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01| Letting Them Know...
« on: January 12, 2019, 06:26:57 PM »

January 12, 2019
Detroit, Michigan
Hotel Room

The room is well lit from the shades being pulled back from the sliding glass door. Outside the sliding glass door looks over the hotels pool as its shutdown as of now due to the weather. All of a sudden the bathroom door opens up and steam comes rushing out the door. A woman steps out wearing Nike sweatpants and a tank top shirt that is torn down both sides of the shirt, where you can see some of her sports bra. She has a towel upon her head and a bottle of Deer Park water in her hand. She walks over and sits on the edge of the bed and grabs the towel, shaking it back and forth. She then removes the towel, flipping her hair back over her shoulders.

? ? ?
Is this what you really want?

Shane Borderland steps around from the corner.

Shane Borderland
This is exactly what I have been wanting to do Brooke. It has been sometime since I have stepped inside a ring. I have done nothing but think about making a return to this sport since I stepped out.

Brooke Lockheart
Well I just wanted to make sure you was full aware of what your getting yourself into.

Shane Borderland
Getting myself into? You act like this is my first time stepping inside a ring Brooke. Look no matter where I am, who im with, or what I am doing with my life. I am a professional wrestler. Its in my blood, my veins are full and its time to let them explode.There is so much built up inside of me over these past few years that I believe its time for me to make my comeback like I have been thinking about.

Brooke Lockheart
You sure your ready for all this? I mean you remember what happened last time. Countless nights of sleep. Waking up wondering where the hell you was when you wasnt lying in bed beside me.

Shane shakes his head.

Shane Borderland
Look Brooke I have to do this. This isnt just a job to me, this is life, MY LIFE! I have to become my old self again. I have walked away from something I loved dearly in my life and now its time for me to go back and reclaim my destiny.

Brooke Lockheart
I know this is you Shane. I knew that the moment I laid eyes on you. I knew what you was all about and you wouldnt stop until you got it.

Shane Borderland
Thats exactly right. This time is just another time for me to shine and to show them who exactly I really am. I have so much to prove Brooke. No one really knows how much this comeback match means to me.

Brooke Lockheart
I do Shane. I know exactly how much it means to you. I mean you kept me up numerous of times just talking about what you have been through in your life. What this career has done to you and for you. Trust me I get everything your saying right now.

Shane Borderland
I know one thing. When everything gets all settled and everyone realizes who and what the hell I am. It will be one of the greatest things in my career. Showing back up and proving to not only them but to myself that I still have what it takes to be one of the top names in this industry. This time around there will be no mistakes. There will be no existence of letting things inside my head this time and ruining my chances of going straight towards the top. I have nothing holding me back and everyone will know that Shane Borderland means business.

Brooke Lockheart
Well there isnt nothing left to do then to do it Shane. Go out there and show the world that you are one of the best wrestlers that the world has ever seen. This is your time and I am behind you every step that you take. I will do anything to help you get back to where you use to be Shane. You know that.

Shane smiles.

Shane Borderland
And thats why your still here with me Brooke. Your the only one that has been here for me from since we have met. You have never turned your back on me and always stuck by my side.

Brooke Lockheart
And I always will Shane...

The both of them lock eyes and Shane was about to lean in for a kiss then all of a sudden the phone rings. Brooke leans over and grabs the motels phone that is lying on the end table.

Brooke Lockheart
Hello? Yea hang on just a sec.

She extends the phone towards Shane.

Brooke Lockheart
Its for you.

Shane grabs the phone from Brooke.

Shane Borderland

A few seconds went by then Shane’s eyes open real wide.

Shane Borderland

Shane slowly sits down on the bed in shock as he hasnt heard from his old friend Big Heavy since he took his hiatus from professional wrestling. Shane hangs up the phone and just looks at Brooke with amazement of hearing from his old friend as the scene fades to black.
Borderlands Battlegrounds
Triple Threat Match
Shane Borderland vs. Smith Jones vs Demarcus Gresham

Shane Borderland
Its been a long time since I have been able to feel the roars from the crowd. To see there excitement as all the ruckus goes down inside that ring.

A smirk comes across his face.

Shane Bordeland
I know people know what exactly I am capable of, but once again I seem to have drawn the shortest straw. I guess since I have taken a 4 year hiatus, people are going to think that I dont have what it takes to be the same Shane Borderland that was inside this very same ring years ago. Once I step inside that ring, I cant wait to see the looks on their faces when they see that I havent lost a step in my game. Four Corners is in for a rude awakening this time around. I havent been more confident in my life as I am right this second. No matter who I am going up against, no matter what obstacle is thrown in front of me, I will surpass it and I will finally get what I have been long deserved in Four Corners. That is true greatness!

Shane moves his head from side to side, popping his neck as he looks focused and determined.

Shane Borderland
The other two men that is in this match with me, well they have no idea of who I am. But I also dont have one single clue who the hell they are, but I really dont care. All I care about is stomping a mudhole in both their asses and walking it dry. I have already stated that this is my time, my era and no one is going to stop me, not even the likes of these two pathetic pieces of shit.

Borderland clutches his hands together, laying them upon the desk in front him.

Shane Borderland
Now Smith Jones. I have no recall of who the hell you are, but I have done some research on you. See I remember a place being called PCW. But I really dont remember hearing a damn thing about you. Yea you can come into this business and flash all of your accolades and think you hot shit, but that doesnt mean a damn thing to me. I dont give a damn what you have done in the past and im sure these people dont give a rats ass either. All we care about is what your going to do now! Yea I know you want to get back on the winning side, but that isnt going to happen. Im sure you still have a lot to prove to everyone here, get your name out there and dont get me wrong I get that, I really do. But in this case I have far more worth to prove then someone trying to come into a new federation and making a name for himself. See Smith I have to reclaim my life back. I have to show all that there is still some fire left in this ol’ dog. I know how hard it is coming into a new place trying to restart over, I have done it more times than I can count. But see Four Corners was more like a home to me than a job. I have know a lot of these cats for years, although that doesnt mean a damn thing now since everyone is gone. So I guess all these new people, including yourself will get to know me very soon and real quick.

Shane grabs a bottle of water sitting on the desk, twists the cap off and takes a swig and replaces the cap back on the bottle.

Shane Borderland
Now Smith I see we are placed into a match where three opponents are going up against each other. We all three dont give a damn what we have to do to become the successor in this event. All we care about is who’s arm gets raised when that bell sounds off for the second time. The bell, god its going to be so good to hear those sounds once again. See Smith im back where im most comfortable. I am back in the life where all means most to me. All I care about is winning. Making my mark on this industry. See the first time around in Four Corners I got a shot at the Pride Championship Smith. I came up short that night and it wasnt no ones fault but mine. I couldnt blame anyone else but myself. See I was battling some demons when that match was announced. Still that should of had no outcome of the match, but I let it do so. Now that the times are different and I am seeing clearly and thinking clearly, everyone on this roster is fixing to meet their maker. There is no way in hell that I am coming up short once again. I will not let it conquer me like it did before. I will walk into that arena and my presence will be known. I will not be laughed at or looked over anymore in Four Corners. Everyone thought that I was just a joke and walked around saying meaning things about what I want to do. Well they can all think what they want, including you Smith. Im sure right now your thinking that you are going to walk out of this match and get redemption from losing last week. Well as long as im here, standing in your way. You will have no chance in hell of becoming the victor. I will see to that!

Shane stands up and grabs the bottle water and twists the cap off, but doesnt take a sip.

Shane Borderland
Now Demarcus Gresham. You seem to a kid with the desire to become one of the greats in this business. Thats all good and I can respect that, but once your name is called to step inside the ring with me, well your strive is going to be non existing. See Gresham, I know that you believe that you are going to walk into Four Corners and make your name well known. But its more to it than just that. See Gresham, you have to work your ass off to become one of the greats around, trust me, I know what it takes. I will show you and Smith Jones exactly what it takes to turn heads in Four Corners. See I was in the back last show and watched you and I took notes on you. Not just you, but to everyone that had a match that night. See you got to learn your opponents, whats their weakness’s, what drives the insane to the point that they lose all focus on the match. If you would have taken the time to do that you might have won that match instead of getting your ass obliterated by Riley Savell. If you stick around I will show you what it takes to become great in this business. Little things like that can make you or break in this industry Gresham and once you get ahold of that, everything will be so much clearer for you.

He takes a sip of the water and sets it back down onto the desk, placing the cap right beside the bottle.

Shane Borderland
See Gresham, your not the only one im going to take to school in this match and show what it takes to make your name known. I also have another opponent that thinks his past accomplishments is going to scare the hell out of everyone. What you two dont know is that I dont give a damn what you have done with your life. All I care about is moving my way up the ladder and proving once again that I am a top contender in this business. See at one time Gresham, Four Corners see the fire inside of me. They seen what I wanted and what I was capable of and I wouldnt stop till I got what I wanted. I might not have always got it, but they knew what I was all about. Well they, once again, will see the fire in my eyes because this time around is going to be much greater than it was before. I am ten times the man I used to be and you two lucky contestants are going to find that out first hand. Look I know I keep talking about the past, but that made me. If you dont believe me Gresham. Just go to the archives and look at some of my matches that I have had.  Look at what I have done and been through and see if what I am saying is wrong. See kid, I know a thing or two about this business and I know whats bound to happen when people like you step inside a ring. You have such big heads that all you can think about is winning and getting your shot at a championship. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but that is going to be your biggest downfall. You see, you have to take baby steps in this company.You need to slowly approach your dream by having match after match, whether its a win or a loss, always see the positive outcome of it. You see the reason I know is because I was once like you. I thought the same way. But now since im wiser in this field. All I care about is claiming my old self and be the Bad Boy, the Vital Idol I once was. I know that you are really wanting to turn things around after your loss last week. I know that you know that you deserved that win and you was screwed. But lets just face it Gresham. You got exactly what you deserve. There is no way that I am going to let you come into this match and walk out being victorious, and that goes the same for you Smith. You two have no idea what you all are in for. I plan on walking out of that arena with my first win in four years. I plan for everyone to see that not only did I pick up where I left off, but I am better than ever and I am going to set my roots down in this company. Four Corners wont know what to expect once I get started back into this company. Like you two Gresham and Smith, you both think that I some mediocre worthless piece of shit that is trying to bullshit his way back in.

Shane laughs as he bends down and places his hand around the bottle water.

Shane Borderland
We will see who the one that is blowing smoke up ones ass after this match is all said and done and im standing over the lifeless bodies of the both of you. You two really have no idea of what amount of punishment I can really bring you. But the fact is I know that you all dont care but I am going to enjoy every second of this match. This match will not only claim who is the better of us three, but for me it will show that I still am the man I set out to be when I first stepped foot into a Four Corners ring. Nothing is going to stand in my way of overcoming the outcome, its on me and always has been. So with that being said, you two dont stand a chance against me. I have got so much more on the line when that bell sounds off and I know once that it does, I am going to come in wide fucking open and neither one of you will not know how to control me. Trust me when I say this. I know what I can do when I have to get my message out and you two will nor cannot stop me from doing that.

He picks up the water bottle and stands upright.

Shane Borderland
Dont say that I didnt worn you two. Everyone has something to prove in this business. Whether its being the greatest champion, your road to glory, or if its reclaiming what you once knew was yours. Well im a man on a mission and neither of you will slow down my reign of terror in Four Corners.

Shane finishes the water and throws the empty bottles towards the screen as the scene slowly begins to fade to black...

New 4CW Record: 1-1-0
Old 4CW Record: 9-12-2