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Author Topic: Sick of nasty wrestlers in 4CW  (Read 112 times)

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Sick of nasty wrestlers in 4CW
« on: December 10, 2018, 04:54:17 AM »
Sick of nasty wrestlers in 4CW. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tuesday 11th December.

Itís obvious that things were beginning to become too much for Lord Raab that heís seeing 4CW never being how it was in his time where everyone wasnít this disgusting towards one another and being respectful of his ability to continue wrestling. Itís not a place right now Raab likes to be in and being told to leave a lot because of wrestling results. Itís hard to prepare for matches like Riley, Maddox and Smith who were new to the company and had no idea of what they were like in the ring or what they were going to say to him.

Itís also the reason why today, Lord Raab was stuck in his hired apartment because not only he wasnít in the mood to go out, but wasnít really a whole lot to do for Lord Raab who wanted to go to a war museum, but only opens on Wednesday so he had no choice, but to stay in his apartment because of the feeling of not being wanted and he comes out to say this while sitting in a chair.

Lord Raab: ďI didnít come back to be trashed by the 4CW stars just because of results. I mean I question to all of you that is that all you care about? Is that why you guys hate me because I lose matches? Iím willing to bet that all of you are too afraid to continue if you got losses and leave the company. The sad thing is nobody cares about 4CW. You lot just care about achievements and wins.Ē

Furiated was Lord Raab, hearing about his name being run down a lot of wrestlers in the company and he takes a drink of water before continuing to speak again.

Lord Raab: ďWhy do all of you need to be so vile and disgusting towards each other? Thereís no need for name calling and how people arenít taken seriously, those comments arenít acceptable in my book. Eli Carlson doesnít deserve to be champion for his comments about me and other wrestlers who he has no respect for at all or the fact that he wants to be giving out compliments to other wrestlers. Heck, he even trashes this company in more ways than I can think of as well as other wrestlers because he can.

Donít get me wrong, he's very skilled in the ring are excellent and he has all the talent in the world, even with wins he gets, but heís a human being that needs to learn to respect and give out compliments to other wrestlers rather than trashing their ability to wrestle. Eli, shut your mouth and focus on wrestling. Iím challenging you to a match in two weeks time and Iíd gladly give you an ass-kicking you deserve.Ē

It was clear Raab knew he was getting nasty comments from Eli lately just because of his performance in the ring and he was in a rut of not really knowing what to do about it to improve. He knew how important his match against Finn Whelan was, especially knowing he was going to come back with a vengeance.

Lord Raab: ďI expect Finn to be the same as everyone else around here, calling me a joke and being a cancer to the company when Iím the farthest thing from being a cancer. Since when is that even acceptable to even use that word as an insult? Iím willing to bet those cancer suffers are far better people than you 4CW wrestlers are. Itís disgusting wrestlers use insults like this just to get themselves ahead.

Itís disgusting to be nasty to one another just to win matches and I know Finn will be nasty towards me because he knows how much he didnít like to lose to me when really, Iím one of those who learns from losing. I lose matches, so what if I do? At least I donít quit and leave a company over it which I mean if I did leave, I wouldíve been taken as a joke so I rather lose matches and continue fighting than leaving like a pussy. Itís not fun to be here when nasty comments come out for no reason other than trying to win.Ē

Raab was tired of the insults he was getting from many wrestlers just because of him staying around and still was struggling to get the results he wanted as he takes more of a sip of his drink before continuing to speak again.

Lord Raab: ďI know you want to seek revenge against me for defeating you weeks ago and I know you will come out with every insult in the book, refusing to speak to opponents respectfully like I always do, but hereís the thing, when Iím in other companies, Iím a monster who does destroy people because unlike this company, they arenít ready to see the real me and they donít understand me.

While I expected 4CW to understand the experience I went through with my life, but they want me to be weak, want me to be the monster they crave and the fact is, I refuse to be like that because I love this company with all of my heart and I canít ever be that weak person who hid from the world and who hid backstage, throwing out insults in the book to act tough when itís the cowards who use insults really, making them weaker as human beings.Ē

Even just a few short words that Lord Raab was figuring out what to say, even though he has fought Finn before, but when they fought, Finn didnít speak about Lord Raab and things mightíve been caught up with all of that and he continues.

Lord Raab: ďYou may not respect me, but I certainly do with you because I know youíve been champion in a place I wonít name as a top champion and you have been champion in this company which it still kills me to not achieved that yet and I know my results are the reason Iíve not had a title shot yet, but unlike you and the rest of the wrestlers here, they donít understand that I came back also because of the love and passion I have for this company whoíve done no wrong to me and I believe I will be a champion and being in the hall of fame because of my hard work here.Ē

Another thing that could be an advantage to Lord Raab was that he did beat Finn compared to his brother who lost to him and being one of the only few wrestlers, possibly the only wrestler in 4CW to fought both him and Konrad.

Lord Raab: ďYou might be also the only guy I know in 4CW whoís fought both me and my brother. I got to say right now, Konradís on fire and he seems much better as a wrestler now than when you fought him, especially the growth of his mental toughness. Heís even doing better than me at this point. Point is, youíve not done much since then apart from wrestling here and winning the Octane title on top of wrestling in Union Battleground. Problem is I want to know why you left 4CW after losing to me? What is the point of leaving if you couldnít handle a loss?

That is also a question I give to other 4CW wrestlers that thereís no point of me leaving just because of losing matches. I donít cry over losses, I know I got a lot to learn from them, but I donít believe the whole shiitake to completely cut your opponent down to pieces of vile comments to win matches. I donít, but itís much easier to do that, than to be respectful of each other because to be quite honest, cutting your opponent down with insults is lazy.Ē

Raab drinks a few more drops of the large bottle of water with sweat dripping to the carpet floor in the hired apartment and continues.

Lord Raab: ďItís lazy because itís easy to beat someone down with meaningless words and not think of words of excitement or respectful because I respect every wrestler in the ring with what they can do and honestly, you and 4CW are better than that. I know this because you were champion for months in the Wildcard division with positivity, but this business has changed you for the worse Finn. Instead of standing up against negativity, you gave up and fall into the easy pray just because of wrestlers not giving you respect enough.

This match is redemption for you to get the win back and Iím not stupid to know this match should mean a lot more than trying to get a title back. Itís about getting your credibility back and I can respect that, I can respect you a wanting to tear my head off just to get the win back from me and right now, I respect you more than I do with the majority of wrestlers in the company.Ē

Raab feels he can easily understand why the match was made apart from him not facing new wrestlers anymore that he wasnít able to prepare for or make much of the comments thrown at him because he wasnít able to defend himself and he continues.

Lord Raab: ďHowever, it doesnít mean it will happen this week, doesnít mean you can act like everybody else because I do think youíre a decent human being whoís gone down the wrong path to be sucked into the hatred and vile nature of this sport. I wonít insult you because you donít deserve that and I believe you and Konrad do get along still as we speak.

Fact is you canít allow wrestlers to change you as you did and you canít leave a company over losses because trust me, youíll achieve nothing that way and I love this company too much to leave. Does it hurt when I lose matches? Yeah it does, but I feel more hurt by nasty comments than losses. Losses I can come back from and learn from. Hurtful comments are not to be tolerated in this sport whatsoever and I need to counter them back from wrestlers like yourself who need to act like you can say anything they want. I donít  just want the Finn who was a Octane champion, but I want the Finn who was the respectful Wildcard champion again because thatís what stood you out, not this nasty callous guy to break the rules to win matches.Ē

Raab was trying to bring up the point as he breathes for a few more minutes before he can speak again.

Lord Raab: ďBecause the Wildcard champion you were stood you out from being a nasty guy you are today and itís a problem I have with this company as I mentioned before. I take this match and every match I have seriously because I know I need to change and I know I brought up about me being raped by a woman and people finding it funny, but people donít understand that men can be victims of it just as much as women can, just they hide it because of comments I got.

But I donít care what people think as me speaking out in front of millions of people in New Orleans actually got me more attention than I did when I was a monster wanting to hurt people, heck Iím trying to get a charity set up for men whoíve been in a situation like mine to speak up and report it, taking this crime as seriously as it should be as well as women victims.Ē

Itís true, Lord Raab has been working with Henry to try and get something like that set up as well as wanting to improve to be a great wrestler to get the world to take a crime serious to men as well as women as he speaks.

Lord Raab: ďBut right now, Iím focused on teaching you something you better learn from me and to give you an ass kicking you want out of me. I will give you a fight and I wonder if you lose to me again, will you leave 4CW again? Will you not bother building back wins you can get? Thatís a question you can only answer because I know I will still be around win or lose against you because itís better that way than me accepting defeat which I donít to never be champion.

Because thatís what all of you want me to do instead of giving me feedback on how I should better myself as a wrestler on how I can win matches thatís not using vile insults to other wrestlers? Iím not allowing you to take that win from me Finn because tomorrow night, you will see how much Iím willing to stay and prove the world wrong that Iím worth a damn and not taken for a joke like others say.

Because I take 4CW seriously and want to be successful and I know I will have to do more than just talking about it to get a win from you and it means the action of pushing through barriers many wrestlers, including yourself are too afraid to do and just quit ahead instead of doing everything possible within the rules to win matches. Iíve done this video without a single insult towards you because thatís how wrestling should go. Thatís how a champion should represent itself here and you will see how this passionate 4CW does in the ring when I will pin you once again in the ring tomorrow night and walk away with a win behind my head because Iím confident and gained self esteem to win this match I know I can do and wait to see what happens after the match. Prepare to be Raabinated by Lord Raab with my hand raised in the ring after Iíve beat you again.Ē

Thatís all Lord Raab had to say as the camera gets cut before knowing what Lord Raab is doing which most likely has him going to the gym and work out which is the only thing he usually does before matches.Ē

Thank you for all the memories on TV Total and Schlag Den Raab, Stefan Raab. Farewell legend.