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02| Stepping Into Old Skin
« on: February 03, 2019, 10:17:51 PM »
Borderlandís Estates
San, Diego California

Brooke Lockheart
Your doing it again Shane!

The scene opens up to Shaneís home, where we see Brooke Lockheart and Shane Borderland. Shane is sitting on the edge of the bed and Brooke is holding the door open to the hallway of the house. She is carrying a gym bag and has her keys in her hand.

Brooke Lockheart
You said you wouldnít do this again if you started back!

Shane Borderland
I told you that once I start back a lot of my time will be focused on my wrestling career. Its not all going to be on you like it was for four years. Its a different time now. So if you cant handle that, theres the road.

Brooke Lockheart
You mean after 5 years of being together you can just throw all of this away?

Shane Borderland
If you got to be the center of attention and cant handle me pursuing my career, then I guess not.

Shane shrugs his shoulders. Brooke takes a deep look at him, with tears going down her face.She shakes her head and slams the door behind her. Shane lowers his head as he just begins to think about all thats going on.

Shane Borderland
I specifically told her that I cant focus all my time on her and she agreed to that. She knew what was gonna happen and said she would be here for me through thick and thin. First thing she does is pitch a fit because all of my time has been devoted to wrestling since I announced my return.

All of a sudden a hand appears out of nowhere on Shaneís shoulder.

? ? ?
It be ok...

Shane knows the voice and looks up with a slight grin on his face.

Shane Borderland
When did you get it in Heavy?

Big Heavy
Me see you in match last week. Me see you win and me wanted to come back to this life.

Shane Borderland
Well its good to have you back Heavy. Good to have someone real for a change back in my corner.

Heavy sits on besides Shane on the edge of the bed, almost flipping the mattress.

Shane Borderland
Damn Heavy! I see you still havent lost any weight.

Big Heavy
Why would me do that? My name Big Heavy. Me keep up with my standards Shane. I am here for you. I will be by your side this time.

Shane Borderland
Good because I sure could use someone like you.

Big Heavy
What happened to Cashe?

Shane Borderland
I have know idea.. When I made my return he was nowhere in sight. So I have just been basically reclaiming my name around here.

Big Heavy
Me seen your match. Didnít look like you lost much of your touch.

Shane Borderland
Let me tell you. Four years not being inside of a ring. It sure does put a toll on you. Even though what I said was true. I told everyone what was going to happen and looked what happened.

Heavy smiles.

Big Heavy
I seen that. You whooped their asses. Makes me think of the old times. Remember when we started all that shit down in Mexico?

Shane shakes his head and puts his hands over his face.

Shane Borderland
Donít remind me of that. Although I can say that we have had some fun times.

Big Heavy
Make more good times?

Heavy sits there with a smile on his face.

Shane Borderland
You know it Heavy. Although this time? Lets make shit last.

The two shake hands as the image slowly fades...

Motel Room
Indianapolis, Indiana

Big Heavy
You ready to open up a can of whoop ass!?

The scene begins in a motel room in Indianapolis, Indiana. Where we see Shane Borderland and the behemoth himself, Big Heavy. Big Heavy is sitting in a chair right next to a round wooden table. They are a bunch of empty chip bags on the table and Heavy has McDonaldís fries in the table, lathered in ketchup. He is also munching down on a double quarter pounder as Shane is pacing around in the room.

Big Heavy
What you pacing for? You already whooped this guy.

Shane stops, turns and looks at Heavy.

Shane Borderland
Ohh, Im not worried about Gresham. Hell I took him and Jones out last week. Made Jones go ghost even.

Heavy wipes the ketchup from his mouth.

Big Heavy
Then why you pacing?

Shane Borderland
Damnit man look at you! Sitting there stuffing your face with all that shit. You know I dont eat like that anymore.

Big Heavy
This bugs you?

Shane Borderland
Not as much as disgusts me. I mean I guess I gotta get use to it because there is no way in hell your ever gonna quit eating like that.

Big Heavy

As he continues munching on his burger and fries.

Big Heavy
So Shane. What next in store? What you got planned?

Shane Borderland
Well Heavy, first off is I guess I gotta take out Gresham once again. I kind of figured that about Wallace though. I figured he would end up putting me in a singles match with the one that put up the most fight in the three way.

Big Heavy
Deja... uh... Deja....

Shane Borderland
VU! You big olí tub of lard!

Heavy stands up, placing the rest of his burger on the table.

Big Heavy
Me dont take kindly to those words!

Heavy takes off going to rush Borderland, but Borderland is a bit too quick for him. He jumps up on the bed and Heavy falls flat onto his face. Shane rushes over to the table, grabbing whats left of the burger. He jumps upon top of Heavy trying to force the burger down his throat.

Shane Borderland

Shane is laughing the whole time and with Heavy being the bigger man, he rolls over on top of Shane.

Shane Borderland
Get off me you behemoth bastard!

Big Heavy
Maybe this will do you some good.

Heavy shoves the burger in Shaneís face and smears it all over. Heavy begins laughing as he gets up off Borderland and sits on the side of the bed.

Big Heavy
How do that feel??

Shane smiles.

Shane Borderland
Like olí times Heavy. Like olí times.
Borderlands Battleground
Singles Match
Shane Borderland vs. DeMarcus Gresham

Well here we are once again Gresham. Both of us standing inside the same ring again. I truly hope you donít think there is going to be a different outcome or this is your chance for retribution.

A slight smirk comes across Shaneís face.

Sure you was the one that gave up the most fight last week in our three way match. Still I want you to look at the victor. Look at who came out on top after he said he was going to. Thats right, ME! I told you Gresham. You didnít stand a chance then and you donít stand a chance now. I told you that once that bell rang, you or anyone else didnt have a chance in hell. I told you that I had to revamp myself in this match, to find the old me once again. You know, when that bell sounded off, I knew exactly what to do and didnt hesitate to do so. I know how to overcome the outcome and thats exactly what happened. I told you and Jones that neither one of you all had what it takes to get the W over me. I had more riding on this match. First match back, a man trying to reclaim whats his and I want you to look what happened. I walked out victorious and this week, well lets just say I have a good feeling about this one as well.

Shane smiles.

You see Gresham, not only did I come back on the right track. I had an old friend come back into my life as well. Someone that is really going to help me get back in the groove. Someone who will help my find my old self in this industry. Someone who knows how to bring out the old, but more improved Shane Borderland. So yea, you can say this time around, its not only going to be trying to get in the groove. Its going  to be showing you how the old me use to work. How well the old me knew how to take care of business. So if you really think that you can beat me this time around? Well lets just say you are sadly mistaken boy.

Shane shifts his head from side to side, popping his neck.

So I know you must think you got robbed last week huh? You wanted to bash my head in so bad and ruin my chances on making a successful comeback. I know what exactly you wanted to do. You wanted to make me out to be a liar and have everyone laughing in my face.You donítt have what it takes to shut me up or out Gresham! I told you that I was going to walk in there and come out with the win and I did just that! Now this week since we was placed against each other again, you really think that you alone can beat me? I highly doubt that. You will come up short once again and I will prove that I am clearly a level above you. Sure you got some talent, but nothing like you are about to see. You think that the first time you encountered me was rough? Just wait till you step inside the ring with me and you have my whole undivided attention. You will have me non stop all over your ass as soon as that bell rings and there isnít anyone that can break it up this time Gresham. We donít have a third person getting in the way this time, so I have all the time in this match to make you my bitch and show you just how a professional does it.

Shane Stands up and begins walking back and forth.

No one is going to stop me towards the top, not even you Gresham. Iíve beat your ass once before and im damn sure I can do again, hell multiple times for that matter. I told you what I had on my mind and im not stopping. You will once fall short at the hands of me and the greatest thing is, you cant do a damn thing about it Gresham. There is no way in hell that you can beat me. Lets just face facts here. Your not nearly as qualified as I am, you donít have the credentials I have, and you will never ever be great as me. See Gresham, im the man that walks into an industry, such as Four Corners, and the people automatically know who I am. They already know what I am capable of. Thats the greatest thing about being a seasoned veteran. People know exactly who I am and know what I am about. They know I will not stop until I achieve pure greatness like I have so many times before. Let me tell you a little something about myself that not too many people may know Gresham.

Shane stops walking around and sits back down in the chair, rubbing his hands together.

I got my debut match back in January of two thousand and eleven, over eight years ago. The place doesnt matter, but what does matter is what took place. I came in and demolished my opponent. Then the owners seen how much of a threat that I really was. Not soon after that Gresham, I was granted my first title match, which was for the Television Championship. I went on to win that championship with ease. I held that title for over 2 months and got told the only way I could ever move up if someone beats me for the title. So here I go wanting to move up, but clearly didnt want to lose either. So here I had to make a decision. Did I want to stay where I was and keep beating everyone that got thrown at me and prove myself to be the best Television champion in the world? Or should I continue on to success? Well I thought long and hard about this and finally decided to basically hand over the title to a good friend of mine at the time and let him do his damn thing. So what does that tell you Gresham?

Shane sits there with his eyes squinched up looking directly at the camera.

It says that im not an easy opponent and I have to basically lay down to be beaten. See Gresham, when I see something that I want I will do anything to get it. Right now I see another W in my win column and after that another one, and another one after that. Right up to I get that title match that I respectfully deserve. Why do I deserve it you may ask? Its because I have roots here in Four Corners. People already know me around here and have already seen me at one of my highest points of my career here. Sure last time I was in Four Corners, I got a Pride Championship shot and came up short. There is no denying that I lost that match fair and square. But now is a different time in my life and say a two point zero version of me is installed this time around. My vision is more clearer than it ever has been Gresham. I can see the finish line without even stepping up to the starting position. Thats how easy this is going to be for me. You may think the first time was bad. Just wait until you step into the ring with me this time. I have proven myself over and over in this industry, not just in Four Corners, but every where I decide to go. Everyone has seen me take out some of the biggest names in this business and whenever a no name, such and yourself steps up to the plate, they know damn well that they donít have a chance against me. Hell they even know they donít even deserve to be in the same ring as I do. So you can think all you want to Gresham, we both know how this is going to end up. We both know that you will come in, once again, with your head held high and actually thinking you have a chance in this match up. Knowing damn well your gonna get your head stomped in once again. This time Gresham its not about proving anything. This time is going to be just for afflicting as much punishment as I can to one person. I want to show you what pain is all about. I want you to feel how much it hurts once you actually believe in something and coming up short. I want you to feel the real Shane Borderland Gresham. I want you to look back on this two matches weíve had together and think, damn that guy wasnít lying. He told me what was going to happen and thats exactly what happened.

Shane stands back up and leans across the table, moving in closer to the camera.

I want you to learn from these matches Gresham. I want you to learn from your mistakes, grow if you will. I want you to realize that you will never ever be as great as me. That you dont even deserve to be nowhere near me Gresham. I, Shane Borderland, will once again put you in a place that you have no idea how to come back from. I will crush your dreams, destroy your hopes, I will put an end to your career if I have to Gresham. Iíve told you one and I will tell you again until it gets into your thick skull. No one is going to stop me on my road to success. Not you, not anyone. This time in Four Corners, I will rise towards the top and I will not fail on becoming a champion this time. Your just a mild stepping stone for me to overcome Gresham. If Four Corners wants to see you get your ass handed to, well I donít mind one bit to give you another ass whippiní. I donít mind feeling your bones crush under my fists. I donít mind knocking you down another peg and showing you who the real bad ass is. So Gresham are you ready for another beat down at the hands of me? I sure as hell know I am ready to beat your ass into oblivion once again and walk out with my second win in my second match of coming back into this great industry. Maybe this time you will be kind of prepared of whats in store for you.

Shane smiles and shakes his head.

I highly doubt that. This time is going to be much worse Gresham. You best believe that!

Shane looks deeply into the camera as the scene fades to black.

New 4CW Record: 1-1-0
Old 4CW Record: 9-12-2