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King's Road -- Kennedy v. Kennedy.
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The energy in the crowd was palpable in how utterly electric it was. Since Alexis had hit the scene, she’d been compared constantly to her legendary veteran of a brother, and even now, it was no different. When they hit the ring, the crowd had gone silent, especially as the pair sized each other, lookin’ more like a pair of wolves about to circle one another before pouncing in for the kill. There was no malice between them, and yet.. And yet, one couldn’t help but to see the unspoken aggression between them, whatever love that was laid between the siblings wasn’t there in how they looked at eachother, as if trying to psyche the other out to what seemed to be no avail. Were they going to stare each other down forever? Stand there until the second coming of Christ ended the match before the bell even rang?

Alexis Kennedy answered that shit for everyone when she lunged forward with a superman punch that came out of nowhere only to have… Josh completely sidestep it, shoving his younger sister front first into those ropes, and as she rebounded off of them? Caught her right in the mouth with a devastating side kick that very nearly took the younger Kennedy’s head clean off of her shoulders! Still, it wasn’t enough to keep her down, much to the surprise of the crowd! Her head still reeling, her vision blurry, she was raising up, but not with empty hands as she went for the leg of the deadlier Kennedy, clutching it to her as she pressed forward! Much to Josh’s surprise, she went straight for a rising single leg takedown, opting for the textbook maneuver instead of her usual flash in the pan methodology. Of course, in the end, it’d take more than surprises and solid wrestling to take down the man that couldn’t be killed, especially when he capitalized on her attempt to posture up for the ground and pound, flipping her using his lower body to snap on an arm bar.

Was this it!? Did Josh have it so soon? The initial shock of the crowd and Alexis’s expression might have said yes, but the woman was already clawing her way to the ropes, trying to cover the short distance, dragging her brother like she was a wounded animal in a trap while Josh tried to stop it and wrench her back! Through an act of sheer will and luck, she managed to clamor to the ropes, to grab them and get the ref to free her, giving her precious seconds to recover that arm. Already it was looking bad for the younger Kennedy, but she refused to stay down, and honestly, he refused to let her. They clashed once more, this time exchanging heavy handed punches and kicks, turning this from a wrestling match to a heated action scene as they matched eachother strike for concentrated, rapid fire, strike in that ring!

Bloodied knuckles, busted lips, cuts across their faces and forearms, neither were backing down as they traded fists and elbows, kicks and knees, occasionally managing to throw one another into the ropes or corners, it seemed to come to ahead though, when Josh managed to launch one of his spin kicks right into her temple, causing her to go down hard to that mat.

Was she done? The crowd gasped, but as the ref went to go check on her to declare what might have been an obvious knock out? Josh’s hand lifted, a bloodied grin across his face. ‘She ain’t done yet’ was read on those lips as he watched, waiting for Alexis to stir, to clamor up to her knees. When the Ref seemed like he was ready to go for the ten count anyways? Josh shook his head. ‘Don’t you fuckin’ dare’ muttering towards the striped shirt official as he stalked forward and jerked the younger Kennedy to her feet by her hair, hauling her up! The moment he did, though? She was grabbing him by his head and dropping down, forcing his weight down atop of her head, chin first, hitting him with that jaw breaker and for once, drawing an advantage as she quickly went for the pin!


The older Kennedy was sitting up right then and there, looking a mixture of shocked, annoyed, and… proud? That dirty trick had him going up to his feet, only to have Alexis come right back at him with a basement dropkick that had him rolling back from the force of it. Was Josh down? Yes. Out? Not hardly, and Alexis knew it, especially as she drew a hand back to slip on those knuckle dusters, all but stalking over her brother as she ‘cocked’ that loaded right hand, signalling that she was about to go in for the kill the moment that he stood up.

She went for it.

And she immediately regretted it as Josh ducked under her hand, catching her by the wrist and… IT WAS THE WIDOWMAKER! He hit her that Hammerlock Lariat, delivering it with enough force to rattle the very ring canvas that he dropped her on before rolling her up for the pin with a sort of befitting stoicity, the kind that he was renowned for. Tired, relieved, he waited for the ref to make the count.


Josh Kennedy secured yet another win, but instead of walking out of the ring, he stayed, helping his younger sister to her feet, raising her hand as the Ref raised his, before the pair exited the ring to applause.