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Thank You Fans (iPhone Video)
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Thank You Fans
w/ quick appearance from Jae-Yun Sun


The video is actually is clear thankfully to his iPhone XS Max. There’s a moment of shifting and movement before the vision is clear of Jason Mentez’s face with a slight smile from what looks to be a bedroom. He playfully gives the screen a couple looks moving his hand along his short cut hair and wiping at his eyebrows before giving and nod up.

Mentez: “Said I’ve give a hey to yall. Little later than I planned, my bad on dat. You know I take care of my family. Tana on relax like she should be n I been personal chef mode for Moms. I always take care of em. Now with the babies on naptime and things on chill just wanted to thank the fans and folks for you know voting me in on the 4CW Kings Road twitter for the King’s Road Championship. Real shit, gracias. I aint been here long n looking at it a lot of people may wonder exactly what I’ve done to deserve such a chance. I had to look at who was lined up wit me n like I said when I first looked at it, I aint gon win dat bitch. I deadass said dat, Tana my witness.”

Jason chuckles a bit moving his phone slightly before straightening it up again.

Mentez: “Yall came thru for a vato forreal doe. Malik been grindin, my boy Truck Turner HOSS DAWG!!”

Jason salutes with his free hand.

Mentez: “I can’t thank yall enuff man cause I mean dats faith in me most aint got so I have to show love on dat. I had to work to get rid a Darryl Walker helped usher his dismissal. Other than dat doe it’s like what I been about yet? I haven’t really stood out so I gotta put on for dis n not let yall down. I didn’t know what I was gon say beyond dat. I had a lot of thoughts after Chapter 30 den there’s part a me dat when I come to a new place I aint tryin to be dat outspoken. Not so much in fear but I believe a newbie gotta prove his worth. Show dey here to put in like everyone else. Kind of dat freshman treatment no matter what your time is as far as yo career you know?"

Jason gives a light scratch around his hairline in the middle of his thoughts.

Mentez: "You come to a new place you show your worth. Den it’s like so much shit been poppin off too so I should have a voice in dat too rite? Plus I aint never been one to stop speakin either so fuck it. Chapter 30, I actually felt bad for the boy Wilder. He’s still an annoyin lil shit n to be honest the world be better off witout the scrappy doo headass nigga but aye still it aint have to go down like dat. Kaelan...shit.”

Jason wipes at his face and shrugs a bit after.

Mentez: “I know what she did at the awards. I can sit here n say I respect dat to a point but to do dis rite after? Maaann, not the look. Hudson Hughes aint shit dats universally known. Den again I’m one of dem types that understand the any means necessary. Been my mantra from the start of my career. I think it woulda verified it more doing it clean. Shit, I honestly think Kae coulda handled dat without all dat but she wanna put a dampening on her reign dat a grown woman’s choice. Same grown woman’s choices she been on. I aint appreciate dem previous ones new year same shit I guess."

Jason just shakes his head on that.

Mentez: "On Chapter 31 I’m preshowing. After dat I’m moving up. Rapid fire shit. Jett you deserve dat rematch look obviously n even if yall see dis as a twitter placement who aint gon make his presence known, you got me fucked up. Dat aint never been my get down I always push my opportunities. Shouts to Truck Turner, Johnny Amazing, and “Strong Hands” Astro Clyde. Appreciate being in yall corner at 30 for the W. Chad Garrison, I’m a motivated dude...even moreso now wit dis suprisin news. Not playing it left just because it’s preshow. We will be wreckless in there. New era coming wit the dropoffs of so much heavy weight dat wasn’t doing shit nows the time to show yall why I’m Jefe. Kaelan, we still got our issues so we gon settle em like we pose to. Hughes, I’m sure you gon be on dat bullshit so I’ll be on watch don’t wear the mask just come thru taking care of y---”

Jason’s attention is taken quickly as the door is heard opening off-screen.

Mentez: “What’s good One To Watch!? You lookin wore out. All in my screen time. Tell the people thank you too.”

Jae-Yun Sun plops on the couch next to his friend and sighs out loud.

Sun: “The kids can and will easily drain you of every bit of energy you hope to have in life. I do dearly love it.”

Jae-Yun brushes his gray hair back and smiles at the screen.

Sun: “annyeonghaseyo. paen yeoleobun kke inteones chaempieon swib tupyoe gamsadeulibnida. baeyun (Bae Yun) paendeul-eun dasi han beon deo allyeojubnida.” (Hi. Thank you fans for voting for the Internet Championship. The Bae Yun fans make themselves known once more.)

Jae-Yun bows toward the camera.

Sun: “I am still looking for my shoes Marty McFly. I’m asking around. You can be found. I don't care that you were fired and I do not care that your car was probably repossed slightly after. I want my sneakers. Back to focus, I feel this is a moment for myself to show that I can hang with the best in the company. Lauryn Wolfe is definitely that. Add on Aokigahara Zombie into this mix, a man I respect for reasons outside the ring and in it. Someone that beat you down by the way---”

Mentez: “--Aye, chill.”

Jae chuckles at that.

Sun: “It will be the biggest challenge yet but as always the sun must rise. This sun will rise above. I am better and it will show more than just an amount of votes. Kenny Lovett will love it too. Meanwhile, you get to Kae.”

Jason sighs.

Mentez: “Dis is can be business or personal. I stand where I stand. Championship opportunity I gotta keep dat focus. I get personal on it...only benefits her. Hughes wanna play games wit it I’ll have Ru Paul ringside waiting for his ass or whatever other shit he be about. I’m not for the extra n I know Kae might felt she needed to do Jett dat way because of her previous shit but dat aint got nothin to do with me. For now doe we gon look to 31. Not get too ahead of ourselves jumpin the gun.”

Jason nudges Jae-Yun on the side while looking at him.

Mentez: “Let's get to work.”

Jason gets up off the couch obviously bringing the camera up shaking erratically.

Sun: “gae-sae (Son of a bitch) Jason. I still have to fly back to NY tonight. I’m already dead.”

Mentez: “Shit den you’ll die some more. Dis aint chances we fadin on. 2019 it. Let’s go.”

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