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Author Topic: KR 35 NIGHT TWO: AMAZING VS SANDS  (Read 217 times)

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The bell rang and Johnny was on Angelo like white on rice. He quickly caught the submission specialist with a dropkick that sent him crashing into the turnbuckles in the corner before firing off with stomps and punches!

Amazing kept it going from there, hitting a jumping knee that rocked Sands before he covered him and got a two count! The Chicago native continued on the attack, connecting with a tornado DDT! He attempted another pin, but the North Carolina born wrestler powered out at two!

Angelo would take control with a hip toss and a dropkick to the back of the head of the seated Johnny. He then locked in an armbar, but Johnny was able to get to the ropes and force the break! Sands would keep it going, putting Amazing in a corner and shushing the audience before firing off with knife edge chops, forcing his opponent to howl out in pain!

The high flyer found himself back in the driver’s seat seconds later as he springboarded off of the ropes and caught his opponent with a frankensteiner that planted him on his head! Johnny went for the cover and got a two count! He would connect with a shotgun dropkick and raced over to the nearest corner after that, climbing to the top before waiting for Angelo to get to his feet and catching him with a meteora! Amazing hooked both legs for the pin, but Sands was able to kickout at two!

Durham’s own got momentum for himself back after turning his opponent inside out with a lariat! Angelo then saw fit to slow the match down, locking in a grapevine ankle lock! Johnny would use whatever energy he had left to get to the ropes and force the break! Sands would then lock in a surfboard, but Amazing refused to give up, wanting nothing more than to win the tournament and get the win over his rival! The young man would then lock in the Durham Death Trap (figure four arm lock), but somehow, some way, his opponent was able to get a foot on the ropes!

Johnny attempted to mount a comeback after getting out of the Durham Death Trap, but his springboard crossbody was met with a dropkick to the midsection from Angelo, knocking the wind out of him! Amazing slowly stumbled to his feet and Sands caught him with a leaping reverse STO before hooking both legs for the pin attempt...ONLY FOR JOHNNY TO KICK OUT AT TWO!!!

Angelo went to the top rope after that, but Johnny was quick to recover, catching him with a hurricanrana off of the top rope! Sands crashed to the mat and Amazing quickly raced up the turnbuckles as he saw his opponent was in position! He took a deep breath, then leaped off, connecting with Free Sail (corkscrew shooting star press)! The audience cheered as Johnny hooked both legs and got the pin, getting the three count and the win!

The reaction from the audience was primarily positive as Johnny celebrated with his award before turning to see Angelo had gotten to his feet. Angelo seemed to show some remorse for what he had done last night before he moved forward and extended his hand out to Johnny. Amazing looked at his hand for a second....before he accepted it for a handshake!

The audience applauded both men before Angelo got a mic and thanked them before telling them that this would be his last match and that he appreciated the support. However, it was time for him to walk away from wrestling, especially ending his career after a great match with Johnny.

Angelo and Johnny would share another handshake before Sands left the ring, letting Amazing celebrate with his trophy. Once he reached the top of the stage, Gareth Prescott and a good portion of the roster came out before they applauded Angelo despite his short stint, getting a smile out of him.

The show would close with Johnny celebrating in the ring while Angelo bowed to the audience as his sign of a “thank you”.

WINNER of King's Road 2019: Johnny Amazing