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Author Topic: What if the villain is the hero, because only the villain speaks the truth  (Read 489 times)

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You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

The busy airport was abuzz with people, each small airport store crammed full of bored shoppers wasting time before their flights. Every cafe table and chain restaurant spilling over onto the public seating provided by the airport; the busiest time of the day had the tannoy constantly blasting security messages and flight announcements. Like an endless stream of consciousness that seemingly nobody was paying attention to. A feeling that Riley Savell knew all too well… She was used to sitting off to the corner, close to a window to watch the planes come and go and not being bothered.

Earbuds resting in her ears and phone in hand, Riley hadn’t bothered to pull up her hood or hide herself, with Cosmo off likely attracting a swarm of people wherever he was choosing to grab a snack; it was commonplace for her to not have to worry about being bothered, which was likely why the tap on her shoulder startled her so much. Almost dropping her phone as she pulled the earbuds free, she turned her head expecting to find a security officer or, perhaps a confused traveller hoping to ask a friendly stranger for directions to their gate.

Instead, she was met with the smiling faces of three teenagers, two females and a male. All three dressed in jeans, casual for their flight as she was. The trio seemed a little apprehensive and the change in atmosphere drew an eyebrow raise from Savell. She regarded them quietly, until she noted the T-shirt the young man was wearing… a shirt that had long been out of commission, it was a picture of Riley from one of her first promotional shoots with the words ‘cerebral siren’ emblazoned across the bottom. A very short lived nickname early on in her career.

”Uh, sorry to bother you…” one of the girls spoke first, her ears turned pink as Riley’s gaze fell on her, but she continued on regardless. ”But my friends and I were wondering if we could get a picture?”

To likely almost anyone else in her position, this wouldn’t seem like an odd request. Wrestlers and other people in the public eye were asked for pictures all the time… but never once had this actually happened to Riley. She played the bad guy for so long that it had become almost like protective armor around her, fans or… detractors as was more often the case, never approached the young wrestler, before now.

”I'm Sorry, you want a what…?” Riley’s tone inflected up with her question, immediately revealing a little something of the woman behind the facade. She wasn’t prepared and the surprise made it impossible for her to hide her shock at the request.

”A… a picture.” The young man wearing her shirt stammered a little as he nodded towards his phone. ”Please?”

She could feel the smile tug at the corner of her lips… Have you ever convinced yourself that you don’t want something, purely because you know you’ll never have it? That’s what she had done, for the past fifteen or so months, Riley had convinced herself she didn’t need the accolade of fan pictures… or the feeling that comes with being someone that young fans look up to. She had told herself that not getting that was a sign she was doing her job well.

But now, as the three youngsters stood awkwardly, waiting for her response? She realised that in all honesty this was something she had wanted. The final piece missing for her in the puzzle of her career. She had the accolades, she had the matches, the wins, the championships… but not the fans. So as those three stood behind her, nerves shot and blush coloring their cheeks, she found herself nodding agreeably.

”Oh! Yeah… sure.” There was a touch of uncertainty in her agreeing. But all the same relief and… happiness? Crossed the faces of all three.

As Riley rose from her chair, she placed her phone atop her bag and turned to face them, waving them around to her side of the seating, she posed for a group shot and then an individual picture with each one, as they snapped away the nervousness they first showed slowly slipped away. An odd familiarity took its place and as she moved to sit back down, she didn’t find herself objecting when they sat too.

As questions fired back and forth became more like conversation, Riley relaxed in her seat. Sure, it meant she didn’t get the prep time she had hoped for. And naturally, she still felt a little on guard around these young fans but… There was something about the eagerness in which they spoke about her career and the future of it, that warmed her inside. If anyone asked, she would absolutely deny it. But as she allowed the moment to wash over her, Where nobody could hear, she had to admit; this was one of the best of her life.

A villain can be stylish, and his actions don't have to be explained. Heroes are boring in comparison, even anti-heroes, as there's always a justification for their bad actions.

There’s something to be said for simplicity, as much as a big grand show can do wonders to make one's point; there are also occasions, such as this one. When what is being said should stand alone, the words mean more than any dramatically produced scene or any carefully planned and though our undercurrent to go along with.

And that’s why, instead of some grand scene, instead of fire, or egg hunts or high backed chairs or symbolically dumping her championships into the wayback of her closet, this time? Riley Savell simply sits on the end of a fairly short dock. The location is unimportant, it’s just an aged wooden dock stretching out into the water beneath it. Water so clear you can tell the color of the varnish on her toes, as her feet enjoy the cool touch of that very same water.

”There’s something very strange that happens to you, as you grow. Nobody can say when it will happen and there’s no rule that says it can only happen once. It’s not always a good thing… in the case of my opponent this week, it absolutely has not been a good thing. But it’s something that happens all the same.

At one point, or another, we all change. Things happen, we react, we apart, we evolve. And this brings about change. In the case of my opponent? He has changed from a driven, talented individual into… the hero that wouldn’t deliver. Superman with his cape in the jet engine. Bryan Williams is a name that will ALWAYS carry respect and I respect him myself, but…

Not even the man himself could deny he’s been slipping lately. Sure, Bryan, you lost the south beach to the dude who went on to win it. So that doesn’t make you bad, right? Also doesn’t make you any better than every single person other person who isn’t BL and, if we’re being honest - which I always am - that has to sting a little bit. Knowing who you are, what you’ve done and where you’ve been? There’s no way you look back on the last few months and think you’re up to par.

So what happened? You changed. Life, your priorities, it all shifted and because of that… well, it’s painfully obvious that your heart isn’t in this. The second they booked me against you, I’m sure you realised others see it too? Because lately, everyone I face, everyone who steps into the ring with me? They either walk away… disappear… or they become what Kaelan has become; muted, muzzled… neutered. And I don’t wanna neuter you, Bryan. I actually kinda like you in the way two people with similar sense of humour like each other.

Maybe my likening to you is what makes me so sad to see you like this? Because despite being in this situation so many times before, it’s till different.

I couldn’t WAIT to kick genie out of this company and slam the door behind her, I was salivating at the very idea of it.

I didn’t care, what happened to Madison after he turned back into dust on the wind.he did the very thing I begged him not to do and let me down.

Zeel… well, let’s just say that this is nothing like facing Zeel.

So you kind of put me in a bit of a conundrum. Not because I feel sorry for you, not because I won’t enjoy every single second of my beating you, of my putting you down and out the door like I have others… Nah what bothers me is that once again, despite my beating one of the best this company has had. It’ll be tainted. For every person who gives me a head nod? There will be ten morons like Kaelan trying to claim my victories mean nothing, because the people I beat were already out.

Now, I could get angry and tell you how this means I need to make an example out of you, I could stamp my feet and give people a flash of the Riley from a year ago, but I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to do that, because I don’t need to. Because Kaelan challenged me, she challenged my place in this company and I put the orange haired snoozefest down.”

Riley shrugs slightly, this is the most earnest she’s been in a while and, despite knowing that plenty of people will try and use her honesty against her? She sees no reason for the bravado in all of this. She’s confident, assured in herself and her ability. She KNOWS she can beat Williams… and she’s damn excited to prove it.

”Huh, guess it’s not such a conundrum after all.

I don’t care if you’re on your best day, or your worst day Bryan. I’m going to get into that 4CW ring and I’m going  to do exactly what I’ve been doing so much if lately… nah, not the Bon voyage part, the winning part. See, this company can keep feeding me people already on the back foot. They can keep handing me the once greats and letting me be the one who holds the door… because each time I usher one of you out? I’m ushering in opportunity for me.

Kaelan liked to talk about how I hadn’t demanded a shot yet. I haven’t. Not everything in life is about how many championship shots you can get. While other people like Kaelan, Alicia and Eden, are running around grabbing any shot they can get… I've been putting in my work, I’ve been putting in my time, I have been building my name in this company.

That’s what this match is about, that is what every single fuckin match has been about. I’m not the super rookie anymore, I’m not the girl everyone wants to drag through the mud, fuck, I’m not even the fuckin villain anymore! We’re talking about change? Well this is it, this is the moment that changes everything. Another name on my L list, another body out the door and another step up the mountain for me. And sure, the supporters are great, having fans who aren’t just teenage boys, hand on dick dreaming of fuckin me, is great… but it could all go away tomorrow and mean nothing.

I don’t wanna be a hero.
I don’t need to be a hero.

And as you’re about to find out, Bryan, 4CW never needed one.”

But you don't do it. Because guys like us, we know there's a third choice. An alternative to staying simon-pure or bathing in the filth and the slime. It's the alternative that grown-ups all over the world pick. You balance off your walk through the hog-wallow against what it gains you. You choose the lesser of two evils and try to keep your good intentions in front of you. And I guess you judge how well you're doing by how well you sleep at night... and what your dreams are like.