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By Eden Connors

I came. I saw. And I proved a point.

That was pretty much how Eden felt after her fight against Smith Jones. Someone who compared to her was a veteran, but then again most people were. He was rather sure of his skills and the outcome of the match, yet highly disappointed. High horse and all that stuff.

But make no mistake about it please, Eden was by no means an arrogant winner or a foul loser. But a certain amount of satisfaction was a given after fighting this battle. It was more or less what her brothers called ‘Getting your shit together’. This industry had no space for fragile flowers and salty snowflakes. It was about eat or get eaten.

Another show, another battle. It was strange that no matter how often she spotted her name on a card, she would still get excited. And that feeling wouldn’t leave till the show was over. The adrenaline was pumping through her veins as if there was no tomorrow. There was no point in looking back when in the near future another challenge waited. Cartier. A proud lady that had the tendency to be a little dramatic and rather loud. A battle of opposites so to speak.

Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned. ~ Frank Sonnenberg


Every public figure knew how hard it was to bring all your lives together. Satisfying your family and friends as much as your fans. It was no different for wrestlers, if not a tad bit harder. Most of the year they would travel the world, often being thousands of miles away from home. For Eden Connors home was often so far away that it made her chest ache. Others at least lived in the United States of America, or had other family members around them. So when having the chance to visit home she was behaving like a kid on a sugar rush.

The excitement grew even further when her brother invited her to the yearly Vikings themed festival. It had a tradition with them and all their friends. People would dress up and fight for prizes.

Yeah. I am a nerd.

They had been spending most of their morning checking all the different stands, buying stuff that no one really needed. She would see friends from her childhood days, bantering. The later it became, the smaller the group became. So Eden found herself standing opposite the wife of her eldest brother, both holding a sword in their hands. For a while they would playfully fight, without ever determining a winner.

“I give up. You still have the energy of a thousand infants.”

Her sister in law was out of breath when sinking down in the wet grass, stretching her legs out. Momentarily Eden would sit next to her, leaning her head against Eve’s shoulder. Although she would never admit it towards her brothers, but as a kid she always wished for an elder sister.

“Don’t you think their life back then was a lot easier?”

“Depends on what you are fond of in your life. I mean no electricity or a hot bath, not a thing I would look forward to.”

Eve shrugged her shoulders but kept looking at Eden.

“Okay, that would be difficult but if you didn’t know any different, it would be bearable. But that was not what I was talking about. There was nothing like people being trashed on social media, or fighting under rules.”

“I am sure there were certain rules… “

“Will you let me make my point? If you had a problem with someone you took your sword and got the job done. There was no promoting or having to play nice with people that are complete trash. An eye for an eye. I think or society has grown really weak.”

Eve patted her on the back and then started laughing, gathering the attention from the rest of the family. Immediately Eden’s brothers looked over, suspicious.

“Have you been reading in your gran grandfather's journal again? I swear to god, he was fully crazy. This man would have killed anyone that stepped on his property, even if they were dying. You don’t wanna be like that Eden. Plus, I doubt they will let you kill someone inside the ring.”

“I don’t think about killing people. I just think there is too much faking it just to get what you want. I couldn’t do that even if I tried. If I think someone is an ass, I will tell them.”

She was interrupted with one of her friends placing a cup in her hand. She looked up before soaking in the scent. Unsure she was ready to hand it back.

“Drink. You are old enough now, muppet. Just dont drink too quick… .”

She drowned the whole cup in one go, feeling the burn of the alcohol. A spontaneous giggle escaped her when she jumped up. Grabbing her sword on the go, she began marching towards their table.

“I challenge whoever has the guts, bring it.”

Everybody was laughing but eventually one would get up and do her the favour. Fighting all afternoon before it gotten too dark, and not all the flambeaus in the world could have given enough light.


[Later that evening]

It was the truth that time was flying when you had fun. Most of the guests had left hours ago, but the core was still sitting together. One of them was Eden Connors who by now was rather tipsy. Some would say drunk, but tipsy sounded a lot more like her.

Her friends were in the middle of a discussion about the comfort of carrying a sword when she crawled on one of the wooden tables. Her balance a little off, that one of her brothers had to steady her. The young girl was heard slightly giggling but then coughed for the attention of her friends. Eden put on her best William Wallace expression, raising her arms for a moment.

“We all face challenges in our life. No matter if its in a private or professional manner. And while some break under the pressure, others seem to get motivated. In the past months I’ve learned that I am part of the second breed. I might not always succeed, but I will never stop pushing. But sometimes you go face to face with someone that couldn’t be more different than you. Their beliefs and their attitude. And maybe if you look deeper, even their goals. I am faced with a challenge like that, friends. Her name is Cartier and we come from two different worlds, maybe universes. It feels like you have to study for a big test, but you can’t read the language of the written word. If you can read in the first place.”

She giggled again and covered her mouth when an adorable burping noise escaped her. With a more steady step she began to walk over the table.

“Whatever the battle brings you must make sure you bring the right weapon, right? I found the perfect medicine for Smith Jones, even though he didn’t know he was sick. Are you sick, Cartier? I mean your heart and soul? I mean that in a non offensive way. But I think you know that. We didn’t have a bad encounter since I entered 4CW, so this is me showing concern. You seem so angry all the time and to a degree I get it, but then again you let people push your buttons way too easy. Ever notice that they are out there to challenge you? Not in a fight, but toying with your emotions. And every single time you jump for it.”

Eden bend over and grabbed her brothers drink, emptying it in one go. Whiskey.


“I get it. You pissed people off and people pissed you off. But to be quite honest, that is none of my god damn business. I am not interested in gossip or Social Media ownings. I don’t have the whole Gang bitch mentality either. I am just Eden Connors. The most would know me by now. I am the girl that keeps kicking ass and keeps smiling at learning lessons. I will not judge you, Cartier. I don’t know anything about your past or the struggles you have been through. Maybe where you come from colour still is a subject, but it isn’t here. I don’t care if you’re black, yellow, green or a unicorn. I look for what you hide behind that shell. Those big eyes and those white teeth. The way you dress or the slang you use. All of this is part of you, but it doesn’t tell me what kind of person you are. For real.”

“Sure we all have seen your exit from King’s Road. And people quickly speculated about all kind of things. But once more, that is not my problem and therefor I will not make it that. But there is one thing that I noticed since you joined 4CW, you struggle. Not because you lack talent, but you have a problem focusing. There is so much bullshit surrounding you that you miss the right point to jump. Sure you won your match against Finn Whelan, but you think the outcome would have been the same a few months ago? So in the back of your mind you must wonder: Did I earn it, or did he hand it to me? Of course that is just me spinning weird ideas in my head. But you must understand one thing before we go into this deeper, I am still hungry. I still want my big piece of the pie and I will not let you get away with my plate.”

Her friends and family applauded while emptying their silver cups. Or metal. She couldn’t really remember at this point.

“Do you know what 4CW is about? Fighting. And even though I am sure it is easier to beat people up on the streets, that is not how it works. No matter how tempting this may sound, but this is not Gangs of New York. Although I am sure one of us could pull off a great Leonardo DiCaprio. But we are drifting off, sweetie. One thing we will face in preparation of this match, is a language problem. I am sorry to say but half the time I don’t understand one word you say. Either it is your slang or the fact that you are almost always angry. So please for the dummy that is me, speak slow and in proper English. Although it doesn’t really matter what language you use. In the end it comes down to one thing: Can you fight?”

“And I mean fight like professional fighters should. I am certain you can use fists, knives and a gun. But you know they say, bring the right weapon. I have been putting too much into this to slow down. Not for you or anyone else. Maybe I am young and still have a lot to learn, but this is the wonderful thing about this industry. There is always more to come. I don’t know if it’s you or the people you go up against, but you probably never learned how to handle business. Or at least not the proper way. It is obvious that you have a competitive mentality. The right amount of passion and a little bit too much anger. But I believe that no one ever showed you how to bundle this and turn it into a success. Find the middle of it all and don’t unload till the right time arrives. That is the mindset of a fighter. Blind rage and bad attitude don’t win you no battles, Cartier.”

Somewhere in the distance the sun was slowly starting to rise. For a moment herself, and the rest of the group, turned to enjoy the view. A coy smile appeared on her face.

“I said it before and that I stick with it, there is no shame in losing. But when you go up against talented women like Genevie Carlson or Alicia Lukas, you should be able to backup your talking. When you make points, prove them. Do you understand where I am going with this? Sometimes when you talk yourself in rage you remind me of that old dog we used to have. What has her name, Edan?”

She looked down at her brother who rolled his eyes.

“It was your dog and her name was Milly St. James. Great name choice by the way.”

“Don’t start hating. But yeah, Milly was a really good dog. I had her ever since I turned six and she was the first creature I ever took care of. When she was around ten she started to change. She wasn't my cuddle buddy anymore and started to attack other animals. When my athaìr took her to the vet they found out that she had been infected with rabies. Unfortunately she was so far gone that we had to put the old girl down. Where I am aiming with this is simple, Cartier. If someone keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again, there is no way in lecturing them. Sometimes it is not even their fault, but there is only one solution. Put an end to it. Maybe your attitude is a form of self defense, not letting anyone close enough to see your flaws. I get it. But the question is, do you get it?”

“I am in doubt of it to be honest. You have built a wall surrounding you and on the inside you sit on your throne. Thinking the whole world is against you, trying to get you. I don’t agree, girl. But I have been taught that you reap what you sow. This industry is full of strong personalities, so that alone doesn’t make you anything special. I am nothing special either, Cartier. I am just a face in the crowd like everyone else. But that is the huge difference between us, I try to be better. I wanna overcome mediocrity on a daily base. No matter the circumstances. I don’t know what will happen at Adrenaline. No one ever really knows. But like every time Miss Phe or Mister Perry give me a chance, I will show them why. I will not cry or lament if things don’t go my way. I will give respect when the chance is given, but I will rip you apart when I must. That is what I owe the audience and myself.”

She took another few steps on the long table before tripping over one of the plates. There was nothing graceful about her falling off. Whoever expected reality to match movies, was deadly wrong. Thankfully one of her friends caught her, preventing her from falling face first into the mud. For a moment everyone was holding their breath till she bursted out laughing. When being put on the ground Eden straightened her shoulders, smiling.

“We are in town all week, thank you. We worked really hard on the timing for this trick. But where was I? Yeah, respect. You often feel disrespected by people. Even though I am not hyperactive on social media platforms, that is something hard to miss. But why would people respect you, if you don’t respect them? I mean give me the logic and I will gladly listen. You do realise that no one has to give you anything in the first place, right? You are lucky to still have a contract after being fired from King’s Road. Others would be out there job searching or working for McDonalds. So no matter what you might wanna believe, management has been rather fair to you. Now you gotta prove that you belong. Yes that means hard work. That means taking bumps that you might don’t deserve. But that is a lesson for life. Love me or hate me, but I will always be real with you.”

“I know that you can be better than you are right now. As a wrestler and as a person. And that is the exact reason why I will push your buttons this time. Don’t expect me to come for your butt on Twitter or behind your back. I do it right here and right now. I challenge everything you believe in, Cartier. Why? Because I can. I will chase you through this ring and connect whenever you slip. If that isn’t motivational enough, then I really don’t know. I gave you a piece of the Scottish mentality. We never been one to half arse anything. We love hard. We fight hard. And we f… .”

“Say it. For the love of god just say it, you are not 15 anymore Eden.”

Once again it was the voice of her brother that brought her back on track. He looked at her slightly amused and annoyed.

“No. Dad could still ground me. You know he doesn’t realise I am an adult… .”

“Wouldn’t it be hilarious if you missed your match because you are grounded?”

Eden threw her cup after him. Miserably failing by miles. Once more she looked into the camera while a mild breeze messed up her hair. In an instant the sky turned from orange and blue to black, typical Scottish weather. The first few heavy raindrops met her head. The group was quick to pack up their things, running towards the big house. Everyone but Eden. She remained there while looking up in the sky.