially been since two thousand, and five I've been around this business and I love every single minute of it. That's something I can say compared to other wrestlers in 4CW who only wrestle just for wins and titles, but I don't do it just for that.

I wrestle because I love 4CW and I pride and honour myself to the company, despite people telling me I'm a laughing stock. People who say that don't give a shit about this company which many wrestlers don't give a damn other than their achievements and they only care about winning a title and taking off once they've lost the belt. I know and aware you've done that in one company Smith, but was there a reason for you to win a title and leave Empire after losing a title match?”

He left that to question as he was concerned Smith was going to turn like everyone else in 4CW, coming to a company just to win a title and then taking off, although he cannot question something he and Smith have in common.

Lord Raab: “What we do have in common and I can't question it is your dedication to XWA. You've been there for quite a few years now and you're always loyal to them and doing everything you can to make you the star you are today for the company. I don't really know much about XWA admittedly, but they are a company I've heard of and a great company too. You never seem to give up in the company and that I respect.

I respect your loyalties and passion for XWA and for this business which not many 4CW wrestlers can really say. Champion or not, you're still sticking around the company so maybe I answered the question for you on that, but I just can't stand wrestlers like that, especially ones who tell me to quit just because of getting losses and don't you all think I know I'm losing matches consistently? I do, but I refuse to quit because cancer has made me stronger in that to continue to fight until you achieved it.”

In a way, Lord Raab did respect Smith Jones already as he couldn't deny Smith's commitments to XWA and could even be representing XWA in the match which he loves to see other wrestlers from other companies coming to 4CW and wrestle, even if he thought Erik Holland's title match against Bryan Laughlin was questionable, but he still loved the thought of random wrestlers fighting against others in 4CW.

Lord Raab: “It's also good to know you're rivalry with Brytain Montgomery apart from your title wins is an achievement to you because of how fierce and destructive the battles you both have were. In a way, that's also helped me think of an achievement of asides from winning titles, that rivalries can be achievements as well such as Dakota Smith which we've had many battles against each other, Jason Cashe who's sadly no longer here as much as I want him back, he had dedication for this company like no other current 4CW star has.

Those are the main examples of what I've gone through here with a title being the only thing I've not done yet and I'm not giving up on that quest to win a belt either. I even promoted this company during a Be Brave conference that I still need to post a video up on 4CW website on what I did to speak up against what I've gone through and I have no shame on speaking about it now, much like me being gay as well due to my dislike to women, although I'm still battling against my demons on approaching them.”

While he knows about his achievements, however there's something else he spotted on Smith Jones's profile that can say they have in common, for different reasons.

Lord Raab: “Another thing apart from wrestling company loyalties we have is we are lonely guys and well, I'm trying my best to get some friends to talk to and well, I've not had much luck to a point I've had to restart counselling just to get some friends to talk to that's not just my husband Samuel McPherson and my calming coach Henry Losak. I'm lonely because of what I went through with a woman raping me. It was from that day that my trust for people ended because I couldn't live with myself and knowing being alone at the time was far better than being with people who fake being your friend and stabbing you in the back.

Maybe your reasons for being alone are different to mine, but unlike you, I want to make friends around here, especially wrestlers with 4CW that I can go and talk to, but it seems I have to have an twitter account and I refuse to have one mainly because not only I'm too busy, but I don't want to talk to 4CW wrestlers on a computer and never wanting to talk in person and meet in public because that's what I want to change. I shouldn't have to get a twitter account just to make friends and I still feel it's for children who talk shit there and not knowing it gets you nowhere in this business.”

Raab nodded as he said that as he takes a drink of water while sitting on the balcony of the hired apartment he's staying out since he was still forbidden to sleep in hotels due to his fights in the past and he prefer it to staying in hotels anyway.

Lord Raab: “That's just my opinion as in the old school ways, we had no internet to promote things or to make friends with other wrestlers to get to know them, we went to talk to people themselves and made banners and posters by hand to place in shop windows on top of placing advertisements in newspapers because honestly, that's what I much prefer to do because it's creative way of getting a wrestling company promoted as well as doing videos to promote our own matches as well to be shown on TV.

I'm old school like that and I feel you think the same thing too, despite having an twitter account. I know it's nothing to do with our match, but I'm just telling you about me because well, I've discussed everything with your achievements and what you've done in wrestling. It's helpful to me to learn more about you than waiting until you did a video for our match and personally, I'm looking forward to what you can do against me and looking forward to fighting you in my house of 4CW as I always do with every opponent I have.”

It was beginning for Lord Raab to come up with more ideas without having to trash his opponent as he said, there's no reason for him to do so and always thought it was pathetic to trash someone you don't know anything about or their reasons for their methods of wrestling or anything of a sort as he continues.

Lord Raab: “Another thing is your a tactician wrestler with a lot of powerhouse moves and submissions. That's the type of wrestling I've always grew up doing along with hardcore wrestling which I've moved away from because of achieving everything there is in hardcore wrestling known to person. That makes me excited even more, although you know more high flying moves than me, but not that much more and that totally gets me excited even more, knowing it's about who's the best tactician wrestler.

I know with me saying that, I leave myself open to you using high flying moves on me because of me not being able to climb up the rope and fly due to my size, but I have no shame on admitting that because I'm human and we all have our weaknesses in the ring. I don't know you're weaknesses in the ring as I've never seen you wrestle before admittedly and it doesn't make me proud to say that, but I'm only going by the information that's given to me.”

He already was beginning to feel like there's nothing more to say about the match as he respected his opponent, he mentioned his achievements of his title wins, what companies he's apart of and even Smith being a loner like Lord Raab was, although Raab wanted to change that in him and he continues.

Lord Raab: “I refuse to ever take any of my opponents as a joke because everyone I face right now is a threat and you're no exception to that as I do take you seriously and refuse to underestimate you as a wrestler because I know from the achievements you've had, you already belong in 4CW and that says a lot compared to other new stars who've come to 4CW and not know anything about them.

As much as I feel we'll tear the house down and bring everything we have against each other to win matches, I'm more than confident enough to defeat you because I need to win this match more than you to get myself back on track and hopefully, get myself out of facing new wrestlers every single time they come in and face against talent in 4CW who I can speak a lot more about than just myself. I want to change and that can be started here tomorrow night with me showing pride and commitment to 4CW that nobody can take away from me and hopefully be in the hall of fame in the near future in 4CW.”

He realized it's something he believes he can change on being in there in the future and can easily wait for the time to come and knows the only thing that's holding him back from that honour was him not winning a title yet.

Lord Raab: “Tomorrow night, you will see me do everything to win this match because I believe in myself more than I've ever been in my career because of my growth as a human being of being a better person than majority of the wrestlers in 4CW and I will pin you for the three count because I can and will overcome that, despite me walking away from the match as the winner because you need a win to start your career, I need a win to continue my career forward to being a future champion, to consistently grow as a wrestler without resorting to using petty words to someone just to win a match.

Because it's what you do in the ring that matters than just vile and disgusting words that mean nothing other than proving everyone wrong to win and you will see me win Smith Jones because despite the many wrestlers you've defeated, I refuse to end up being on the list of wrestlers you've defeated and will have a hard time finding a way to defeat this passionate 4CW wrestler. Prepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab. Good luck Smith because you're gonna need it.”

Lord Raab at that point finished up his video a bit earlier than usual as he felt there wasn't anything else he can say much more about Smith Jones because of him covering everything that's more or less the truth than making up lies about someone he doesn't have a clue about other than the information he was given which he used and he presses stop on his video recorder and being done for the day as he ends up watching some action movie on the TV as a way to relax from the stress he gets from wrestling, knowing it's only tomorrow he'll get another win in the bag he believes he can do to lead him to doing bigger things in 4CW.

Thank you for all the memories on TV Total and Schlag Den Raab, Stefan Raab. Farewell legend.