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Sean Isaac Leonard Kennedy
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Sean Isaac Leonard Kennedy

NAME: Sean Isaac Leonard Kennedy
NICKNAMES: SILK, The SILKY Smooth One, The Black Anaconda, The Georgia Gigolo, Your Girl’s Favorite Grappler, Young & Hung, The Man With The Third Leg, A Woman’s Wet Dream, C-Note SILK, SILKY Tha Great, Wrestling’s Wilt Chamberlain, Born To Please The Female Species, Fendi-ana Jones, Swag King Kong, SILKY Johnson
DATE OF BIRTH: Feb. 14th, 1994
HEIGHT: 6'5"
WEIGHT: 255 lbs
BILLED FROM: Atlanta, Georgia
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Purple Rain" by Prince
PICBASE: Velveteen Dream

Cocky. A ladies man. Proud and well endowed. Will make the bed quake and your girls knees shake. SILK has an aura about him unlike any other as his tongue can slay an opponent while please any woman within a hundred mile radius. SILK is loyal to those close to him but could care less or not be bothered with those who aren’t an opponent in the near future or holding a title he’s aiming for.

SILK is always dressed sharply and has his own style as he’s never one to conform to what would be deemed normal or everyday, he’s one of a kind in who he is and how he looks, always conveying that through his appearance.

SILK changes his ring gear depending on the show’s importance and the importance of the match itself he’s involved in. He always wears tights, never trunks and it’s always made of silk, obviously. He never wears elbow pads, but does always have matching kneepads to the colour of the attire he’s gone with. The main bases for his colour schemes are normally white, purple and sometimes black but he has gone with yellow and red before, even wearing half finger length gloves for one match. Occasionally he will wear wrist tape as well.

On his way to the ring he always wears his gold round-framed Fendi glasses, sometimes wearing his gold three round-framed pair. He always has a head sash wrapped along his hair line which coordinates with his ring attire and almost always has an expensive designer shirt that also matches his ring attire as well. Earrings and chains as accessories for his entrance attire are usually a necessity as well.

WRESTLING STYLE: Brawler/Technician whose willing to go high risk, not only to display his athleticism but also because he’ll do what it takes to get the job done.

  • Spinning Back Fist
  • Falcon Arrow
  • Stalling Brainbuster onto Knee
  • Cross-Legged Fisherman Buster
  • Elevated Sitout Powerbomb

  • Kneebar
  • D’arce Choke
  • Anaconda Vice
  • Arm Trap Crossface

  • Bicycle Knee Strike
  • Shining Wizard
  • Slingblade

  • Swanton Bomb
  • ”Your Girl’s Rebound” - Top Rope Rebound Lariat
  • Missile Dropkick
  • Frog Splash

He taunts his opponents, especially women with seductive gestures such as winks to his opponent while they are on the mat as he himself slithers across it, blowing kisses to his opponent after they botch a move, he makes a recovery or he makes them look bad.

B.J. (Break Jaws) - [Stunner]
Bareback - [Olympic Slam]
Trick Turner - [Sharpshooter]

SILKY Smooth DDT - [Destino – Somersault Reverse DDT]

SILKplex - [Croyt's Wrath - Electric Chair Drop Into Bridging German Suplex]

Growing up in Atlanta, Sean was introduced to the street life at an early age due to his mother who worked long hours and a lot of double shifts as a nurse to support him while his Dad was absent from an early age being someone Sean never knew.

Though he ran with future athletes, drug traffickers, murderers and thieves, Sean was always talented with the ladies and very athletic, especially in Basketball. Thanks to the fact that he’s biologically endowed with quite the sizable “unit”, he took to the streets in a different way than his friends eventually did after turning down a full scholarship to Georgia Tech because it wouldn’t pay the bills immediately; turning tricks with women.

Sean’s ties to wrestling go back to the only man he really had as a father figure growing up, his grandfather and mother’s father Leonard “The Lion” Lewis who passed away when Sean was 7. His grandfather wrestled throughout the Southern Territories in the 50’s & 60’s. At a young age his grandfather would take him to local shows, while they never missed any wrestling event on television as well, always watching them in his grandfather’s den during his final years.

Thanks in large part to the people he runs with, Sean’s been a fighter since a young age but because of his profession he’s taken courses in self defense, earning black belts in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga. Sean started wrestling at a local wrestling facility, Georgia Wrestling Factory, in 2016 as a hobby and also because of his childhood love for it.

Sean Isaac Leonard Kennedy sees the world of professional wrestling as not only another source of income but also as a way to take his “services” on the road nationally and internationally.

  • None

  • WTC Destiny Crown Championship (x1 - Current)
  • Golden Globe Pro Wrestling Forty-Niner Champion (x1)
  • Seattle Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion (x1)
  • Seattle Pro Wrestling Rookie of The Year 2018
  • Seattle Pro Wrestling 2019 Pinnacle Battle Royal Winner
  • NVR R!ZE Champion (x1)

The opening chords of the intro to "Purple Rain" by Prince begins as the lights in the arena dim. A light fog fills the entrance ramp as deep purple and pink strobes begin to light up the ramp and the entrance way.

♫ I never meant to cause you any sorrow...I never meant to cause you any pain ♫

The crowd begins to buzz as the ramp continues to fill with the light fog.

♫ I only wanted to one time to see you laughing...I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain ♫

From the back emerges Sean Isaac Leonard Kennedy crawling slowly and seductively towards the top of the ramp. His gold framed glasses glisten from the reflection of the strobe lights while his bandana looks to be lit up by the strobes as well, giving it a black light effect to make it look as if it's glowing. His shirt is open and his purple silk wrestling pants slightly sparkle as well thanks to the lighting effects. SILK finally gets to his feet and holds his hands out, taking in all the cheers from onlooking women and the jeers from the jealous men next to them. He inhales the love and the hate deeply before continuing his onward journey of smoothness to the ring, walking slowly and taking in the atmosphere fully.

SILK slides under the bottom rope and crawls towards the middle of the ring as a spotlight surrounds him. He makes slow and steady provocative gestures towards the ring mat with his hips while pointing towards a screaming female fan in the front row as he winks towards her and follows it up with a kiss in her direction that makes her knees weak and her heart melt.

The lights come back up as SILK makes his way back up to his feet in preparation for his match.

AGE: Old Enough.

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