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That's my boy.
« on: October 11, 2019, 10:08:21 PM »
The sound of heavy boots shifting through gravel opens up the scene, as Jeb Fisher - still dressed in his orange jumpsuit from before makes his way forward through the parking lot of a local Walgreens, here in New Mexico. The sun was high in the sky, beading down on the outskirts of the town. Jeb was marching towards his camper, which was set up in said Walgreen's parking lot. As he made his way closer you see that Bob was stationed near the door to the camper, sitting on a beach chair with a cooler full of beer not too far off. It would seem that the duo had made camp here while they were in town, The canopy being fully extended, giving Bob some shade. Bob is dressed in a white wife beater and a pair of jeans, an old straw cowboy hat rested on his head.

“Where the fuck you been boy? “ Bob says as Jeb approaches, a beer in his hand and a scowl on his face. Jeb stopped just short of the shade, sweat dripping down his body as he put his hands on his hips and shook his head - looking rather annoyed. “ Had to get my head straight, fuck is it to you old man? “ Jeb then moves forward, opening up the cooler and grabbing a beer. He pops the bottle open on his teeth, and spits the cap in Bob’s general direction. “ Well I see you got dressed up all nice for your little private chat with Laughlin. “ Bob said, a smarmy overtone in his voice as he rolled his eyes and took a sip from his beer.

Jeb glugs down some his beer, clearing the dry mouth that time in the desert creates. He then pats the outside of his pockets, looking for something he can’t find. He looks up at Bob and asks, “ You got any smokes? “ Bob grunts in a sarcastic manner as he drives his hand into his pocket and pulls out his pack of Marlboro Reds. Jeb moves closer, grabbing a smoke from Bob before plopping himself down on a chair set on the other side of the camper door. As Jeb goes to light his smoke, Bob clears his throat and begins to speak.

“ I can see you’re upset Jebediah, I can feel it. And if you needed to go off and do your own thing for awhile. I can understand that… But boy, you best smarten the fuck up! Because Bryan Laughlin is a whole different animal than Brennan Devlin. Brennan got the best of yo’ ass, and that can be something that’s frustrating… But you needa’ keep that head in the game son! Think! Before you act, and maybe shit would quit going ten ways to fuckin’ sideways. You got great instinct, but Laughlin is smarter… He’s beaten folk with more years than you’ll ever have. “

“Why don’t you just blow his fucking cock already?” Jeb says as he takes down a drink of his beer.

Bob laughs, slightly shaking his head at the notion. He sits up in his seat and side eyes Jeb. “ You ain’t listening to me! You’re acting as if this is a lecture, and I done did learn my lesson on ever lecturing your stubborn ass! I’m just tryin’ to get you to think boy! Use that brain that yo’ mama gave you and put that ass to work! Laughlin ain’t as tough as he thinks he is, sure he is accomplished… He’s been on a bit of a streak… But streaks end, championship reigns end… People who where once thought great get fucking manhandled and it all goes down inside that 4CW ring. It took Laughlin years to get where he is today! And he barely picked up any fuckin’ mileage on the side. XTV champion! No Holds Barred, he won that championship in the very same match y’all are having. And you know who lost too? Sonny fuckin’ Lee!”


“Exactly! But since then, Laughlin has traveled the world around, winning championships, proving himself as a violent wrestler. He’s coming into this match thinking he has the advantage… But he doesn't know you Jeb, he don’t know you like I know you… When all bets are off? When anything is allowed? I’ll put my bets on the man who is willing to break the law to get what he wants, the man who has proved he doesn’t need weapons to make a match a deathmatch! You’re gonna’ need to push yourself to your limits this go around my boy… But I know you got that in you, I know you feelin’ that butt-fuckin' to pretty boy… And I know you’re gonna’ fuck Laughlin so hard that he’s gonna’ need a colostomy bag just to get all the Jebediah juice out of him. “

Letting out a chuckle, Jeb brings the beer up to his lips - looking around the Walgreen's parking lot, which was packed with rather low-brow looking individuals. He watched as an over-sized women dragged her child into the store,he  watched as an obvious tweaker tried to stalk the parking lot, looking for unlocked vehicles. While he was surveying  over the dreary side of society he was thinking over everything that Bob had said. As he places his cigarette against his lips, he began to speak.

“ The man who used to call himself the devil, pitched a fit because I said Faggot…. There’s a certain amount of Irony in that ain’t there Bob? Like I never called myself the devil, I never said I was the worst of the worst… Because let’s face it, i’m a wrestler… I’m not in prison… I’m not dead... So I ain’t claimin’ i’m the worst of the worst… But in wrestling? I am the fuckin’ baddest. Whether Laughy wants to acknowledge it or not, I couldn’t give a fuck. That borderline social justice warrior betrayed what he is for fame and vanity. He turned his back on what brought him to the dance, and now it’s his time to pay to pay the pied piper’s price… The one that led every single hall of famer away from this company, the one that handed Laughlin the championship!” Jeb swats at a mosquito that’s buzzing around his head before continuing.

“ See… I understand that Laughlin deserves to call himself something like The Monster King… He’s proved his worth more than once since winning that championship. But at the back of his mind… He’s got to know that as much as he wants to be Bronx, or Dakota, or Jair… He ain’t gonna’ be it. But it’s that wanting to be something more than he is that drives him. He wants to be the peoples champion, one that people look to and say, “ Yeah… That’s the best wrestler on the planet.” But the cock jockey is just one upset away from throwing on the clown facepaint and calling himself Broken. “ As Jeb says that last word, he raises his hands up in the air and shakes them in a sarcastic manner.

Jeb throws his hand forward, at this point just ranting to himself as Bob cracked open another beer, nodding his head in a patronizing way. “ The man wants to be a brand, a global fucking icon! And It’s about god damn time, took him fuckin’ long enough to get to the top. And now that he’s there? It’s like all them years playin’ fuckin’ piss ant don’t mean shit! People look at him like a god, like a king! Because the past year has been good to him. But what about me? I came in here green as a motherfucker, and I tore through every single fuckin’ cunt who got in my way, split from asshole to clit and then shoved my fist in. I did that, and I’m gonna’ be doing the same thing to Laughy! They say History repeats itself, but fuck that… This time it’s gonna’ be better. This time he is the 4CW champion! This time… It’s gonna’ fuckin’ hurt when I put him down. Not like before, see this time... One fuck up already under his belt, it’ll mean something… Not just to me, but to him, and every fuckin’ mutt watching! He won’t be able to deny me, won’t be able to push it under the rug and act like it never happened. No...I’ll make sure he remembers just who the fuck I am this go around, Bob… I promise. ”

Jeb was fixated in his own little world, not even noticing the Walgreens employee approaching him. “ Sirs, It’s been a few days now… This isn’t a campground, you’re going to have to leave. “ You could hear a bit of hesitation on the man’s voice as he spoke. Jeb was snapped out whatever thought he was in, and a scowl instantly twisted across his face. He placed his beer down on the ground and flicked his cigarette before pushing himself off of the chair and entering the camper. The Walgreen's employee looks at Bob, somewhat confused. Bob throws one finger up, telling him to give Jeb second. And after a few moments Jeb burst out of the camper with a handgun in toe, he held it sideways pointing it directly at the employee. “ Been a few days since you kissed my fucking ass! Move along cocksucker! Move along NOW!” Jeb barked the orders, and the employee headed them as he bolted as soon as he saw the gun.

Smirking, Jeb scratched the side of his head with the pistol before backing up and pushing the gun into the front of his jumpsuit. He then sits back down in his chair. . “ God dammit! What the fuck was I talkin’ bout? Stupid bitch made me forget. ”

Bob ran his tongue around his old cracked lips as he let out a little chuckle, shaking his head as he took another sip of his beer. “ You was sayin’ how the current 4CW champion was going to be your bitch, and how you are the top fuckin’ dog and ain’t even god could strike you down. “ Scoffing, Bob continues. “ Boy! I thought you woulda learned something from that loss to Devlin, but you ain’t really learn shit did ya’? You still think you can just throw around that jacked meat of yours, and the whole entire world will crumble. Well let me tell you somethin’ Jebediah, Laughlin ain’t gonna play games with you! Laughlin might be as strong as you! Laughlin is the god damn champion and if you want to beat him you better fuckin’ respect that. To be the man! You have’ta beat the man.. And Laughlin is the god damn man! “

The excitement, and seriousness raises in Bob’s voice as he starts to point in Jeb’s direction. “ It’s you who has something to prove! You who needs this win! You who has everything to lose! You think you can just keep coasting if Laughlin beats you? You think anyone is gonna’ give a fuck how badass you are if you lose two times in a row! Look at yo’ words boy, and tell em’ back to yourself. Because it’s you who needs to be focused, you who has to earn his way into that fucking warzone! Because without that? You just gonna piss away at the bottom… But I guess you used to that, ain'tcha Jebediah? You used to be being the bottom! Ain’t that right boy>”

From out of nowhere, with split second reflexes Bob ducks a beer bottle thrown by Jeb, it shatters against the camper. All of sudden Jeb is standing, looming over Bob with the look of a rapid pitbull in his eyes. Bob rubs the back of his neck, picking out a few pieces of glass as Jeb throws his finger in his face.

“ Fuck you, and fuck Bryan Laughlin! “ There was a clear rage on Jeb’s facial feature, one that he held back on. He pulled his finger back and cocked his head to the side as he grinded his teeth. “ I ain’t no fuckin’ bottom! And Laughlin ain’t no fuckin’ top! He’s a champion at the end of his reign, I can already fucking smell it! And me beating him at Adrenaline? No matter what you think… Is gonna be the nail in the coffin for his championship reign, it’ll be the final hit to that creatine shittin’ motherfucker! The one that makes him implodes on himself, the one that makes him leave for months. The one that leaves him a little bit lesser than he was before. I learned my lesson, I’ve learned it a thousand times over old man. I’m putting the 4CW champion down! With… Or without you. “

Jeb flings his body away from Bob, and enters the camper once again - this time slamming the door extremely fucking hard. Bob sits outside the camper with the kind of smirk that leads you to believe he was planning this outcome all along. He goes to take another sip of his beer but it’s empty. He lets out a groan and goes to stand up, pushing off of the chair. This little bit of friction causes the camper door to fall off with a loud bang. Bob jumps, and looks at the door, muttering to himself. “ That's my boy. “ Before the scene slowly fades to black.