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Fifteen minutes before the Supremacy Battle Royal

Get excited, Kingís Road! Itís Karen Willow, sauntering into the shot like she owns the place. Her trademark white jacket flows as she spins, dancing her way into center shot. Pushing her hair back with a quick flick of the wrist, Karen is all smiles as she gives a wink.

Karen Willow: Did you ever think it would happen? Did you ever consider the possibility? The hot new signing to Kingís Road, the debut that everybody is excited for! Is it some tenured talent? A grizzled veteran maybe? No no no, itís the rookie whoís making waves, itís Karen Willow baby!

Cue the posing!

Karen: I told everybody when I made my debut, I wasnít gonna sit around and wait for opportunity to find me. I was gonna reach out and grab it, consequences be damned. And sure, sure, that hasnít translated to wins, but those are coming soon. What it HAS gotten me is the opportunity of a lifetime! Pretty soon, Kingís Road is gonna be home to Main Event Karen!

Iíd like to remind you sheís still technically a teenager, because thereís more posing.

A lot more.

Karen: But! But. There will be time for MainEvent Karen later on. Right now, itís about establishing myself In Kingís Road. Itís about showing the fans and the bosses here  that Iíve got what it takes to stick around and make something of myself here. Oh sure, anybody can talk a big game and fake their way into getting signed. But once you have to prove your worth, most of them fall like a house of cards. They canít handle the pressure and walk away with their tail between their legs.

The last words are spoken with a tone of derision, accompanied by a roll of the eyes.

Karen: Iím sure there are people in the back writing me off as just another person who folds under pressure. Well tough break shitbirds, because Karen Willow is the real deal. Iíve taken on former champions and stood my ground, Iíve taken it to so-called veterans and had them running from me for months. Iím the genuine article, and if youíre too arrogant and blind to see that, then you can go fuck yourself buddy. I outlasted that fake Willow, I outlasted my so called peers in the PW Neo Academy, and I can damn sure make it here in Kingís Road.

Iím not sure those relate to one another, but Karen doesnít give it a second thought. She just keeps moving forward, her hands clenching and unclenching every few moments.

Karen: I may not have been announced for this battle royal at first, but the important thing is that Iím here now. Iím ready for a fight, whether itís one, two, or a freaking battle royal. Iím here to win baby, and I donít need the works of Pablo Neruda or William Blake to motivate me to victory. Thatís right Roman, while those poems were lovely, they donít guarantee victory. It shows you to be a well read individual, and kudos on that, but being the smartest man doesnít mean youíre invulnerable. Chuck Matthews found that out firsthand.

Oh shiiiit. Do we even acknowledge Millennium Wrestling? Because that was a pretty sweet burn.

Karen: But thatís what brought you to the dance, right? The brains, the intellect. So for being such a smart man, you of all people should know that faith without works is dead. You gotta back it up inside the ring, and thereís seven other people besides me who are ready to prove you wrong. Can you do it? Sure. Anything could happen inside the right. But youíre gonna have to earn it, and I donít plan on going down without a drag out fight. And if I fought to finish training even when my trainers tried to break me? I ainít backing down now.

Karen pauses momentarily, her confident demeanor dropping. Gone is the self-assured nature weíd seen, and in its place is one of shock. Suddenly looking every bit the nineteen year old she is, Karen blinks rapidly as her breathing becomes ragged. It only lasts for a few moments before Karen closes her eyes tightly and shakes her head, wiping away those thoughts. When she opens her eyes, the fire is back, as is her normalized breathing.

Karen: I know there are people who think I can do this. They believe that this is the week, this is the match where I get that first win. Tamsin, Vivi, Amira, Danny, Izzy, Tapp, they all believe in me. Theyíre ready to see me succeed, theyíre all waiting to see me crowned the new Supremacy Champion. Donít get me wrong, I have full confidence in myself tonight. But knowing that thereís people who want me to succeedÖ

Another momentary pause, but instead of slipping back into her shocked phase, Karen glances downwards and smiles to herself. Looking back into the camera once more, Karen straightens up, all 5í3Ē of her proudly on display.

Karen: Itís not just me youíre facing tonight, itís everyone who believes and me and is ready to see me win. Fuck your Twitter polls, fuck your public opinion. This is MY time, that is MY belt, and youíre going to have to break me in two if you want to take it from me. I donít care if youíve had gold before, or if youíre a champion now, or whatever the case may be. Youíre in the ring with Karen Willow, baby, and you better be ready to throw hands or get taken out. Itís not enough to want this, you gotta scratch and claw and fight just to have a hope of winning. And tonight of all nights, here in Vegas, the odds have never been higher for me. And while others might fold..

Karen stares deep into the camera, maintaining eye contact as she takes a deep breath. Her body relaxes ever so slightly as she smiles, confidence beaming off of her.

Karen: Iím just getting started.

Those words hang in the air, the silence speaking volumes as Karen continues to hold that smile. With a wink, Karen fires off a pair of finger guns before grooving off camera and towards the ring.
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